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Need Devs and Mappers

Discussion in 'Support Desk' started by audiotek, Jan 12, 2017.


Should I make it Play to Lose or Roll?

  1. Play to Lose

  2. Roll

  1. Hello! I've been the owner of ACH Half-Life 2 Roleplay for a while. I've learned so much through this experience. It is currently running on a different framework, but I've seen the light - Clockwork is superior.

    However, I am looking for new Devs and Mappers for my gamemode. We are changing names with our engine change. It would be preferable if you had references to where you've helped out before, but it's not a requirement.

    I would like an edit of Industrial City 17, the ability to add items, factions, and playermodels. The story of the server takes place two months after the seven hour war. Some Xenian creatures exist in a wasteland, war-torn radioactive outland. The last remnants of HECU formed what is known as the resistance, but not much is known about them. Generally people are afraid of the Combine.

    Thank you so much. I enjoy brutal honesty, if I'm being a stupid owner, call me out.

    (pic related)

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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  2. Do you currently have a DISCORD or a way of contact? if so please link me.

    May be interested.
  3. Yeah it is Skeletor#4312
  4. klark

    klark nice! Active Member

    why is there no both option? p2l/roll work well when used in situations when they are needed, defaulting to one and only way of doing it leads to annoying, problematic roleplay.
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  5. Tyrex

    Tyrex Active Member

    Play to lose is factually the superior option in every option outside of actual luck scenarios like gambling. If done correctly, it results in both characters taking some sort of injury/negative out of it, while still living another day to tell the tale and possibly extend the roleplay down the line if desired.

    Playing to lose:
    James swings at Todd's face.
    Todd is hit in the face. As blood flies out from his nose he tries to withdraw a pistol from his wasteband.
    James would notice the withdrawal and attempt to shove Todd backward.
    Todd falls backward from the shove and loses control of his pistol.
    James would spot the loss and tries to run off out of sight before Todd can recover.
    Todd stumbles around for the pistol, grabbing it and raising it, attempting to shoot James in the leg.
    James is hit in the back of the leg, yelping, but trekking on as fast as he can with the adrenaline flowing through him.
    Todd grasps his nose as he rises to his feet, quickly running off in the opposite direction before any units come.

    James swings at Todd's face.
    Todd would try to dodge the punch.
    *James rolls a 74.
    *Todd rolls a 38.
    Todd is hit in the face, he goes to withdraw a pistol from his wasteband.
    James would notice the withdrawal and attempt to shove Todd backward.
    *James rolls a 19.
    *Todd rolls a 23.
    James fails to shove Todd off balance.
    Todd pulls the trigger on his pistol after withdrawing it and tries to shoot James in the head.
    *James rolls a 49.
    *Todd rolls a 57.
    /me shoot james in head
    [looc]james jamerson: wow dude wtf..
    [ooc]todd 'toddy' mctodderson: admin pk james plsss
  6. Although this is correct, it can only work if both parties are capable of accepting said "punishments", and sometimes it's hard for people to distinguish between "Play 2 Lose" and "Powergaming", at least in my experience. In my opinion, P2L seems to only work if both parties are experienced in RP as well, and have at least a little sense of logic and understanding. I also do like your examples.

    I still stand by that rolling and P2L should both be used, though rolling should only be used during situations that are solely based on luck, or if both parties are in a disagreement as to what should happen.

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