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Requiem909.com's Infinity Roleplay

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Jameston, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member


    Hello everyone! My name is Jameston, owner and co-founder of Requiem909. Today, I am pleased to announce our development and upcoming server Infinity. Infinity is a new take on the Sci-fi Military Roleplay genre and we are pleased to bring our experience with our last military roleplay server Turbulence to the table to help. Infinity is a custom lore military roleplay server which takes a great deal of influence from popular game sci-fi franchises such as Halo, Starship Troops, Mass Effect, and Aliens. We have taken concepts and ideas presented within these universes and have built upon them and given our own take on the factions, idea, and identities within those universes. We strive to do something different, something innovative, and something we can show to the players of G-Mod only to have them be interested in what we have presented. I don't enjoy putting a great deal of work into something that isn't new or innovative which is why I am very happy with the work our wonderful community has done on the server thusfar.

    "Why spend four years of your life building something that isn’t innovative and is basically pointless?"-- Gabe Newell

    Humanity has always reached for the stars. In 2235, that dream was finally brought to reality. With humanity’s first launches of colony ships, the Sol system in which they could only stare at was soon in their clutches. By 2262, humanity had occupied and colonized the entire Sol system under their own banner. The Earth Unification treaty was signed in 2264, two years after Earth’s groups had begun to colonize the planets that they had visited and dreamed of obtaining. Unified under one goal and order, known as the Galactic Union, humanity seeked to expand further, their ambitions growing larger with time. Soon, their eyes laid upon the Orion Arm and beyond, into the vast unknown that was outside of the Sol system. In 2280, the first colonist ships began the voyage out into the Orion arm and to planets outside of humanity’s home.

    The further humanity reached, the larger the ambitions grew. By 2310, humanity had expanded immensely. The majority of the Orion arm was under the banner of the Galactic Union. It did not stop there, however. With industry booming with new materials and more land mass to build new facilities, those still on Earth simply grew richer and richer with the fruits of the colonist’s labour. It wasn’t until 2326 that issues had started to arise from this, with colonists feeling pressed under the Union’s boot.

    William Vegas, a simple colonist, had begun to spin ideals off to his fellow colonists, how they should be the ones living the life of those on Earth and enjoying the wealth that they had obtained, not those on Earth. This secret group at the time continued to help with the expansion of humanity’s territory but for their own gain, slipping in supporters of their cause to these new colonies to spread their influence. Twelve years later, in 2338, the outer colonies of humanity that littered the Orion arm and later outwards formed under their own banner, known only as the Antarean Empire. With Vegas elected as the first ‘Emperor’, whilst this group was small at first, the citizens under this new cause were soon able to benefit from more and more supporters and equipment. Soon, the Empire was soon a force to be reckoned with, with a defensive and offensive force, economy and stability to rival the Union itself.

    Whilst the Union was displeased with the loss of assets with this sudden uprising of a new faction, the two allied factions had lived in peace for a good amount of time, occasionally still working together in times of economical and technological progress. It was not until 2350 that the great spark and ignition of war flickered to life. Known as the Unification Day massacre, a once peaceful day of celebration for both Antarean and Union citizens alike was suddenly stained black. With an unexplained attack and massacre of civilians, both sides immediately sought it to be an action of each other; the Empire believing the Union wanting to dissolve their territory and bring it back under their control whilst the Union believing that the Empire wanted to obtain the Union’s assets. In 2351, war erupted between the two factions. The outer colonies suddenly became a hostile and uneasy place for most, pirates and criminals finding a new host to leech off and obtain prisoners and equipment to make their money.

    The current year is 2367 and the war is still raging on with neither side getting the upper hand. You are a soldier within the Union’s forces, fighting for it’s glory and territories. The tales of aliens and other strange things circulate around your group, the 3rd DSE Unit although it didn’t matter too much, you had a job to do and an Empire to bring down.

    Humanity has been a leading force in space exploration since 'The Great Shift' which marked the change of humans being secluded to the Sol system and making their way out into the galaxy. Humanity has been leading the charge since then with policies that ensure all races have a chance to join them in their quest for a united galaxy. With the formation of the Galactic Union in 2264, humanity has created one of the largest and most powerful forces within the galaxy today. Not all humans have put themselves into this however, with some turning to other trades such as smuggling and many more jobs as each person has their own choice in the matter.

    Human colonies have played a large role in recent years with the formation of the corporation known as Handrich Incorporated which has been at the forefront of colonies and colonizing technology. Handrich Inc has been currently terraforming planets in order to colonize planets. It is unknown how many human colonizes there truly are within the galaxy, but numbers estimate somewhere in the thousands.

    The Nagassiri is a large race which resides on the planet known as Araiman Prime. They are a xenophobic race and are known to have strong attitudes, but they are a proud race of people. The Nagassiri were brought into the Union when discovered by the G.U.S Julia in the year 2307. The main noticeable trait that stands out about this race is their suits, which they require to wear to avoid getting an infection. The Nagassiri in recent years have been born without a first layer of skin; most attribute this to the nuclear wars which occurred on Araiman Prime in the past. With this new mutation taking place, the Nagassiri have adapted into their new bio-suits to combat the outside world and the diseases it holds. Once discovered by the GU, the Nagassiri were offered a place within the GU and a representative on the council.

    The Nagassiri's appearance is much like that of a humanoid, however their noses are pushed down with a sort of flatness to them. Their eyes have a very Asian shape to them, but their bodies and physical features are that of a mammal. Their knees are pushed back to allow for added speed when running as well. Even with the suits their mobility is not decreased at all due to having adapted to the movement of the suit over the years of growing up in them. Players will have the option to play as a Nagassiri within the Galactic Union Marines or Navy.
    The Dushraki are a turtle-like race known for their aggressive tendencies as well as their short tempers. For the past century they have been at war with the clans that inhabit the planet known as Llak. War has become a large part of the Dushraki culture and is something that almost seems like a sport to them. For the most part, their physique is a large and muscular one; almost like an NFL linebacker. With their large armor and bodies, they are known for being very hands on in combat, especially with smaller opponents. For the most part, the Dushraki are very territorial, especially the males.

    The Dushraki were offered a spot within the Galactic Union in the year of 2339 upon being discovered by the G.U.S Explorer. After much debate, the Dushraki accepted and after many years of fighting, civilization and peace came to the large jungle planet. Since then, the Dushraki have a representative within the Galactic Union council and have now been incorporated as an active part of the Galactic Union Military. Players will have the option to play as a Dushraki within the Galactic Union Marines or Navy.
    Legion is an unknown group of synthetics that currently roam the galaxy looking to capture or destroy organic life. Currently, the GU do not have much information regarding Legion except for that they are a hostile race and should be avoided at all cost. Their ships are known to be extremely destructive and very hard to take down with current conventional GU ships. While Legion attacks occur mainly on unarmed colonies, entire GU ships have been destroyed and even captured by Legion. Their origins are unknown as well as their ultimate goal in all of this, but they mainly seem to have grievances with organic life forms.

    Server IP:

    Thank you so much for reading, and feel free to leave your questions or concerns in the replies below. The server is expect to launch sometime next week.
    Kind regards,

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    Last edited: Oct 10, 2015
  2. Rhenz

    Rhenz Who needs a map? Staff Member Moderator Crusader Veteran Active Member

    This looks cool, good job guys.
  3. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    Hey, thanks man.

    trailer 2 guys:

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  4. Very interesting.
  5. I've seen this in private under 'dev' on the server listing.
    Thought it was gonna be something that never released.
    I was wrong.

    This looks fucking amazing, I hope the server lasts for some good amount of time!
    You will definitely see me on when It releases.
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  6. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    Thanks man, we can't wait to see you there! God bless and we hope you get some Papa Johns and sodie pops.
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  7. AtlasTheSpacePirate

    AtlasTheSpacePirate How do I change my Title?

    Looks nice, may give it a try.
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  8. You better get ready for some of that Futuristic Boxed Water
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  9. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    its called futuristic boxed water is better

    get it right, kid
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    Last edited: Oct 10, 2015
  10. but then it sounds forceful
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  11. Calling it now:
    It will either never see the light of day,
    or will be highly underwhelming and poorly done.

    For once i'd like to see a community/gamemode thread that's done AFTER everything's complete.

    I'm just over seeing something proposed and looks 'good' for it to only never happen or for it to suck.

    Make something good first then share about it i say, but eh best of luck, hope it works out..

    I hope i'm proved wrong about it and it turns out great. Truly do.
  12. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    Well, I understand why you feel that way. We hope to see you there on launch day of next week.
  13. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I honestly didn't really feel like reading anything because I'm a lazy fuck. Is this basically Mass Effect RP? Because if it is I will be so down for that. The Mass Effect series is my second favorite game series (#1 being Fallout)
  14. Seems like Halo, Mass Effect and a bunch of other sci-fi games merged into one? Idk.
  15. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    Basically this. We take influence heavily from many different franchisees which we feel offers the best of all worlds and limitless possibilities.
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  16. Daohlocks

    Daohlocks The Bible is my favorite sci-fi novel. Active Member

    This looks amazing.
    I hope it actually lifts off.
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  17. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    We plan on launching this coming Friday. We'd love to see you there. You should definitely check out the forums to keep up to date with any information.
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  18. I thought this was somekind of hl2rp server, then I saw the info, and I am badazzeled my boy. Worth checking out imo :p
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  19. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    We will be launching the server in about four hours. We hope to see you all there!
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  20. Jameston

    Jameston Active Member

    Two images from the server:


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