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Need a Coder.

Discussion in 'Help' started by Iris, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Me with two my friends needs a coder for our CW:HL2RP project. We have an experience in developing hl2rp projects but we have a few problems with develop.
    Preferred knowledge of Russian language.
  2. karl-police

    karl-police Hotrod turret Templar Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Or you can simply request a plugin and maybe someone is gonna do it.
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  3. Erih

    Erih Clockwork Customer

    I can help.
  4. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    here bud i wrote some code for ya

    IHDR X ý Æ_ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ±üa pHYs .# .#x¥?v tEXtSoftware Adobe ImageReadyqÉe< ½KIDATx^íݼՕïû1!‘sÆD ’"’P$¡D´6†1˜d°,‚D"c°M0Ñ6lÀ G‚Û3¶1cf<Á‰™¹3÷ù^‡w'¼÷>Ÿzëßê%öÙZUµwÕÞº×þ|~ptNwWuªý=Õuºÿ"IMÓ4Ïûð…ŸA%š¦…I|¢iš¦iýMŠ+MœødÓ4MÓú#šWš!ñ §iš¦õ~4 (®4-Râ“NÓ4MëíhP\iZÄÄ'ž¦išÖ»ÑÆ_q¥i‘Ÿ|š¦iZoF~'\5ZÓ´œ¦Lž">øÔ4MÓz/Úè;ï¹ÚwϽ4MË È’ž?H|jš¦i½mð½^”&MÓ¦ÀÒ4Mëãhcï}Ì•4™hš60–¦iZŸFúB´K“‰¦iS`iš¦õa´‘/„+$M&š¦
    L¥išÖãÑ=®4™hš60–¦iZGó ¸BÒd¢iÚÀXš¦i=mȃã
    `ÑÊ(®4MÓ’4™hš6°Æ‹VDq¥išÖ ¤ÉDÓ´5X´Š+MÓ´†%M&š¦
    ¬±À¢ÈÅÕ”ÉS:[email protected]Ó4M«.i2Ñ4m`x®HvA"|ªˆž‹«‰ã&ˆWHÓ4MÓ4î,Z°âJÓ4MÓ´V×(`ÑBWš¦iš¦µ¾Æ ‹¨¸Ò4MÓ4'j°haŠ+MÓ4MÓz¦ÚER\iš¦išÖSÕ
    ,ZˆâJÓ4MÓ´ž«6`ÑWš¦iš¦õdµ ‹.\q¥iš¦iZÏV9°è‚Wš¦iš¦õt•‹.Tq¥iš¦iZÏW°èWš¦iš¦õE• ‹.Lq¥iš¦iZßXtAŠ+MÓ4MÓúª¨À¢Q\iš¦išÖwE]€âJÓ4MÓ´¾,
    ,:±âJÓ4MÓ4[i`Ñ Wš¦iZeÍ™9+YzÊb›xì8ñ>oc¥€E'R\iš¦i•ö±^BSŽ^·¯½M¼ÏÛXa`Ñ Wš¦iZ-)²zsô=°è‡Š+MÓ4ÖY½7úXôÅ•¦išÖˆY½5úXôMÅ•¦išÖ¨Y½3úXô
    Å•¦išÖÈY½1úXôÅ•¦išÖèYí},úBq¥iš¦µ"EV»Gß ‹þ£¸*Þ0®ñâ7¿)®S¯õÆë¯w¯qøñ¥§ž—ÙO<ô°ä¿øE÷ ?BoL{m¼óÎ;Ç8zð³tn¯ž}Nç
    ¥ë¯K‘ÕÞÑOÀÀ)®²Ã±ÎÑKVL`aà>”–Û/ž}Xå †_¦p;*º¦ÈjçP`QŠ«üþô§?u2õŒ~Ø ØPKËîõðø‰=Xី]ñq2ÒmÔO)²Ú7úXS&O/L{·&<±<¼Ä#_¯T°0𲌴ü^íºO®ì^ó¸Cw`öÂö3¶Yí},œIº0íݪšøóF/=X¥ªºÕ~™¤ªœXÕ
    ,VfUORy(Ö³ªã¥X,SZ—6ûíÒ†«£Ÿ ¥ÈjöP`)°Rkê“·Wÿ„»`aôÚ_hց+Vs~1ì¥É-+EVs‡K•Z]~ÞèÕ7óöÆÃÒ:µ*ÞŽ!m(°š7€í~øƒEV3‡K%Ö¤ƒÛ¥Ñ‹/Ô
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  5. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Templar Clockwork Customer Active Member

    ^ You need to hire this professional immediately.
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