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Important [Patch] Clockwork 0.925

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kurozael, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    Also try stopping server and running:

    steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 4020 validate +quit

    Or if using TCAdmin run a Steam / game update
  2. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    @puppy0156 pls bb I wunna play, pls m8.
  3. Nope, didnt work.
    We are waiting in the Teamspeak for help if anyone wants to help us.
  4. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    So what's the actual issue? You've tried restarting the machine?
  5. Can you come on the Teamspeak so we can talk.
  6. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    My server crashes a lot more often now with the patch, probably every minute now.
  7. Basicly the same problem we have.
  8. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    I've gotta go to bed for work tomorrow I'm afraid but hopefully @Gr4Ss can help or a dev in the US timezone(s). If a dev manages to get a patched Store version working and not crashing contact me on Slack and I'll distribute.

    @RJ, @Vortix, @NightAngel, @Gr4Ss, @duck
  9. buboe

    buboe nobody likes me

  10. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    It appears the SetNWBool and SetNWInt methods currently crash the server sometimes, according to a post on Facepunch. We can just sit tight and hope for a fix on that one...
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  11. Mr. Meow

    Mr. Meow will code for food Clockwork Customer

    Why did you mention me? :eek:
  12. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    Still getting problems on this end. These are the errors I get. NFO servers, not sure what these are due to. I installed Clockwork with, and without the patch to see if it would work. Although nothing seemed to have worked. Always keep getting stuck at "Sending Client Info" and everyone else seems to be having the exact same issue as well.

    L 03/09/2015 - 21:49:50: Lua Error: [CloudAuthX] Your Clockwork version is currently: 0.925

    [CloudAuthX] Your Clockwork version is currently: 0.925
    L 03/09/2015 - 21:49:52: Lua Error: Disabling CrossServerChat::ClockworkDatabaseConnected hook.

    L 03/09/2015 - 21:49:53: Lua Error: [CloudAuthX] Player records have been added to the master list.
  13. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend Crusader

    Those aren't errors.
  14. That feel when doesn't use cw that can cause broken cw. so gud mayn.
  15. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend Crusader

    Your server is already broken. 0.925 is functioning, unlike 0.93, which was not adequately tested on most of the store schemas. From what I understand, functions changed in the new GMod update are broken and will need to be fixed by Kilburn. Your server will continue to not work even after he fixes it. The only servers that will be functioning after this are legitimate ones or ones ran by people who have a clue of what's going on. In addition to this, advances in CW will outdate illegitimate copies, which is something you will begin to see when certain plugins don't function or your server doesn't work period.
    I've already had people like you add me on Steam asking for help with my plugins because they don't work on illegitimate copies. My answer is and always will be the same. That's the price you pay.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2015
  16. ETA on when the issue will be resolved?
  17. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend Crusader

    Whenever Kilburn hotfixes the problems in GMod, or we'll have to come up with some hacky temporary fix.
  18. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    I suppose this is more or less just a waiting game then? Well, so be it.
  19. ParaShock

    ParaShock Clockwork Customer

    Let's say that hypothetically Kilburn can't come up a fix with this.

    What's the worst case scenario?
  20. iTitan

    iTitan Clockwork Customer Active Member

    here we go.


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