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MaXenzie's Art.

Discussion in 'Creative Media' started by MaXenzie, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

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  2. CakeZ

    CakeZ rp is for nerds right

    i expected porn
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  3. That's pretty good. Keep up the good work :)
  4. klark

    klark α Active Member


    also really nice art @MaXenzie !!!
  5. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    y'all can stop digging up old dirt.

    it looks nice, max.
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  6. Sly

    Sly Life is wasted on the living. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I like em. The 3rd one is really sick. Good work, bud!
  7. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member


    What'd be nice is having my rating privilege back, though.
  8. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    If i could give it back i would
  9. klark

    klark α Active Member

    @Rhenz is right
    im sorry max these actually look really cool
    sorry for digging up old shit :)
  10. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Jchapsi5

    Jchapsi5 Active Member

    Hey, I like the art. Do you mind taking requests?
  12. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    Go ahead.
  13. Jchapsi5

    Jchapsi5 Active Member

    I got a character in Gunsmoke and it'd be nice to see him drawn out. Later when I'm on my character, I'll post my look in game. You down?
  14. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    Fuck I can't draw mate.

    Also Gunsmoke. I'm Capella.

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  15. Jchapsi5

    Jchapsi5 Active Member

    Yes, we had run in earlier today.
    Name was Joel with that whole incident with the assault rifles. You thought it was a heist?
    Ot: I'm fine with just a cool thing in G Mod with him.
  16. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

    These two are really cool, even the face posing is well done, sells the fear
  17. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    Thank you kindly.

    I wasn't this good immediately.

    I'll show you some of my earlier, shit artwork after school.
  18. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    Oh yeah this was my first ever SFM pose.


    Feel free to tear it apart.

    Working on this now:

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  19. Tyler

    Tyler no one physically cares mate Active Member

    Not too bad for a first. Then again, it probably wasn't that hard to achieve the pose knowing SFM.
  20. MaXenzie

    MaXenzie Active Member

    Imported a sequence, added a gun, did lighting.

    It's easy once you know how SFM works, but at the time, I had someone basically walking me through it.

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