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rp quotes thread

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Generisk Løytnant, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    a'rite boys it's about time we had a quotes thread -- or another one anyways, from any rp server on any platform you've got. can be whatever, just no grotesque/super in-depth erp/shit-taking logs and keep it civil. i have only a very slight few "quotes" and they're not necessarily original, but here goes:




    Sgt. Garret '.swf' Swift yells: ''WHY'RE YOU INJURED TROOPER?''
    ** Cpl. Dillon 'Pickles' Nosh vomits out of his dick.
    Sgt. Garret '.swf' Swift yells: ''FAIR ENOUGH.''
    Technician: /pm Melchert ** Melchert finds his heart sink as he walks further away from the dumpster... He feels hurt leaving its side. He shouldn't disappoint the dumpster. The dumpster only provided warmth, and now he's turning his back on her. **
    Technician: /pm Curwen ** A sudden spike of jealousy overtakes Curwen. He sees Melchert getting awfully close to the warm dumpster... HIS warm dumpster. Who the fuck is Melchert, moving and touching his dumpster in that way? **
    Pvt. Austin Sanders says, "major sargent Elanor whats the plan "
    ** Pvt. Austin Sanders removes help
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:11 2017] Pvt. Jackie Knoxx: You fucked my knee up.
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:16 2017] MSgt. Eleanor Tuuli: That was the intent.
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:16 2017] Sgt. Aphelion 'Preacher' Dominica says, "That was the intent, yes."
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: dude gie it back
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Oh, the coin?
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Dude I bought a soda with it.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: yes
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: It's in the vending machine.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: dude it wasnt even a real coin, not under any currency
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Whatever, worked on the vending machine.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: you stole my coin that has been passed down in my family, for 3 generations, and used it on soda
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Yeah, man.
    **Pvt. Tavi Riley moves his hnads forward and contains himself from strangling Mikko
    [In TS3]
    “Hey, can i roll for walking up stairs?”
    >proceeds to roll a one

    [Meanwhile, Ingame]
    Screams fill the technical deck, seemingly coming from the stairs.
    19:08:28 - Cpl. August Clanton: Anybody?
    19:08:32 - Cpl. August Clanton: Does anyone-...
    19:08:37 - **Cpl. August Clanton sprints.
    19:08:37 - Pfc. Angela P. Clark[YELL]:TO BATTLE!
    19:08:38 - Clanking can be heard as an Infantryman tumbles down the stairs.
    19:14:57 - Meridian notices that the private has legs facing in directions that they should not face.

    i'll post more as i find them
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  2. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

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  3. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    17:49:55 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff licks his lips while staring at the Corporal.
    17:50:04 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Try using some lip balm.
    17:50:09 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I ran out.
    17:50:12 - Pfc. Ezarath Cazernovia: I am going to vacate and reduce the risk of blockage incase of spontaneous fire.
    17:50:16 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: I have some spare.
    17:50:18 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: What is going on here?
    17:50:20 - **A small tan beetle crawls into the middle of the group, and stops.
    17:50:20 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I'm sure the medic has some.
    17:50:26 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Bailey
    17:50:31 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff steps on it.
    17:50:47 - **The beetle holds up. Somehow.

    17:50:50 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor watches the Lieutenant fail.
    17:50:56 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff stomps on it, again.
    17:50:57 - Wolff slips on its carapace.
    17:51:03 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff falls on his ass.

    17:51:11 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: Hm.
    17:51:15 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Hm thats dissapointing
    17:51:15 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: This is why the Arachnids are winning.
    17:51:22 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's my line.

    17:51:22 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff emits a low groan.. Just laying there as a defeated man.

    17:51:29 - Sgt. Nathaniel Josephine: Which one?
    17:51:30 - **LCpl. Kaelam Sentoniel laughed quietly.
    17:51:33 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: Attractive Wolff.
    17:51:36 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: I just remembered, Ell-Tee.
    17:51:36 - : remnar has just loaded in.
    17:51:41 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: My bad.
    17:51:42 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: He needs a medic I think.
    17:51:50 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: .. This is why I use ships.
    17:51:51 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor looks at Dahlstorm.
    17:51:59 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: No, he needs Wrangler.

    17:52:03 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: If you can't walk, obviously you can navigate Zero-G environments.
    17:52:05 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: A special kind of Wrangler.

    21:47:53 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: As I was going to say before he inturupted me, We have an interrogation room.
    21:48:02 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's what that room is.
    21:48:10 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Hence the two-way mirror.
    21:48:12 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: Thats the question room.

    Some context for this: This Thacker character, whenever they would die, would always file a PK appeal, and every time, it'd be accepted. She'd died around 7 times at this point. (iirc, the total count was like 9 - 10??? it's still going, it was appealed again) Anyways, no matter how legit the PK, the owner always reversed it. It was god awful, and at that point, medical didn't give a fuck. Thacker couldn't die, no matter what.
    20:18:54 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Thacker has a talon in her shoulder.
    20:19:01 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Can she shoot?
    20:19:07 - Cpl. Trey Winters: Huh.
    20:19:08 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Looks like it.
    20:19:11 - Cpl. Trey Winters: I went to fire my gun.
    20:19:15 - Cpl. Trey Winters: And nothing happened.
    20:19:15 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Is she going to die if I don't put her on that boat?
    20:19:21 - Pvt. Mike Soto: Well, fuck. I was really looking forward to it!
    20:19:27 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: --It's Thacker, Dimov.
    20:19:32 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Yes or no, please.
    20:19:36 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Negative.
    20:19:41 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Copy. She stays.

    Thacker had space-rabies, and was exhibiting symptoms of it. Basically a death-sentence. We were hopeful.
    02:22:42 - [CH1 - RADIO] Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: -- I'm a bit concerned as to why there are Disco lights in the medical bay in the first place.
    02:23:03 - Cpl. Kaelam Sentoniel: [LOOC] They're for when Thacker finally dies.
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  4. I've got some good material for this one. I'll post it soon.
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  5. From what server are those quetes ?
  6. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The majority of mine will come from / have come from Starship Troopers RP, various servers. So far, it's been from .net when a few of the oldfags were still around. That's no longer the case, unfortunately.

    I'll probably have a few more from other RPs in the past. Mass Effect, HL2, and prolly like -- Halo.
  7. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    My quote comes from my custom schema called HL2: 2023 (now known as Half-Life Consequences).
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  8. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Plus, how about use your admin powers to freeze me. Thus of just sitting their and watching. Yeah great owner you are. I like to see your server die in about a week bet, thus I love how you sit here acting you are all professional as in reality you are clearly nothing. Just on the internet with a weeaboo name clearly have no idea what half life 2 roleplay is clearly is about making up your own shitty ass lore. Minging I can wonder why people wants to minge on your server literally all the servers are just the exactly alike just trying to make hl2rp all the way to hell and make it fucking rot how about you can go fuck yourself great owner you must be enjoy your playerbase while it last you fucking fgt, watch your ass my guy, because you better be prepared.
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  9. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    **Sgt. Weston 'Mac' MacDonnell looks at the sleeping Sento.
    **Pfc. Kaelam Sentoniel laid there, still unconscious.
    **He looks pretty cute snoring, Mac Blushes.
    **Sgt Weston 'Mac' MacDonnell has rolled 72.
    **Sgt Weston 'Mac' MacDonnell blushes.
    [OOC] 2Spc. Oskar 'Oskay' Stellvertreter: You ever just nut on your ankles just because?
    There's an exec command that allows you to fuck with players and make them say things they don't actually say, some of these quotes will include it. Pretty easy to spot.
    [RADIO] Pvt. Damien Alastor: Can we glass that planet?
    [RADIO] Pvt. Mercer Delaney: Negative.
    [RADIO] WO. Otto Dresdner: Gnarly.
    [RADIO] Pfc. Lucy Alastor: Gabriel, I miss you.
    [RADIO] WO. Otto Dresdner: Fuck off, cunt.
    [RADIO] WO. Otto Dresdner: *sexual moans from twins*
    [RADIO] WO. Otto Dresdner: Nigga what.
    [OOC] WO1. Eleanor Tuuli: how much dick does one have to suck in order to acquire sky marshal
    [OOC] Spc. Rob 'Marlboro-Marine' Hillenbrand: Only takes one.
    [OOC] Pvt. Samuel Cronk: All of it
    [OOC] Sgt. Halima Nasser: 37 cubic metres of it
    [OOC] Cpl. Alexi 'Cherry' Cherinovika: Xalfax's medium size slong.
    [OOC] Spc. Gabriel Logan: Enough to put Thailand out of business.
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: Corporal Ling Wong Doo, you ran off like a pussy.
    [RADIO] Cpl. Seok Park: I was reporting to the briefing, Sergeant.
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: I'm going to fucking rip your little rice grain dick off.
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: Bullshit, dumbass. You ran off before the call came.
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: I'm going to have your ass demoted.
    [RADIO] Cpl. Seok Park: Negative sergeant.
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: N-..
    [RADIO] MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss: That's it.
    MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss says, "Corporal."
    MSgt. Oswald 'Poet' Moss says, "Turn over your patches."
    [RADIO] Cpl. Seok Park: Alright. MI, I have a serious question, what'ya fools want for Christmass?
    [RADIO] Pfc. Luzhkov Vyacheslavovich: My citizenship.
    [RADIO] Pvt. Keira Webster: I can't tell you over the radio Park.
    [RADIO] MSpc. Felix 'Kraut' Krautstag: Lewd.
    [RADIO] Pfc. Lucy Alastor: a dump truck full of candy and baked goods.
    [RADIO] Spc. Jessica Carter: My boyfriend to marry me.
    [RADIO] LCpl. Anton Volker: The Pink Floyd Anthology
    [RADIO] Cpl. Graham Maclagan: A dump.
    [RADIO] Cpl. Graham Maclagan: All I can hear is a dump.
    [RADIO] 3Spc. Dillon 'Pickles' Nosh: I wan' a hippahpatamoose.
    [OOC] MSpc. Eleanor Tuuli: i hope deckers fucks me with a fork
    ** Tuuli gets fucked with a fork.
    [OOC] Pvt. Nanuk Shikoba: fuck me
    [OOC] Pvt. Nanuk Shikoba: I locked myself out of my apt
    Player The One True Durango left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    ** Cpl. Franco Sorrentino erps cronk
    Cpl. Franco Sorrentino has rolled 1.
    SSpc. Samuel Cronk has rolled 72.
    ** Cpl. Franco Sorrentino ends up dying
    ** SSpc. Samuel Cronk doesnt even know what just happened.
    [02/25/17 18:07:02] Bp. Paul Foreman: /exec tuuli say "/w I only pop this pussy for brainbug dick."
    [02/25/17 18:07:02] Bp. Paul Foreman has ran command 'exec say /w I only pop this pussy for brainbug dick.'
    [02/25/17 18:07:02] Cpl. Eleanor Tuuli: /w I only pop this pussy for brainbug dick.
    [OOC] WO1. Eleanor Tuuli: and today, mobile infantry, we land on 'anal bead' the planet
    19:27:47 - Mysterious Figure[OOC]: i dare you to fucking crash again gmod
    19:27:54 - : skinny lover has just disconnected.
    LCpl. Saige Shields: if gmod crashes now i'm gonna slice my hands open
    nazz has disconnected from the server.
    19:26:17 - Lt. Travis Young: That thing your doing.. With the lips.. It stops now.
    19:26:22 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: Suckin' dick?
    19:26:23 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: Who?
    19:26:24 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: When?
    19:26:26 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: And where?
    18:49:52 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: I'm a broken record 'cause ya' fucks forgot your ear-pro' an' cannea 'ear shite.
    18:50:58 - Pvt. J Lance: Cpt watch your profanity..
    18:51:05 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: The fuck'da'ya'jus'say?
    19:19:16 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: You're having a cold one, Sorrentomato.
    19:19:19 - Cpt. Otto Dresdner: I'm not making anymore gay shit.
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: From the makers of "who deleted the piano"
    MCpo. Nova Bradshaw[OOC]: Who deleted the fucking piano.
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Comes the next glorious creation of SSTRP:
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Who deleted the fucking ship.
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Family fun for all ages and mental ranges.
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "What are you, gay?"
    Cpl. Franco Sorrentino whispers, "Are you?"
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "Only halfway."
    Cpl. Franco Sorrentino whispers, "Wanna bang?"
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "I'm an Officer."
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "You're a whore."
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "It'd be a hangable offense."
    Cpl. Franco Sorrentino whispers, "Exactly."
    Cpt. Otto Dresdner whispers, "Autoerotic asphyxiation, then?"
    Cpl. Franco Sorrentino whispers, "yes."
    [RADIO] Cpl. Franco Sorrentino: Larsen, I fucked your mother
    [RADIO] LtCol. Brian C. Larsen: Report to the airlock
    ** Pfc. Memphis C. Rushing then the simbols on the pease of paper started glowing and i sead "ok the simbols are now glowing and i dont know what it means."
    Pvt. Henry Carver says,"Permission to read the writing quickly, Sergeant?"
    MSgt. Valentina Pacheco says,"Do it."
    Sgt. Graham Maclagan says,"Granted, yeah."
    ** Pvt. Henry Carver inspects the writing.
    *** Sgt. Franco Sorrentino sneezes in gay.
    ** Pvt. James Herzog laughs in Hebrew.
    ** 3Spc. Eva O'Casey burps in Gaelic
    ** 3Spc. Alfred C. Smith shutters at the word "Mines"
    ** LCpl. Asmund Bjarke blinks in Brail.
    ** Pfc. Noemi 'Tidbit' Rosangela giggles in Sand-Eater.
    ** LCpl. Victor Von 'Doom' Klauster sniffs in German.

    Carver begins to translate.
    Pvt. Henry Carver says,"It says...."
    *** Sgt. Franco Sorrentino dies in binary.
    ** 3Spc. Alfred C. Smith Laughs in ASL

    [OOC] MSgt. Valentina Pacheco: be ic
    Pvt. Henry Carver says,"Blue....Devil....Lurks."
    ** Pvt. Henry Carver gets up.
    ** 2Spc. Remington Slade thinks in white people

    [OOC] Sgt. Graham Maclagan: quit fucking around in /mes
    Pvt. Henry Carver says,"We need to go, Master Sergeant."
    ** LCpl. Asmund Bjarke fucks around in /me.
    [OOC] Sgt. Graham Maclagan: or i will kick in russian
    ** 3Spc. Eva O'Casey trys to fix her thought process in Ebonics.
    ** 3Spc. Alfred C. Smith quits fuckin around in /me
    Pfc. Memphis C. Rushing says, "did i ever said i was humen"
    Lt. Francine Carmichael yells: ''Anything else?''
    ** Pvt. Albert ''Big Gay Al'' Harris keeps his hand raised.
    Lt. Francine Carmichael yells: ''Harris.''
    Pvt. Albert ''Big Gay Al'' Harris says, "Nevermind."
    Maj. Elliot Salem[CH1 - RADIO]: Who /electrified/ the water?
    Maj. Elliot Salem[CH1 - RADIO]: Who does that?
    TSgt. Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun[CH1 - RADIO]: How shocking.
    Maj. Elliot Salem[CH1 - RADIO]: Hit yourself.
    TSgt. Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun[CH1 - RADIO]: I can't..I'm in the suit.
    Maj. Elliot Salem[CH1 - RADIO]: Take your helmet off and hit yourself.
    TSgt. Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun[CH1 - RADIO]: That would kill me.
    Maj. Elliot Salem[CH1 - RADIO]: I don't see your point.
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama would casually swing the machete with his right hand, striking it on Bently's neck.
    **Pvt. Sebastian Bently would take the strike to the back of the neck, blood spraying from the back of his neck, splattering up Amukama's arm and covering the grass as he flopped forward into the dirt.
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama sheathes the machete on his back; He walks for Bently's head and picks it up and starts talking to it like in every violent cartoon ever.
    **Pvt. Sebastian Bently 's head was picked up with ease, ridiculous amounts of blood pouring from his severed neck, pooling at Amukama's feet while his own neck released a large pool of blood.
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama would attempt to prop the head back onto Bently's still sitting body.
    20:46:30 - **Pvt. Sebastian Bently the head would balance there before flopping onto the floor.
    **Pvt. Sebastian Bently It spurted out even more blood.
    Pvt. Sebastian Bently[CH2 - RADIO]: Are you fucking kidding me right now?
    MSpc. Reuben Amukama[CH2 - RADIO]: I slipped.
    Pvt. Sebastian Bently[CH2 - RADIO]: Got quite a powerful slip there, Master Specialist.
    MSpc. Reuben Amukama[CH2 - RADIO]: So does the marauder
    **Pvt. Sebastian Bently would reload in his previous spot, the blood and severed corpse now gone.
    Pvt. Sebastian Bently[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>Please not again.
    Sgt. John York[CH2 - RADIO]: -Haha... Funny. -Wait what the fuck happend to you Bently?
    Spc. Rock Sanders[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>Can you not Master Specialist. Trying to watch a fight
    Pvt. Sebastian Bently[CH2 - RADIO]: The Master Specialist decapitated me.
    MSpc. Reuben Amukama[CH2 - RADIO]: It was an accident.
    Sgt. John York[CH2 - RADIO]: Reuban. Stop decapitating the men.
    Pvt. Sebastian Bently: He never said not to do it to women.
    Spc. Rock Sanders[CH2 - RADIO]: An accident? How sharp is the fucking blade?
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama looks at Bently.
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama looks at Faust.
    **Pvt. Sebastian Bently shuffled from between the two.
    **MSpc. Reuben Amukama Obnoxious unsheathing sounds.
    right so, that's all the cancer i'll post for today

    e: let me let you in on some information quick -- that guy, swarm? he's made up entirely of nazi-bees, lmfao.

    e2: not necessarily a quote, but a hilarious screenshot. looks like a disappointed father walking in on somethin'.

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    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  10. Dr. Alex Wells says "Okay all emitters seem fine, bring up the sample."
    James Mellows says "What do you mean by sample?"
    Dr. Alex Wells says "The.. sample I told you about?"
    James Mellows says "Huh?"
    Dr. Alex Wells says "Just bring the fucking sample up."
    James Mellows says "I mean if I know what fucking sample you mean."
    Dr. Alex Wells says "For fuck sakes are you kidding me? Just bring it up, before its too late!"
    James Mellows says "Its never too late, we have all day."
    Dr. Alex Wells says "No we don't you fucking idiot, if the Phase Arrays or Pressure Lines go unstable we are fucked. So radio to your man that they can let them in the chamber, to fucking get the sample and put it in."
    James Mellows says "Fine, dickhead, hopefully they know what you mean."
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  11. SmallS

    SmallS shut the fuck up smalls Clockwork Customer Active Member

    • chuck
    • Lt. Dan Taylor
    • simulacra
    • klark
    • Reagent
    • Digital Junkie
    These people never contribute anything of value and only ever derail or troll conversations.
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  12. LOL
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  13. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Clockwork Customer Active Member

    this just happened on RHN
    MPF.C17-UNION.i5.691 says "<:: The hell are you two doing? ::>"
    *** Richard Smith packs up the clothes in his suitcase.
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "Oh,"
    Richard Smith says "I don't know who this guy is."
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "I was goiing to chat wit him"
    Richard Smith says "He's just been staring at me."
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "Then i notice yoy,"
    [LOOC] Stollin "Unitologist" Brand: YOU
    Richard Smith says "Well, I don't want to chat."
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "Ok,"
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "Well then."
    MPF.C17-UNION.i5.691 radios in "<:: Avalible Units Report to my 10-20. ::>"
    MPF.C17-UNION.i5.691 says "<:: Both of you on the wall. ::>"
    [|Gender:Male|Race:Afr...] says "Alright,"
    Richard Smith says "Yessir."
    MPF.C17-UNION.i5.691 says "<:: White kid get outta here. ::>"
    Richard Smith says "Alright."
    I was trying to make bandages out of old clothes, but the black guy was the one arrested
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  14. Tyler

    Tyler no one physically cares mate Active Member

    Citizen: *exists*
    CP: W A L L
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  15. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    CCA.NOVA-i2.725 says "<:: I killed an Anti-Citizen under the name of "Gordon Freeman" some sort of an orange suit ::>"
    [LOOC] CCA.APEX-i2.242: i killed dr breen

    [Young asian |Athletic...] says "Why does this poster look like a rapist?"

    ** C18:RL.XRAY-01 has rolled 0 out of 100.
    Cpt. Felkis 'Killer of all Americans' Kozlov set JSdr. Tran Tat Hy's name to Janitor. Tran Tat Hy.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: From the makers of "who deleted the piano"
    MCpo. Nova Bradshaw[OOC]: Who deleted the fucking piano.
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Comes the next glorious creation of SSTRP:
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Who deleted the fucking ship.
    Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Family fun for all ages and mental ranges.

    Best one so far
  18. [OOC] Pfc Sylase "Fucker" Freeman
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7DQDrRwNgI

    YouTube video SxRo3cejh94 "Somebody Toucha My Spaghetti MEME Complination [DANK MEME]
    [OOC] Pvt.Ondřej David : EXECUTE HIM !
    *Gets executed*
    [OOC] PO.Paul Schmidt : Done
    [OOC] Pfc Sylase "Fucker" Freeman : I want to die
    [OOC] Pvt.Ondřej David : Xd
    Toastyboi has just disconnected
  19. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    wait what the fuck who do you play on SST? @ansty

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