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Solved New Button does not work (Video)

Discussion in 'Support Desk' started by [RR] Red, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Try updating your Framework to version 0.96.3 and let us know any progress please? https://github.com/CloudSixteen/Clockwork

    Edit: Please be certain to recursively delete any existing framework files from your server beforehand otherwise it will cause Framework conflicts.
  2. I can't upload the gmsv_cloudauthx_linux, gmsv_cloudauthx_windows etc. They are the ones in the Bin folder and my FTP won't let them transfer over to the server any help with that problem in Installing the Clockwork version? It also says that they failed to transfer???
  3. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues Clockwork Customer Active Member

    What are you using for file transfer and who is your game server provider?
  4. I use Serenity Servers and I use Filezilla for FTP
  5. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Might I suggest contacting their support about why the files are unable to transfer via FTP client?
  6. Yeah I will try that, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Also another thing Do I have to put the files gmsv_cloudauthx_linux, gmsv_cloudauthx_windows etc. into my Garrys mod Bin folder or will my initial files that hold Garrys mod, platform and source engine etc, are fine when I put them in there. So do I have to put them into the Bin folder of Garrys mod or will the outside folder be good as well when installing Clockwork?
  8. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    what you're going want to do is use serienty's cp - > mod manager - > clockwork (beta) and that'll dl your .dll's that you need.
    then you're going want to grab the fresh clockwork & hl2rp and copy and paste it onto your ftp, overwriting the old clockwork files b/c the clockwork ver they have is old on their site.
  9. Alright I got it working thanks everyone that helped me!
  10. I had the exact same problem, and I don't understand this at all. Please help me.

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