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HL2RP Looking for Feedback on some Custom Lore

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by NoahtheBoah36™, May 6, 2018.

  1. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Hey guys. While I'm not currently working on any server development, I do have an idea for a custom lore/way of running things, and I'd like some feedback on how it sounds. Bear in mind, this is custom, and made to be custom, so don't scream "IT'S NOT CANON!!!1!" because that's unproductive and obviously it's not going to be strictly canon. Instead, what I'm looking for is whether or not it sounds too outlandish to be realistic, concerns you have for how it would work out in terms of gameplay, and tweaks/modifications you'd make to it, as well as reasons why for your suggested changes and edits, otherwise I'm probably just going to stick with what I've got. That being said, please give me feedback, I need to know if this is good.

    Map: C24
    Year: 2036
    The Combine invaded in June of 2018, following an experiment at a highly classified government research facility known as Black Mesa. In this experiment, a portal to another world was opened, causing a brief and isolated incident of an attempted alien invasion by a species known as the Vortigaunts and the Xenians. It was unknown at the time that these species were on the run from a larger inter-dimensional empire, the Universal Union. When the UU, or Combine, invaded, they managed to defeat Earth's defenses in a 7 hour armed conflict, before the leaders of the world, who had been gathered for the 44th G7 Summit in Canada, surrendered the planet. Some non-attending nations across the globe in places such as Africa and Southeast Asia resisted for a time, but the overwhelming might of the Universal Union's alien forces, as well as U.S. and NATO armies, now fighting on behalf of the invading forces, quickly overran the defenses of these nations, securing a global empire under the Universal Union.

    After the dust had settled, the Combine began a global census of resources and other things, while moving the people of the world into the cities. Those who avoided resettlement would become classified as miscounts, and would be hunted down for the rest of their days. However, after having collected the world's population, the Universal Union issued Directive #1, to reduce the population of the planet to 1 Billion people. Until such a task was accomplished, strict restrictions on procreation would be enforced, as well as an advanced field, generated by the Citadels located in each city, capable of interfering with and preventing gestation, would be activated. These two measures were coupled with all children under the age of 18 years being relocated to newly constructed facilities outside the cities. There the children would be trained and educated to become agents of the Universal Union, depending on their natural talents. Those who were more athletic, for example, were prepared for becoming members of Civil Protection, whereas those with more academic inclinations were trained in medicine, science, and other such skills. Upon turning 18, children would be relocated from these facilities into their home cities. As of the current year, the last of these facilities has closed, with all children having been relocated to the cities, and the old education centers being repurposed into outposts for soldiers hunting down miscounts.

    Meanwhile, in the cities, to help achieve the aims of Directive #1, a special force of military/police members would be established: Civil Protection. Made up of the surviving Law Enforcement and Military members from before the Union's arrival, they are trained in the art of combat as professionally as possible. However, all members of Civil Protection have undergone total brainwashing, forgetting even their identities, leaving only certain vague elements of their personalities. They were then assigned numbers and given their duties. This process, called conditioning, would become standard practice for all newly recruited members of Civil Protection, and would sometimes be repeated on members of Civil Protection, CP's, who were suspected of waning loyalty. This conditioning can, however, be broken, but only by extreme trauma or "triggers" from their life before conditioning (similar to PTSD in some ways). As a result, families have been split up by and large, in order to keep Civil Protection from seeing members of their family and getting their conditioning broken, as well as to reduce chances of resistance and rebellion on the part of citizens.

    Law and Order in the cities is maintained by a very swift justice system. A citizen who is accused and arrested for a crime is put into a holding cell where they await trial by a bureaucrat, if one is available, a high ranking member of Civil Protection (again, if available), or otherwise is prosecuted immediately and presumed to be guilty. Citizens who are found to be guilty are sentenced to immediate amputation -- summary execution. This method of justice has been chosen for its value as a deterrent to would-be criminals (as even the most minor of crimes can result in one's death), as well as its' ability to quickly reduce the population and cull the bad elements from the population in order to comply with Directive #1.

    Within the Cities, there are two kinds of citizens. Ordinary laborers, who perform tasks as asked of them for the Universal Union, and members of the Civil Worker's Union. These persons where a red armband and where a white uniform, to separate them from the common rabble. They are split into two branches: Labor and Medical. Labor oversees the organization of the regular laborers and work assignments for them, as well as performing the maintenance and logistics duties within each city. Medical oversees the health operations of the city. Their uniforms have a red cross emblazoned on them, to help further distinguish them. They have the task of vaccinating the citizens against diseases in order to prevent dangerous outbreaks, as well as performing basic medical care for citizens. However, one of the lesser-known duties of CWU Medical is their physical examinations. Every year, citizens perform a physical exam. Those that are fit and healthy are sent on their way. Those who show signs of deterioration of their body, such that they may no longer be fit laborers, are euthanized by CWU Medical, in order to further the aims of Directive #1.

    At this moment I'll take a moment to just clarify: there is no OTA in this lore. Instead, Civil Protection is better equipped and better trained, and performs all military/policing functions. That being said, elite members of Civil Protection may be part of elite units, as with any real-world military force. In addition, there are no augmentations. The Combine provide very little in the way of advanced technology to their puppets on Earth, as their aims are different from the ones used in the HL2 Universe, which I'll now get into.

    The Universal Union in this lore does not wish to eradicate humanity nor plunder the Earth for its resources. Instead, the Combine seek to perfect each species within the Multiverse, in order to make them the perfect servants/slaves to further expand their own empire. That being said, they tend to leave planets with relative autonomy, instead issuing set goals for the species to meet, with punishments or intervention being undertaken when those goals are not met by the established deadlines. In this case, Humanity has just recently been annexed, and so is still in the process of transition into a stable state so they can be used properly by the Universal Union, thus Directive #1, to reduce their population size to a more sustainable amount (1 Billion). After that, the Combine will eventually set out goals to colonize the Solar System, and perhaps expand throughout the galaxy, all the while maintaining a stable population for their colonized worlds, and providing a levy of troops and supplies to the Universal Union's armies as they go around conquering other species, some of which may be mroe advanced and better suited to resist the Combine.

    Humanity and Earth is by far one of the least valuable holdings of the Combine. It is similar to the Province of Judaea in the Roman Empire -- they didn't want to have to conquer it, but it's unstable and within their realm, so they had to. In this case, humanity was unstable, but had just discovered portal technology, making them a potential threat to the UU due to their ability to now, theoretically, travel between dimensions as they do. This has made it necessary, albeit not economical, to annex and control Humanity in order to prevent them from growing into a threat to the UU. Had they had their way, they would have waited for mankind to instead settle the stars, develop better technology, but sadly they discovered portals "out-of-order," so to speak.

    Within each City, and also ruling globally, is the Civil Authority. The Civil Authority is the government that the UU put in charge of administrating Earth. It consists of many old-world politicians and global leaders from before the Combine, as well as some more newly appointed persons of skill and talent. These individuals have different posts, as well as potentially their own staff. However, within each city there are a few key posts.
    • Minister of Labor
    • Minister of Security
    • Minister of Health
    • Minister of Information
    • Chief Minister
    All posts are subordinate to the Chief Minister, but decisions are made by a vote of all five. The Minister of Labor oversees the CWU's labor branch. The Minister of Security oversees Civil Protection. The Minister of Health oversees CWU's medical branch. The Minister of Information contracts CWU labor to perform their tasks, but may also keep some administrative staff on-hand; their duties include putting on events and spreading propaganda to maintain loyalty to the Universal Union as best they can. The Chief Minister oversees all the other Ministers, and in addition to serving as the relay between the city and the larger regional/global authorities, they also help to facilitate inter-department communication and co-operation, as well as break ties on votes and other things. They also serve as a popular figurehead, the face of the city's leadership. Naturally, each of these persons may have some secretaries or staff under them. Members of the Civil Authority wear formalwear such as suits and dresses, whereas their staff wear CWU uniforms (or medical uniforms, as appropriate).


    So, what do you guys think?
  2. Tyrex

    Tyrex Active Member

    I don't see anything really wrong with this, it doesn't even seem that far off of what servers usually do except for the part where military and law enforcement aren't killed and are instead transitioned. I've always thought a rigged judicial process would be interesting. Cases being broadcasted as an attempt to lower negative popular opinion, even if it is all lies.
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  3. CPT. Maxii

    CPT. Maxii Clockwork Customer Active Member

    These kind of things are perfect for HL2rp aslong as the people performing the process know what they are doing. I've done something similiar on a Sci-Fi RP I ran a while back and it gives this amazing big brother-esque atmosphere.
  4. WestCoastKillers

    WestCoastKillers all links to the manifesto Clockwork Customer Active Member

    if I were you I'd do away with the whole minister thing. it's something I see all the time on servers and it nearly always ends up turning into all the admins having their own pointless minister characters that don't server any purpose that couldn't just easily be fulfilled by one competent CA character. also, I hope to god you condense your lore into something more compact if you happen to make a server with this, and want to explain the lore in your community thread. a massive wall of text doesn't look so good compared to a brief explanation that goes over what is unique about your lore.
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