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rp quotes thread

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Generisk Løytnant, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:38 PM.

  1. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    a'rite boys it's about time we had a quotes thread -- or another one anyways, from any rp server on any platform you've got. can be whatever, just no grotesque/super in-depth erp/shit-taking logs and keep it civil. i have only a very slight few "quotes" and they're not necessarily original, but here goes:




    Sgt. Garret '.swf' Swift yells: ''WHY'RE YOU INJURED TROOPER?''
    ** Cpl. Dillon 'Pickles' Nosh vomits out of his dick.
    Sgt. Garret '.swf' Swift yells: ''FAIR ENOUGH.''
    Technician: /pm Melchert ** Melchert finds his heart sink as he walks further away from the dumpster... He feels hurt leaving its side. He shouldn't disappoint the dumpster. The dumpster only provided warmth, and now he's turning his back on her. **
    Technician: /pm Curwen ** A sudden spike of jealousy overtakes Curwen. He sees Melchert getting awfully close to the warm dumpster... HIS warm dumpster. Who the fuck is Melchert, moving and touching his dumpster in that way? **
    Pvt. Austin Sanders says, "major sargent Elanor whats the plan "
    ** Pvt. Austin Sanders removes help
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:11 2017] Pvt. Jackie Knoxx: You fucked my knee up.
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:16 2017] MSgt. Eleanor Tuuli: That was the intent.
    [Thu Aug 31 14:51:16 2017] Sgt. Aphelion 'Preacher' Dominica says, "That was the intent, yes."
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: dude gie it back
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Oh, the coin?
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Dude I bought a soda with it.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: yes
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: It's in the vending machine.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: dude it wasnt even a real coin, not under any currency
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Whatever, worked on the vending machine.
    Pvt. Tavi Riley: you stole my coin that has been passed down in my family, for 3 generations, and used it on soda
    Pfc. Mikko Koskinen: Yeah, man.
    **Pvt. Tavi Riley moves his hnads forward and contains himself from strangling Mikko
    [In TS3]
    “Hey, can i roll for walking up stairs?”
    >proceeds to roll a one

    [Meanwhile, Ingame]
    Screams fill the technical deck, seemingly coming from the stairs.
    19:08:28 - Cpl. August Clanton: Anybody?
    19:08:32 - Cpl. August Clanton: Does anyone-...
    19:08:37 - **Cpl. August Clanton sprints.
    19:08:37 - Pfc. Angela P. Clark[YELL]:TO BATTLE!
    19:08:38 - Clanking can be heard as an Infantryman tumbles down the stairs.
    19:14:57 - Meridian notices that the private has legs facing in directions that they should not face.

    i'll post more as i find them
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  2. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

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  3. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    17:49:55 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff licks his lips while staring at the Corporal.
    17:50:04 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Try using some lip balm.
    17:50:09 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I ran out.
    17:50:12 - Pfc. Ezarath Cazernovia: I am going to vacate and reduce the risk of blockage incase of spontaneous fire.
    17:50:16 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: I have some spare.
    17:50:18 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: What is going on here?
    17:50:20 - **A small tan beetle crawls into the middle of the group, and stops.
    17:50:20 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I'm sure the medic has some.
    17:50:26 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Bailey
    17:50:31 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff steps on it.
    17:50:47 - **The beetle holds up. Somehow.

    17:50:50 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor watches the Lieutenant fail.
    17:50:56 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff stomps on it, again.
    17:50:57 - Wolff slips on its carapace.
    17:51:03 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff falls on his ass.

    17:51:11 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: Hm.
    17:51:15 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Hm thats dissapointing
    17:51:15 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: This is why the Arachnids are winning.
    17:51:22 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's my line.

    17:51:22 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff emits a low groan.. Just laying there as a defeated man.

    17:51:29 - Sgt. Nathaniel Josephine: Which one?
    17:51:30 - **LCpl. Kaelam Sentoniel laughed quietly.
    17:51:33 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: Attractive Wolff.
    17:51:36 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: I just remembered, Ell-Tee.
    17:51:36 - : remnar has just loaded in.
    17:51:41 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: My bad.
    17:51:42 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: He needs a medic I think.
    17:51:50 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: .. This is why I use ships.
    17:51:51 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor looks at Dahlstorm.
    17:51:59 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: No, he needs Wrangler.

    17:52:03 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: If you can't walk, obviously you can navigate Zero-G environments.
    17:52:05 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: A special kind of Wrangler.

    21:47:53 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: As I was going to say before he inturupted me, We have an interrogation room.
    21:48:02 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's what that room is.
    21:48:10 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Hence the two-way mirror.
    21:48:12 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: Thats the question room.

    Some context for this: This Thacker character, whenever they would die, would always file a PK appeal, and every time, it'd be accepted. She'd died around 7 times at this point. (iirc, the total count was like 9 - 10??? it's still going, it was appealed again) Anyways, no matter how legit the PK, the owner always reversed it. It was god awful, and at that point, medical didn't give a fuck. Thacker couldn't die, no matter what.
    20:18:54 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Thacker has a talon in her shoulder.
    20:19:01 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Can she shoot?
    20:19:07 - Cpl. Trey Winters: Huh.
    20:19:08 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Looks like it.
    20:19:11 - Cpl. Trey Winters: I went to fire my gun.
    20:19:15 - Cpl. Trey Winters: And nothing happened.
    20:19:15 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Is she going to die if I don't put her on that boat?
    20:19:21 - Pvt. Mike Soto: Well, fuck. I was really looking forward to it!
    20:19:27 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: --It's Thacker, Dimov.
    20:19:32 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Yes or no, please.
    20:19:36 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[CH1 - RADIO]: Negative.
    20:19:41 - MSgt. Nikolai Dimov[CH1 - RADIO]: Copy. She stays.

    Thacker had space-rabies, and was exhibiting symptoms of it. Basically a death-sentence. We were hopeful.
    02:22:42 - [CH1 - RADIO] Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: -- I'm a bit concerned as to why there are Disco lights in the medical bay in the first place.
    02:23:03 - Cpl. Kaelam Sentoniel: [LOOC] They're for when Thacker finally dies.
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  4. Pistol P

    Pistol P Active Member

    I've got some good material for this one. I'll post it soon.
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  5. From what server are those quetes ?
  6. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The majority of mine will come from / have come from Starship Troopers RP, various servers. So far, it's been from .net when a few of the oldfags were still around. That's no longer the case, unfortunately.

    I'll probably have a few more from other RPs in the past. Mass Effect, HL2, and prolly like -- Halo.
  7. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    My quote comes from my custom schema called HL2: 2023 (now known as Half-Life Consequences).
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