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HL2RP Making some clothing Faction restricted.

Discussion in 'Development' started by ○Frix, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. ○Frix

    ○Frix Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Howdy folks, me and my couple of friends are creating a new HL2RP server, i'm the main developer of the server, and what i wanted to ask was, is there any way or is it even possible, to make certain clothing certain Factions only?

    Say i have a "Cloth Clothing" clothing item, and i would want it to be Vortigaunt faction only, so that any other factions can't use it, to prevent item transfers and exploiting/minging.

    Thank you for your attention.
  2. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

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  3. ○Frix

    ○Frix Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Got some help by a great folk called Vortix, much appreciation for your time bud
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  4. Viz

    Viz Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    For anyone else needing help, adding this to your item file should work:
    ITEM.whitelist = {"Vortigaunt"};
    Vortigaunt being the name defined in the faction file.
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  5. ○Frix

    ○Frix Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I got this working by using this
    function ITEM:CanPlayerWear(player, itemEntity)
        if (player:GetFaction() == FACTION_CITIZEN) then
        return true;
        Clockwork.player:Notify(player, "You can't wear this!");
            return false;
  6. Viz

    Viz Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    That will also work, but ITEM.whitelist is something defined in the clothes base which will do the same thing without any extra code.

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