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HL2RP restitution.network

Discussion in 'Communities' started by BananasTheKing, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. tried it, wasn't really impressed, first event was boring and generic for a hl2rp (ration manafacturing), mpf don't really strike me as unique or noteworthy just typical robocop rpers on a powertrip, there was constantly annoying music i couldn't figure out how to turn off that deafened me. the scripting and atmosphere was alright, the map was decently propped
    6/10 it's okay

    EDIT: server got better, will update soon

    the server's pretty good, i updgrade it to an 8/10, obviously story-based and everything said in the thread has been proven, i found the roleplay to keep entertained and focused, it wasn't thought provoking but it didn't need to be. the server easily rises above the low standards of hl2rp
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    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
  2. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    I've reprimanded that cop that knocked you out. It won't happen again.
  3. WestCoastKillers

    WestCoastKillers all links to the manifesto Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback Jack Noble! You're a valued player and your suggestions will be taken into consideration.
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    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
  4. holy crap I did not expect it to be this good. The narrative is obviously the main focus.

    I thought it was going to be just a CRP.

    This server is a story, not an atmosphere like other servers. It will trap you in, eat your time away, draw you into the narrative, the server owner will do their best at keeping you entertained even if you're trying to do passive.

    My biggest gripe was that some players that just joined were TP'd in. Not only were they confused but it detered some of the progress. Other than that I give this a good rating and @BananasTheKing needs to figure out how to incorporate players that join into each and every story.

    The story was good, the event ran near flawlessly, player-involvement was really good.

    Just wish there was more people to enjoy it with.
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  5. this server does definitely deserve more players, i feel like the narrative would be different if more individuals were involved, it could likely make the plot not progress so quickly (which isn't an issue it can just burn your creativity quickly).
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  6. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, the TPing in was really the fastest & most efficient way I could deal with it in the heat of the moment. I'm always open to suggestions on how to flesh new players into the environment quickly, without being disorienting!

    I really do appreciate your compliments, and I'll take them into account in the next part.
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  7. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    Change of plans. I'm gonna do the next part tomorrow. Does 2PM Mountain Time sound good for everyone?
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  8. Ralph

    Ralph black Active Member

    ill have to check dis out
  9. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    There's gonna be a small delay. I'll edit with the ETA when we've got it.
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  10. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    Starting in a couple minutes.
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  11. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    hey guys. I'm really sorry I've been off. I've been dealing with a lot of really personal events over the last two weeks which have taken a toll on me. I'm okay now, there's a large possibility of me putting the next session up this weekend. keep in mind I'm doing this with little to no administration, but I'm trying my hardest.
  12. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

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