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HL2RP ProjektKaskade.com - The Serious Half-Life 2 Roleplay Community

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Soret2, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Soret2

    Soret2 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    (mandatory music video)




    the new take on reality, modern, refined, rethought.


    (click text for link)


    One shall think about the end as the ultimate paradox that can happen in the progression in one's life, the end, the unknown. When the unknown happens, the paradox becomes reality that overwhelms us with such strong thoughts we never figured would enthrall us. That sense of pause, the suspense, loss of sense of the world around us is inevitable. When society collapses around us we will be lost, either alone or among around family members trying to seek the truth in the radically changed reality of ours.

    When the Combine invaded Earth in 2010, there was no chances of avoiding these for many billions of people, this was the very end of a peaceful period for Humanity.

    They called it,
    The Beginning of the End.

    Adhering to Projekt Kaskade's mentality, we will be controversial regarding our changes and the way we operate. Projekt Kaskade's HL2RP is DIFFERENT, CONTROVERSIAL, IRREGULAR in STYLE, DIFFERENT FROM THE ORDINARY and DETACHED FROM THE STATUS QUO.

    In one word, unique.

    Projekt Kaskade will be different, if you can not adhere you better adapt, because this will overwhelm you.

    In order to improve the already existing HL2RP scene, Projekt Kaskade will take on the lead role in bringing reformation and improvement, expect the unexpected.

    Projekt Kaskade's development brought many features and innovations to surface, it is possible to play HL2RP different then how many communities mass market the roleplay theme, bias can be overcome and new experiences can be brought out of the new reformed theme, new engaging stories and characters.
    In our HL2RP you are not a citizen but a legal resident alien living under the rule of the Combine, it is your decision to do what ever you want, you will not be hold back from achieving your aspirations what ever way it might take the events, we will even aid you if we deem your cause fun and justified.
    The fundamental philosophy behind this community is one of a roleplay server revolving around players. We intend to be a server in which roleplay is generated from the playerbase, rather than it trickling down from a clique of administrators and their friends as they conservatively dole out privileges, prominence in the server, and roleplay/advancement opportunities to those who are closest.

    As a manifestation of this philosophy, we intend to implement to following features:

    A core gameplay loop that will engage and entertain even factionless citizens on an empty server, and advanced gameplay for players who become immersed in the server, and commit themselves to the more discrete, colorful, influential, and powerful factions not visible or easily identifiable to a newcomer in the plaza

    Progression, provided both by the script, and by the community through our constantly developing and ever-deepening roleplay narrative, further enhanced by how we integrate roleplay between server and forum.

    A player-focused narrative. Senior administrators in this server should be thought of as dungeon masters rather than participants. They do not lead strong roleplay narratives focused on their own characters, but rather use their characters and their abilities as an administrator to provide more engaging roleplay scenarios for other players--if they use characters at all, or while creating roleplay for players in the server while unseen.

    Roleplay administration by players. Decisions, even in default factions, will be left to players whose characters rise to leadership positions. We will not intervene even when poor decisions are made. It is up to players to rectify errors or praise good decisions made by leadership. Players are in charge of how their organizations function, what they require of their members, what programs or propaganda they initiate, the rituals and symbols they recognize or participate in, etc. The only admin participation that will occur will be to ensure the rules of the server and community are being followed, and that players are treating each other fairly.​

    Dynamic faction control --

    Factions are no longer permanently control a server, Factions can rotate in power, their presence is not permanent. Imagine this as a new factor in server roleplay dynamic. Players can take over factions, hostilities can rise up and force a faction out of operation for a period of time.

    This of course has implications and limitations, if for example the Combine is pushed out from the server then they will attempt to return obviously, counter attacks and faction returns are possible over time if a faction managed to re-establish itself while being out of power.

    This creates many new roleplay scenes and possibilities for us and for players to do, imagine taking over factions within a faction, your possibilities are endless in Projekt Kaskade.​

    Projekt Kaskade was created out of the aspirations of roleplayers like you, that wish to return HL2RP back to its former glory, together we can make Half-Life 2 Serious Roleplay great again.

    We welcome you to our take on HL2RP,



    Welcome to Metropolitan One

    It's safer here.

    "Thy call down the almighty, that shall bless us in these times of the need,
    our worthless calls were heard by the mightiest in the galaxy,
    that rushed to aid us in these times of need to help us persevere.
    Our pleas were heard by our Gods, let thy be merciful to our souls."

    Upon arrival after relocation, you will find it out soon that Metropolitan One is much more different in perspective than previous cities you have been to, this might come at a disadvantage because of the new environment requiring you to learn about its customs and behavior, you will have to adapt and adhere.

    Metropolitan One is a massive City Structure Establishment created by the Combine in our take on Half-Life 2, the City is a thriving community of over 2 million people. The City was originally established early in the days of the Xenian Invasion when Humans had to defend against invading alien creatures sometime around 2002, which was later taken over by the Combine and established as a independently functioning sector for social development research.​
    In our Roleplay Theme the Universal Union aka the Combine invaded Earth in the year of 2009, the public operation of the city shortly begun in 2010, our Canon is set in the year of 2021, so memories of the past war should be a distant memory, held onto over years of gossiping and tradition that little that was left for us.

    This is the year of the Great Purge, Humanity is reaching the limits. Citizenship revocations are constantly used to silence those resisting the system, but there is a change in the system what is called as Metropolitan One, the one systematic schema that the Universal Union wants to stood up as an example for other Cities to follow.

    Things are different here. You are sent here because your Union Citizenship was revoked for absolutely no reason, but I think you can get more creative than that, we won't restrict you on that.

    "There's Democracy, I never thought I could actually hear politicians talking so openly in the streets, they are preaching about making our lives better, and I couldn't believe it, there are actual elections, this is some change, but really!"

    There are many new things in Projekt Kaskade's HL2RP, we will let you explore them.​



    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I left my lamp lit beside the golden door."

    The Universal Union is the greatest galactic organization capable of commanding an entire galaxy at its disposal, Earth was just another conquered planet, humanity just another subjugated specie to join the military machine. Metropolitan One exists for reasons unknown, and why in this format is another problematic question. We do not know why the Combine wishes to give humans (especially for those whom are rejected by other Cities) another chance to return back to normalcy, but whether or not this normalcy will be anything but normal will only be judged by the residents of Metropolitan One later on.

    Other neighbouring cities long time disputed the organizational aspects of Metropolitan One, the so called primary city that should be an example piece of imperial control over Humanity, but its status is disputed even today, which leads to fiery debates when City conventions are held in the self proclaimed 'Capital of the Universal Union on Earth'.

    The spread of operation command is so wide on Earth that it has become an important discussion among members of the Union Supreme Command to find a City that is most suitable for HQ operation, and currently their sole contender is Metropolitan One.

    While the Pilot program is mandatory to maintain relieving cities of unwanted citizens proven a positive aspect for them to improve their standing and status on Earth, sometimes abusing the system and sending thousands of citizens at once with revoked citizenship to M1, titled as "rejects".

    The current trend is overpopulation.

    As long as the Pilot Program is enforced, Metropolitan One will get more and more crowded, leading to shortages of food and housing, as a trickling bucket of water, over spills are inevitable.​



    This have been going on for over 12 years now, I ask you, how long will we survive? How long will be tolerate this inhumane behaviour? Do we just subjugate ourselves to our oppressors?!

    Can we afford the ultimate price?

    When discussing the roles of submission and resistance, we have to talk about the Union Metroplex Authority. Projekt Kaskade aimed at completely replacing and re-inventing how the Metropolice Force operates and behaves, but due to the difficulties posed by player bias towards other systems and communities this is a challenging task that can be only bridged by re-educating players about adjusting to new and more interesting systems that provide an acceptable learning curve for the players to enjoy. This is both in theory and reality applicable to civilian roleplay, when taking part in the resistance or playing along as an non-combatant.

    It is our philosophy that roleplay should go to you, therefore the Combine should bring it to you. We will be implementing administrative methods that allow us to create fun events that contribute to your own progression and reward you generously for taking part in them.

    Projekt Kaskade is a community made up of friends, held together by our sense of camaraderie. This is something we are proud of and something that we wish to share with you, the player. Come join us, join our Discord and our Steam Community, talk to us, add the Administrators as your FRIENDS, ask for our help and we will provide.

    This is it my friend, I wish you good luck and have fun on our server!

    Welcome to the world of


    est. 2012

    Server IP:

    Quick links (click text):


    And some pictures from the server:
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