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HL2RP Raekaria HL2RP

Discussion in 'Communities' started by TheFlopple, Mar 20, 2018.

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  1. TheFlopple

    TheFlopple Clockwork Customer

    Raekaria HL2RP


    Raekaria HL2RP is a new server created by people who have been playing and running communities for HL2RP on and off since 2013, this server was born out of a desire to apply the things we learned over those years in full, as well as create a place where experienced roleplayers can fully utilize their own skills. We want to create an environment that cuts the bullshit to a minimum, and form the optimal roleplaying experience we always wish that we had. So, while this server is not exclusively for veterans of RP only, we do request that everyone who joins do so with the appropriate mindset, knowing that this server is not for those who wish to mess around and troll.

    Our Plan

    We'd like any potential new comers to know that nothing is closed off. Our greatest asset is our creativity, and our staff team is dedicated to working with our players to make their ideas come to life. Any ideas for characters, events, or otherwise may be proposed on our forums, for staff and community reviewal. If you think you have an interesting idea, we want to hear it.

    Of course, bringing in many different minds can make things complex, but we are dedicated to keeping our world cohesive and simple to follow, all major changes will be documented and kept both in our community Discord and on our forums, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck trying to keep up with everything.

    To recap, we are looking for experienced roleplayers who share our goal of forming a community that can push all the nonsensical bullshit to the side and focus on the thing we're really here for: the roleplay. Thankyou for taking the time to read through this community page, and I hope to see you on the server soon.

    Relevant Links and Information :

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  2. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

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