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HL2RP Make it so a faction can select a model from a list

Discussion in 'Development' started by NoahtheBoah36™, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I am specifically trying to edit the MPF faction such that they choose a normal citizen model to have as their base, and then they wear a clothing item which makes them look like CP's.

    My first attempt to solve this involved editing the FACTION.models in the mpf faction file to look like this
    FACTION.models = {
        female = {
        male = {
    However, the problem is that this just randomly assigns one of the models to the player, rather than having them select which one they want.

    I know this is a very simple thing to do but if somebody could help me I'd be immensely grateful.


    I saw just below it as I skimmed the rest of the file a piece of code assigning the first model of the array for the appropriate gender to the character. I'm an idiot and I apologize. I suppose this'll at least serve as a resource for anybody trying to do this in the future.

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