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Other Motorbikes, and the biker community ...

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by Bugzy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Bugzy

    Bugzy Clockwork Customer

    Hey all, one thing that I've not seen posted here before was a thread about motorcycles, or the biking community in general. I'm an old timer of Cloudsixteen, and this is my first proper post in a few years, my old forum name was Baron. Some of you will remember, some of you not so much. Anyway I digress, so the question is: who here rides a motorbike, and if so what bike(s) you got ?.

    My motorbikes:
    2003 Honda Varadero XL1000V
    2006 Yamaha Fazer 600
    1998 Suzuki Bandit 600
    1992 Suzuki GS 150 X

    I'm a resident of the United Kingdom, so frequently go motorcycle touring to Wales, Scotland, and other more biker friendly parts of the country. Please post pictures of your bikes, and some of your helmet setups for the people who are techheads when it comes to your lid.
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    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  2. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Active Member

    Fun to see a bike thread for once.
    I bought a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, 2009 model two weeks ago. I ride in Sweden but I plan on driving to Norway up in the mountains with the bike.
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  3. Bugzy

    Bugzy Clockwork Customer

    Nice bike dude, I used to own an older model XJ6, was a lovely bike, smooth engine, and power delivery. Never skipped a beat, reminds me allot of the GSF 650 Suzuki Bandit with the touring screens they came with.
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  4. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend Crusader

    My 2017 Yamaha YZF-R3. Picked it up in January after someone totaled my previous bike :oops:
    This is just after I put on the reflective tape. Too dangerous riding at night with an all black bike. I'm planning on putting a bit more tape somewhere, just haven't decided on the area yet.

    And my helmet with some more tape and a gopro I always turn on when I ride.

    I've never rode a touring bike like you guys have. Never owned more than one bike at a time either. That's so wild, I wouldn't even have somewhere to put em, haha.
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  5. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    friend of mine used to have an sv1000 but he sold it. real sad cause it was rad as fuck. i don't have my class M license yet but there's a school real close to my uni, so i'm considering taking the classes once i get a stable income.
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  6. Bugzy

    Bugzy Clockwork Customer

    Sick bike mate, matching helmet to. Looks cracking ... unfortunately for me I've been a tad naughty in my lifetime so far ... so I am actually banned from driving cars. But I was allowed to keep my motorcycle license so for me life on two wheels is all I can have. Absolutely love it thou, touring bikes are great, my Varadero 1000 is brilliant for mile munching, I've done over 8 thousand miles on it, in the two years I've owned it. I daily my bandit thou mostly, as it's allot more linear power for the commute to work etc.
  7. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Staff Member Manager Legend Crusader Active Member

    Live action Akira confirmed then aye?
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  8. These are all great scooters!
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  9. Schulze35

    Schulze35 At 23, I bought it all just to make sure. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    If you find yourself near Trondheim, Tell me bro.
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