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Read this BEFORE you post a thread for help!

Discussion in 'Support Desk' started by duck, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. duck

    duck Phant0m Honorable

    If you're about to post a bug for Clockwork or any of its schemas, please post it at http://issues.CloudSixteen.com instead.

    If you are experiencing issues with your Clockwork server, please follow the steps below.

    Enter -condebug into your server's command line (NOT server.cfg). If you do not know how to do this, contact your game server provider and ask them to do it for you. After -condebug is in your server's command line, restart the server and wait for a minute or two. After you are done waiting, go into the server's garrysmod directory and you should see a file called console.log. Please open that file, copy the contents of it, navigate to http://pastebin.pw and paste the console's logs there.

    Post a new thread in this section, include a link to your console logs on pastebin, and BE DESCRIPTIVE OF WHAT PROBLEM YOU ARE EXPERIENCING. I can't stress this enough. The more descriptive you are of what problem you are experiencing, the faster you can get your server up and running. Posting a thread and saying

    is not very helpful. Help us help you.

    If you were linked to this thread because you did not read it before you posted a thread, DO NOT CREATE A NEW THREAD. Post a reply to your thread instead.

    Finally, remove -condebug from your server's command line. If you don't, the file can get pretty huge over time. If you solved the problem on your own, please don't just say

    Post how you fixed it. People will appreciate it.
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