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Rainbow Six Siege

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Venenum, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Anyone being playing it recently? I've been engulfed into it for the past two weeks. Went from being like a level 6 to level 15 in the past two days. Someone help me before I become a drone.

    Defend - Mute | Kapkan | Castle
    Attack - Twitch | Thatcher | Tchanka
  2. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    Tchanka sucks.
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  3. Stannis

    Stannis Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Do you dis our holy lord and savior tachanka? how dare you!
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  4. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    You suck too.
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  5. Stannis

    Stannis Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You suck more.
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  6. Both of you are worse than AI on realistic. Garbage, straight trash on the keys. Ls I want some Ls, why do you keep taking all the Ls. :D
  7. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    I was like Platinum 2 at one point but I basically stopped playing

    I'm like clearance level 160-ish?? I don't really remember

    My word of advice is don't be like some retarded faggot who 'mains' operators. Like the game isn't overwatch or something don't try it. If you're gonna play an operator play one to directly counter the enemies tactics. First round picks should be your particular favorite or most needed in your lineup, but from the first or second round on you should NOT be picking operators for the sole reason you 'like' them.
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  8. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    You suck the most.
  9. Stannis

    Stannis Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Yeah what Rhenz said, You suck.

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