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making physgun/toolgun invisible in observer mode

Discussion in 'Help' started by simulacra, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. i need to throw together a plugin that renders the physgun and toolgun completely invisible and silent when in observer mode. any ideas on how i'd accomplish this?
  2. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    I think.
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  3. not impossible. i know nebulous has a plugin or something that does this and it's super useful for events and whatnot.
  4. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  5. karl-police

    karl-police Hotrod turret Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I don't think but, does this help?

    weapons.Get("gmod_tool").ShootSound = Sound("");
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  6. thanks karl
  7. karl-police

    karl-police Hotrod turret Clockwork Customer Active Member

    it worked?
  8. no clue. i was gonna play around with it later.
  9. sparkz

    sparkz FUCK! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Managed to figure out how to achieve both effects relatively easily. I'll show my solutions for future reference.

    This is all done serverside! There is no need for an addon, though backups are obviously recommended.

    Toolgun: In the server, go to garrysmod/gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/shared.lua

    Sound: In the file, find SWEP.ShootSound = Sound( "Airboat.FireGunRevDown" ) and change it to SWEP.ShootSound = Sound( "" )
    (I didn't check if @karl-police's solution worked, sorry)

    Beam: In the same file, find the "function [​IMG] (image because of emoticons) line. Below it, delete these lines:
    local effectdata = EffectData()
    effectdata:SetOrigin( hitpos )
    effectdata:SetNormal( hitnormal )
    effectdata:SetEntity( entity )
    effectdata:SetAttachment( physbone )
    util.Effect( "selection_indicator", effectdata )

    local effectdata = EffectData()
    effectdata:SetOrigin( hitpos )
    effectdata:SetStart( self.Owner:GetShootPos() )
    effectdata:SetAttachment( 1 )
    effectdata:SetEntity( self )
    util.Effect( "ToolTracer", effectdata )
    The first line adds the ring that shows when you use the toolgun on something. You can keep it if you want, and it doesn't usually show on other peoples screens, but removing the second line is imperative as it removes the beam effect.

    Physgun: Hold C for the context menu, press the Player Model button and change Physgun color in the Colors tab to 0, 0, 0 as the RGB value. This seemingly works in combination with the toolgun edit (as I wasn't able to replicate this in singleplayer).
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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  10. sparkz my boy, you have the biggest brain

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