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rp quotes thread

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Generisk Løytnant, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Admiral Soviet

    Admiral Soviet Clockwork Customer

    "Wall." - CP's favorite quote.
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  2. "Wall it.", as if 'wall' is somehow a verb.
  3. Its the only good server for me right now
  4. Here we go.

    [LOOC] MPF.C17-UNION.DvL.12701: J'zargo says: "FUCK N***ERS"
    [LOOC] J'zargo: guys I miscliked
    [LOOC] MPF.C17-UNION.DvL.12701: m8

    Down below he used /event at first.

    Bourbon is a faggot as is Colin
    [OOC] [SA] Bourbon Lesnitsky: FUCK YOU
    Bourbon is in denial.
    Bourbon Lesnitsky has kicked 'David Jensen' (jensen faggot).
    [Кия] BioTechx34_67 has disconnected from the server.
    [OOC] [SA] Michael Monroe: owned Solomon P. Grundull has kicked 'Bourbon Lesnitsky' (stinky).
    Michael Monroe has kicked 'Solomon P. Grundull' (quit taking heroin).
    [OOC] Kathrine White: Anyone wanna ERP????
    Michael Monroe has kicked 'Michael Monroe' (only me can kick me)

    Another warning, because here comes another racist one. Earthfall in a nutshell..

    *****' A loud booming voice comes through a megaphone promptly, the voice in question saying, "If you hate n***ers, come to the burning car!"

    [Deformed hand|5'11|Bu...] says "im with you to the end"
    [6'1 with a mediumn bu...] says "I want to fuck up cops and rape little boys."

    *** [ l black hair l6.4 ...] pickpockets loyalty points
    [LOOC] John Mcgee: /roll

    I got plenty more, these are just some of the few that I got in my google doc. Mostly some of the good picks.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018 at 2:31 AM
  5. Timothy TimTommy says “The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.”
  6. Wow guys Ted Kacyski hes just like me!!!!!!
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  7. How far apart are your eyes in meters?

    Heh... get it? It's funny because it uses t-the.. heh.. the N-word!
  8. what’s ur address I’d like to mail u something

    funny u still actively post on here u virgin
  9. Lol, okay. That's cool I guess. Did you just figure out who Hormel is?
  10. [​IMG]

    Old, very old...
  11. [RADIO] : CCA-Union-Dvl-6543 We are all mature cps
    [Advert] CCA-Sec-7239 : Join the combine you get guns and more money
  12. gadsens the only one who matters