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Discussion in 'Communities' started by Nick, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Click HERE for steam group.

    The year is 2009, the globe is evolving in the expected manner until it will soon reach our present day in 2017. However, a convention has recently been held within the United Nations--a very hush-hush convention.

    The topic is regarding the solution to a long-lived problem, one that governments must vehemently put an end to and contain.

    PARANORM sets you in the boots of a man or women apart of the United Nation's I.R.I.S. International Response and Interception Squad.

    Every single member nation is accounted for and has contributed to both the weaponry, development cycle and manpower of the unit.

    From the United States to Russia to Japan and back, these men and women serve as a fast-reaction force to high-tensil and prolific terrorist attacks across the globe, acting with unprecedented authority and tactics.

    ...but it's all bullshit.

    There's nothing terrorist about these supposed attacks--nothing inherently extremist, nothing consumed by religious hatred--no. No. This is something far more twisted, something far more fucking bent, something so goddamn depraved it makes your balls hit the floor in suspense and you'll want to drive your fingers through your sockets.

    The only thing terrorist about them is the news report the next morning, and they get real fucking creative.

    But it's all just bullshit, like I said.

    When IRIS breaches that building, when IRIS enters that sewer, when IRIS breaks open an old silo, it's not for terrorism--it's for terrifying creatures.

    Creatures that are almost otherworldly but have been trapped here for some unknown reason, hunting, dissecting, cannibalizing their human prey.

    Monstrosities soaked in blood and guts of the people so helplessly torn apart, their eyes gouged, their noses cleanly chewed off.

    Paranormal fucking activity, man. Para. Fucking. Normal.

    Ghosts? They're fucking real, and they do NOT look like Casper.

    Because of you, because of I.R.I.S., you become the first and last bastion of defense, the only buffer between the landscapes of pure chaos, hell and twisted fuckery and civilized society. And the rest of the world hasn't got a fucking clue, they're too busy listening to the Black Eyed Peas and going about their retarded trends.

    As a unit, I.R.I.S. would be laughed at if anyone knew what they really did, no one has seen the things they have, no one has experienced the pure adrenaline rush of mowing down a hallway of screamin' demons, and the fucking horror associated with it.

    The task force is always in need of recruits, casualties are very high and the deaths of those in the service are simply reported as "killed in action," sealed in their caskets and given a fully paid burial curtesy of the home-nation. There's also a nice little bonus for the family of the slain operatives.

    The task force always allow DOR or drop-out-requests with no questions asked, simply an honorable discharge, a writ of service, an NDA or non-disclosure agreement and a sizable paycheck.

    The UN makes it very clear that talking about the things witnessed, the exploits, won't actually result in an unfortunate accident that cost you your life, no, but instead you'll be scoffed at, ostracized and cast out as a crazed, PTSD-ridden veteran and more then likely put in an asylum for your own "safety."

    After all... ghosts aren't real.


    --IRIS Models WIP--
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  2. zoid

    zoid Active Member

    what happened to mass effect
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  3. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer Active Member

    No more Garrus Mod?
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  4. this is more a friends then it is mine, im just helping with content and events

    merp is still coming
  5. Wow this looks pretty cool!
  6. emms

    emms eskimo Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Damn, looking forward to this.
  7. that's p twisted
  8. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    Para. Fucking. Normal.

    whoever wrote this is a dork

    yeah youre never gonna be funny
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  9. AtlasTheSpacePirate

    AtlasTheSpacePirate How do I change my Title? Active Member

    I like it.
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