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HL2RP Praetorian Networks - 1984 themed HL2RP

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Colin Götze, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Community Overview:
    Name: Praetorian Networks
    Gamemode: CW HL2RP

    Based: North America
    Created: Originally in November 2018, launched January 2019.
    Server IP:

    Praetorian Networks was a community that was originally created in November of 2018, and consisted of a variety of founding members from multiple communities such as New Haven Networks, Underworld Gaming, and Apollo Gaming. Our original goal was to create a unique dynamic to the HL2RP universe by using George Orwell's novel 1984 as an inspiration to the dystopia that HL2RP is meant to be. As a model to what true totalitarianism is. We aimed to provide various ways that players could develop their characters, and an array of other roleplay opportunities. From the Gamemasters that host events, to the subbranches of the Civil Workers Union, there are many possible paths a player may choose, accustomed to their character and playstyle.
    Citizens: The majority of the people that live under Union rule, it includes both the citizens of the old world who remember life /before/ the Union came, and the new, younger population, who have been in education camps their whole life and subjugated to party doctrine. Under constant watch, they are encouraged to progress towards and apply for UNION party membership (Inner + Outer), as a way of gaining status and being showing loyalty towards the state.

    CWU [CCU, CMU, CIU]: The Civil Workers Union is the broad term for the three primary branches that are apart of it; The Civil Industrial Union, the Civil Commerce Union, and the Civil Medical Union. The Civil Industrial Union is mostly manual labor, and factory work, helping to oversee work cycles and working with machinery. They may perform maintenance on apartments, and other general repairs around the City. Some also assist shop owners with moving shipments, or work in factories to help construct various machinery or components. The Civil Medical Union is the medical wing of the CWU, in charge of healthcare for the general populace in the city. They run the hospitals and clinics that are around, and sometimes distribute vaccines and help control disease within the city. And the Civil Commerce Union is the commercial wing of the CWU, owning and operating the shops that are around a city. Any business you see is operated under them, or generally any services that a citizen wants to offer.

    Civil Administration: The heart of the Inner Party, these individuals are the figureheads of the society that lies under them. They mainly will be in charge of 'educating' the citizens via broadcasts, or any other announcements that the Party wants the citizens to hear. They also help coordinate work within the Civil Workers Union sometimes, in hopes of bolstering more Party membership.

    UCP: The Union Civil Protectorate, or the UCP, designates itself as a peacekeeping force which maintains socio stability throughout the districts of a city, and the suppression of information. Uniformity and loyalty to the party are the core values of this faction, as well as what keep it together.

    OTA: The backbone of the UU presence on earth, this branch of the Universal Union aims to crush rebellion and enforce order in emergencies. However, due to Earth's integration into the Union, a majority have already been sent off world.
    ESIC + NATO Remnants: The primary opposition to the Union, ESIC, or the Eastern Sino-Indian Confederation, and what is left of NATO, both continue to wage war against the Universal Union on Earth. While NATO tends to stay more into hiding that ESIC does, it does not change their ultimate objective of achieving total control of the once blue planet. The result of a failed coup against Breen, ESIC controls a majority of Asia and uses their large pool of manpower/resources to fight for control against Breen. They see themselves as the 'True Loyalists'. The Universal Union is indifferent to the matter, as they see it as a political problem that Breen needs to deal with. It doesn't look like the conflict will end soon..
    As mentioned before, Praetorian Networks aimed to encompass a variety of options for the average citizen, rather than everyone just wanting to run to the sewers and become a rebel. Along with the custom LORE, you will notice a lot more cameras in the city.. watching your every move. Nothing goes unseen in this reality, and the 'disappearance' of those who question too much is extremely common. The Party rules over all, and acts as the official loyalist faction, as opposed to the traditional assortment of rainbow colored armbands for loyalists, making it much more simpler (Though tiers still exist). The CWU also provided some RP options, giving players an opportunity to develop their characters according to the tasks to which they are best accustomed too. If they wish to own a shop or become a medical/industrial worker, they may ICly apply for the UCP, and help safeguard the city's safekeeping. Keep in mind however, no matter what faction, all deaths will result in PKs, even units. This will teach players to be cautious, and think before they act.
    ->Custom Content
    ->Custom LORE + Gameplay [Unit/weapon models, scoreboard, crafting system, terminals, and many more]
    ->Unique system of GMs to provide roleplay
    -> Primary Discord useage, much easier to apply and sort topics with the server on one platform

    Discord - https://discord.gg/qP9Gp5U
    Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PraetorianNetworks

    Attached Files:

  2. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    "Custom Content" & "Unique Systems"

    Please detail this, will pop by if the numbers are decent and give this a try
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  3. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Is this an EU or a US Based server? I'll hop on when I see numbers up a little
  4. The numbers usually differentiate due to time zones but it is (majority wise) a US-based server. We try and maintain numbers for EU players aswell, me being one of them, but there's an issue related with Eastern Time Zones that sometimes makes it difficult for EU - US EST players to speak.

    As for Custom Content and Unique Systems, I'll leave that to Colin.
  5. Savvyge Investments

    Savvyge Investments Clockwork Customer

    Created: Originally in (failed to jumpstart at launch) November 2018, launched January 2019. (tries to imply real 'launch on new years to have new server available all yearr for new years reso')


    did u add PREYTOARIAN to the combine suits wao

    ->Custom LORE + Gameplay [Unit/weapon models, scoreboard, crafting system, terminals, and many more] Nobody wants your shitty lore
    ->Unique system of GMs to provide roleplay SYSTEM PROBABLY NOT EVEN WRITTEN DOWN
    -> Primary Discord useage, much easier to apply and sort topics with the server on one platform ANOTHER DISCORD WOW
    Discord -
    https://discord.gg/qP9Gp5U sweet another discord probably not moderated correctly
    Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PraetorianNetworks

    *stays up for 48 hours after buying a copy of clockwork*

    sorry If I am so critical, It just seems no one can produce a viable server or Community post. Not even myself. *necks* People use these BUZZWORDS all the time and its cringey. KUSTOM KAWNTENT, KUSTOM LORE, JUSTOM WEPS, KUSTOM GMs. Put some effort and depth into these claims and explain exactly how we the player will benefit from all these changes you've made.
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    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  6. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I agree with savvyge here, explaining why you made said changes or added said content seems more beneficial then just claiming it's there. I can say I added jetpacks to my server, but unless I explain why it was necessary, or how it develops the server's goal, most people would be skeptical. Why were changes made to lore and what benefit do said changes have? What does a GM system improve on, group interactions or individual roleplay? What are the limits for GMs? Apart from that, I do like the fact that all deaths, with no faction exceptions, leads to a PK. Fear of untimely demise doesn't set in without such rules, sadly. Having a pre-war faction is also interesting, I experimented with the concept with a sort of UN Coalition back on a few other servers.
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  7. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Exactly this. That's why I said my original comment but the author still hasn't bothered to reply ... Also if you have jetpacks on your server I wanna play
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  8. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    i agree with your point, but why did you have to present it so autistically
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  9. Michael Sandwich

    Michael Sandwich Get your free TVs! Active Member

    can't wait for hl2rp server number 1138 to die

    What is this? ->Custom LORE + Gameplay [Unit/weapon models, scoreboard, crafting system, terminals, and many more]
    Explain this as others have said.
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  10. Sorry for the late reply, had my hands full yesterday.
    I'm just going to ignore the greentext cancer that has caused a brain tumor to develop in my head, and answer the question on the 'custom' content.

    Custom content consists of a few things. First, we have our own visor system and custom uniforms that were made by some of our devs, and Jonty. The uniform is a darker version of the normal one, with the UU logo on the armband as opposed to any sort of 'rank' or anything of the sort. There is also a trenchcoat model for it. The visor content was developed by cleric, which helps units pinpoint locations on visors, spot people committing infractions [Not using the cameras, that's for the unit terminal], and identify characters if they do not possess any facial coverings.

    The terminals I put some light on were developed by Viz, and had some touching upon by cleric, which in the end enables you to request units, view your LP, see any notifications [I.E. workcycle, general announcements] that the Union posts, and things of the like. Now citizens don't always have to bother a UCP unit to ask "How much LP do I have towards Party status?"

    We tweaked the weapon reskins a bit, and also had the melee pack redone by our developer Homonovous so people cannot breakdown doors, some reskins to it, and other bug fixes.

    We also have our own scoreboard developed, and custom sounds made for the server. Generally the scoreboard is a nice looking reskin with some other touches I'll talk about later on.

    Lore? Again, 1984 theme. ESIC + Nato remnants. PARTY system vs. traditional loyalist system. Actual monitoring is done by real people to portray the reality correctly, as is the obstruction of individualism and cult of personality towards Breen, just like Big Brother in 1984. Even questioning the Union may warrant punishment, and information is constantly suppressed as people being knowledgeable is much more powerful than any sort of damage a weapon could due, therefore it is much more valueable to the Union to deny this.

    I'll post more on the LORE, and some screenshots of the content, once I get back home to my main computer. Apologies for not touching up on this earlier, I hope this explains most of it, but I'll come back to it later on when I have more time on my hands.
  11. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Thank you for your reply, as stated i'll pop by sometime, probably tonight and check it out!

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