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Other Robot's Plugins

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by robot, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. robot

    robot Moderator Staff Member Moderator Store Support Clockwork Customer


    Plugin Folder
    : https://mega.nz/#F!Rk1jGBAJ!VQiyiwgghdpNhtZIlNDmrg
    Contact: https://steamcommunity.com/id/minikanyas/

    Enforced Intro and Enforced MenuItems Remover - https://mega.nz/#!gs0WHD7B!w1cp_p7vF4Qzqn4XpfUnKq243q6rBc0OGvaT2NU5KfU
    Allows server owners to enable intro skipping and allows them to remove the Plugin Center and the Community MenuItems. (Enforced first time intro)
    (Credits to RJ for sharing the skip intro script and duck for creating it)
    Action Progress Bars for Dummies - https://mega.nz/#!IxFxACrA!A3MW5oUB_xZEDSAHGf_WEE3vBZtvFsdLzsZ32oOhniE
    Allows server owners/developers to easily add Progress Bars for actions. (It does not override existing ones)
    Preconfigured with tie and untie progress bars (sh_plugin.lua).

    Combine Civil Housing - https://mega.nz/#!ghEWyarZ!tDlkP1SAQusHhKPfGCkAzKnRAIDIyraJOa4Se1VJPLM
    • Data persistence, written to CharacterData and saved into the database.
    • Adds 4 functions to the player Library to handle character data related with this plugin (GetApartment, GetShop, SetApartment, SetShop)
    • Configurable door prefixes used to identify which door is an Apartment and which one is a Shop through a config key (Defaulted to "Apartment #" and "Shop #"
    • Auto-close of all doors that follow the door patterns specified above. Config key disabled by default.
    • Adds 4 commands to handle character data related with this plugin (GetHome, GetShop, SetHome, SetShop - Restricted to IsCombine)

    Tested with 0.93.3-0.93.6
    03/03/2018: Initial Post - Added CCH, EIEMR and APBD
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    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
  2. Skip clockwork intro :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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