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[Post-Poned Indefinitely] Newer World - New World Revamped

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Daze, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    Circa 2010/2011, back during OpenAura days, New World Roleplay was a server that provided an authentic and deep experience to serious roleplayers. Unfortunately, as Garry's Mod 13 was coming into circulation, the community fell apart. Set in 2010, on the now-barren wasteland known as Earth, survivors struggle to cope with the dangers that surround them. Mutants, wildlife, malnutrition, and even humans present threats to whoever is left. My hope is to bring back this excellent community, revitalizing its old roots while implementing new features, such as new/different factions, to keep the excitement flowing.
    • Factions (Mutants, Military Remnants, Raiders, Militia, Survivors, New World Corp., Brotherhood of the Sun)
    • Active Forum
    • Weapon/Armour Repairing
    • Well-Qualified Admins
    • Minimal Donation Benefits (To ensure no "Donator Power" over non-donators)
    • Immersive Character Customization
    • More once we progress!
    First and foremost, most server browsers are always skeptical about joining a new community, especially with an owner they don't really know. That is why I wanted to take a minute and write a little background of myself. I am Daze, I've been roleplaying since the Star Wars Galaxies days circa 2006. In 2010 I started roleplaying seriously on Garry's Mod. New World RP was the first community I ever joined, which is exactly why this project is so important to me. Some may know me from CloudSixteen as I was previously a Forum Mod/Technical Support in 2013. If it weren't for OpenAura, and eventually Clockwork, I wouldn't have the desire to roleplay on Garry's Mod. For those reasons, I ask you to give my server a chance and to allow myself and my admins to attempt to provide a fun and exciting experience for you.
    *This thread will be constantly updated as I progress with making the server*
    *I appreciate any and all feedback, so feel free to comment!*
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  2. Vamure

    Vamure ur dad is on grinder Active Member

    Looks amazing, kinda like a less-edgy STALKER.
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  3. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    Thank you! It has a unique story comparing to other apocalypse servers. Stay tuned!
  4. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy

    You're alive?

    Looks really nice, though. I'll check it out.
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  5. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    Haha, yes I've returned from the darkest depths of the earth (Work/School/Life). Good to see you still here, I'll be looking forward to seeing you on the server!
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  6. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    • Schema is 90% finished for beta release​
    • Factions Re-Worked (Brotherhood of the Sun & Militia are now IC factions)​
    • Custom Weapon Pack is 80% finished​
    • Currently hiring administration​
    • Looking for good server host for 35 slot​
    • Taking suggestions for map-use​
  7. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    • Beta starts next Friday, May 8
    • Apply for faction lead or administration via our new application form <--Click that!
    • Reiterating the donation system: The moral of it all is that I want whatever money made via donations to be invested back into the server. This is entirely non-profit for myself and I plan to keep it that way.
    • Currently looking for mappers/modelers for full release server
  8. Daohlocks

    Daohlocks The Bible is my favorite sci-fi novel. Active Member

    Dayum, so this is technically Stalker with less edginess and more shit to do?

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  9. Charlie B. Barkin

    Charlie B. Barkin Charlie B. Barkin

    Beta releases when my final exams start. :(
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  10. Zoo

    Zoo title

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  11. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

  12. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    I'd like to think about it as a healthy mix between Resident Evil (Without the zombies), STALKER, and FEAR believe it or not. Taking unique aspects from each to blend together and make a great story.

    And thanks, I'll be in touch with them.
  13. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    busy browsing[​IMG]

    OT: If you got $5 I could hook you up on a server
  14. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

  15. Omega

    Omega Active Member

  16. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

  17. Although gm_fork is nice visually, it's an awful map for roleplay.
  18. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    We'd only use it for half an hour or so, as a transition for the story.
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  19. Is there any Lore avalible? I'd like to know what some of these faction's are and their goals for the future In-Game.
    It looks like a sweet idea and I'd be around when it is up, good luck on the server's development!
  20. Daze

    Daze Retired Support Active Member

    Thanks! And there will be lore released on Monday. It'll detail extensively the entire storyline and goals of each faction.

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