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(New!) Polis' New Plugin Collection!

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Polis, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Polis

    Polis Guest

    Read my replies correctly and it will be a lot easier for you.

     ITEM.category = "Weapons"; 
  2. Acerius

    Acerius Rock it for me! Active Member

    Polis used to be my developer and I'm upset I let him go when my old old old old old old old community died. Fuck Polis, if I ever get my hands on a community again, I will shove money in your ass until you become my developer again.

    On a different agenda, sexy EVO plugin. Good job.
  3. TheHipster

    TheHipster rhenz is a fairly decent fellow Active Member

    Polis I swear to god I will send you 200$ through PayPal if you make some FO:RP Plugins.
    I don't care which I just want some. Any and all.
    Or models, whatever works.

    Just. Anything FO:RP. Or Fallout Related.
  4. SevenLions

    SevenLions Post 123 for a Door Giveaway!!! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    If I make you a plugin that does nothing except say 'Fallout 2k15 pro edition' when you load a character can I get the 200 <3
  5. Sophia

    Sophia Guest

    What does a plugin do? Add extra features to the gamemode or something? Like a garrysmod addon?
  6. Polis

    Polis Guest

    Sort of. A plugin allows a developer to add to Clockwork and change it how they please, without changing any of the code in the actual core/schematic.
  7. NightAngel

    NightAngel Fuck off Lev Active Member

    This allows for easier installation for server owners, as they just need to drag and drop things into the plugins folder for their schema or for the framework itself. Also, yes it works alot like the addons for GMod.
  8. VeXan

    VeXan Clockwork Customer

    The EVO is so cool, I love it! It seems a bit OP with that crosshair though.
  9. Polis

    Polis Guest

    Removing it from the plugin should be easy. If you're unable to do that, set the ConVar to 0 by default.

    evo_crosshair 0
    in your clientside console should turn it off anyways.
  10. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    I love your visor plugin, a while ago I modified the old version to use /visorcomm for my server. Always loved your plugins Polis, thumbs up!

    Have you thought about including the sounds on a workshop for ease of use?
  11. Polis

    Polis Guest

    Thanks. :)

    I'm not sure if I could stick them on the Workshop as they're not mine..
  12. SevenLions

    SevenLions Post 123 for a Door Giveaway!!! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Well people upload ported models, what's wrong with sounds?
  13. Martz

    Martz Guest

    Holy shit, thanks for doing my request Polis.
  14. TheHipster

    TheHipster rhenz is a fairly decent fellow Active Member

    RIP Polis. Never forget.
  15. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

    And he's gone again :'(
  16. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

  17. Wiz

    Wiz Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Does anyone have a link for EVO
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