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Other Looking for Developer

Discussion in 'Development' started by Doopie 2, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Hello there,
    I am looking for a dev for me HL2RP Server who will help to make my plugin ideas a reality. Most of the plugins are either fixes or small changes to already existing plugins, as well as some larger plugins that might take up a bit more time. I would preferably pay over PayPal. I will pay any price that you find reasonable. PM for more information.
  2. Oliver

    Oliver Some kinda has-been Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Feel free to send me a friend invite on Discord: The Lion#1313.

    I'll have to see if your wishes/wants are within my learning curve.
  3. Thanks for all the anwsers everyone! I have found a dev and thus the search is over.
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