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Overwatch Gλming!

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Essence, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Essence

    Essence Overwatch Transhuman Arm Soldier Clockwork Customer

    Overwatch Gaming! (Messservers)


    Forums: http://overwatchgaming.yuku.com

    Server IP:


    Our server
    Our server, Overwatch Gaming, is a fun, active server. Even though it only has 21 slots so far we get a lot of players and we have a ton of plugins installed. Our admin team is efficient and fast so we have very few minges on the server. Usually, if there is one, we punish him accordingly to his 'Crime'. We are hosted with Daemon Servers and have a custom loading screen, fastdl, ect.

    Our admin team

    Ops: |FP||OG|ILikeTrains

    Admins: Tom, God.

    Superadmins: Fayul

    Owner: Essence of λdventure, Vexus.

    Contact them if you have any queries or problems.

    Our Combine

    The OTA on our servers you cannot apply for. You need to have a captured rebel and this system is effective because the server is not full of OTA's that are bad at Role Play.

    We use the normal CCA-C17-i4-XXXX-XX-XXX System.

    The lore is pretty much normal city life, 2016, not much long after the war.

    Our Factions are as followed: The CCA, (Enslaved) Vortigaunts, Overwatch Transhuman Arm, and City Scanner.
  2. Valterain1

    Valterain1 Guest

    You can't not simply replace a A with the Lambda, it looks stupid...that's not what the lambda means.
    Also, the thread is lacking in detail and I also heard Daemon was having a lot of problems recently.
  3. ShadowOfDoubt

    ShadowOfDoubt In the grim dark future. There is only SCG. Active Member

    You should look at other community threads and see how they format themselves. I'm not saying to copy them, but this is very basic and under detailed.

    - No TL;DR length canon details. By TL;DR, I mean long enough to knowledge us but not to bore us.

    - Plain set up, not intresting to look at.

    - No IP adress.

    - No information on the factions, other than the little bit for your 'CCA'.

    And plenty more. But I think I will leave most of the details to the more experienced members to point out, they'll be able to help you more.
  4. Omega

    Omega Active Member

    I suggest for you to make some changes to this topic, mainly to get a better format for it (also making it visually pleasing) and to give out more information on the canon and factions (I don't think putting all the ranks you have is even necessary).

    Personally, I do not believe the method of using captured rebels as an entry to the Transhuman Arm is a very good idea. There can be bad roleplayers as rebels as much as there can be bad roleplayers as transhuman soldiers (probably even more, as rebels do not require a whitelist) and it pretty much gives people the idea of being captured on purpose just to gain a whitelist.

    In all honesty, that 'CCA' (Civil Protection is the actual thing, at least for me) name formatting seems to be a bit too long. I will assume that you use the average structure for the population control force, or maybe even a poor variation of it. I encourage you (and every other server) to come up with your own structure for Civil Protection instead of using what is in by default, pretty much to at least show some originality.

    One more thing, I recommend you to get a better name for your community. "Gaming" is way overused (and if you do not have more than 1 gaming service then it is not appropiate), examples of good community names (not that they are perfectly good, but at least they are original) are LemonPunch, Omega9 and Freedom4Gamers.

    And a forums link would not hurt, if you even have one. Continuing with my rant, you should make sure that you are able to host the server (and forums) for an indefinite time (which means that you are able to host it for more than a year without problem) or otherwise you will remain depending on donations, and I am very certain that the community will die if that happens (or if you lose motivation and stop being productive).
  5. I believe the name Overwatch Gaming has already been used.
  6. Omega

    Omega Active Member

    If I remember correctly, there is a a different framework server using it, unless yours is that Overwatch Gaming.
  7. Omega

    Omega Active Member

    -snip- Oh goodness... not again...
  8. MrSky

    MrSky player:NotifyAll("hitler is best") Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Not the best...

    Thread 5/10
  9. Stop rating shit like some professional
    or at least you know
    include why its shit or good
  10. TheDogFather

    TheDogFather Guest

    Nuff sed
    Strate 2 the point
    Now go cry, knowing you were verbally raped by a Sloth.
  11. I joined.
    Got called a Autistic kid then got stuck at spawn.
    I got threatened to get a ban for no reason and noticed in OOC a admin screaming
    and then he mistakenly fucked up the config

    i then got rdm'd and a saw a unit flying around

    grate servur if u liek guns :)
  12. Omega

    Omega Active Member

    Interesting... I think this will look nicely in my personal blacklist.

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