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Atomic RSS: Fallout Online - Welcome to the wasteland

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Deadwood, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Deadwood

    Deadwood Clockwork Customer

    [Update] Opening postponed for a few days. Definite date will be posted soon.
    What is it?

    Fallout Online is a take on the long forgotten Fallout MMO that was canceled by Bethesda when it took the rights to Fallout. Using the concept art as the base I decided to make a map that would borrow some ideas from it while still be unique. Featuring familiar factions such as the NCR and Brotherhood of steel to even hints of a lurking Enclave the server is going to player based meaning what players do in it will influence how the map is changed and how things are done. If someone makes a settlement at an abandoned place, the longer they stay there the more patched up the roof may look or the more guarded it will be from raiders and such. Even though this is based off Project 13 (Fallout MMO) don't expect it to look like it but there may be some familiar things.

    Featuring a Day/Night Cycle, Caravans, Raiders, Loot, Shops, and more!​

    How's the staff?
    FOnline is currently a bit understaffed but we're under a well set community with 2 servers currently with about 30-50 players per server a day and 3 servers in the making featuring possibly another clockwork. Staff are currently being borrowed from community staff until we can make our own staff group but we're all active and ready to help with any issues. The server will hold 30 people max but that can be changed.
    What can I do?
    The map itself is decently big featuring 5 buildings with 13 levels to take shelter, live, or open shop on. What happens on it is entirely up to the players. Main locations are the Hospital which will sell stimpacks, the Hotel which is over the double underpass and the bar which is located under the 2 story apartment. You can either dwell in the city, find a settlement, or join one of the factions. The NCR Hold the old water treatment factory in the top left corner of the map while the Brotherhood hold the radio tower in the bottom left, If requested a raider faction can be made as well. Do what you wish but remember, There's no penalty for RDM in the wasteland so be careful. The wasteland is not forgiving.
    How the hell do I join?
    Slow down there, the server isn't open at the time of this being posted unfortunately. But it will be soon! Currently things are being worked on like adding more than one settlement and fixing any errors our staff can find before opening to the public. We want this to go as smooth as possible.
    What about that giant space around the map?
    More elevation will be added to make it so you'll be able to get up there. Eventually there will be a few settlements up there as well but that's not guaranteed before opening. The goal right now is to see how people react to the map. But in all honesty, I might whip something up before we open.
    How do I stay updated?
    Join our Steam Group!
    Join our Website!

    What if I don't see a faction I want?
    Well, I expected that. Currently we've focused on the main factions and are always open to adding popularly demanded factions as well as custom donated classes. All faction bases have quartermasters that sell weapons to that faction and have a base that can be found out in the wasteland.

    Hope to see you when we announce the opening! The IP will be posted here once we open as well as announced on the steam group!

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2016
  2. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    This is an intrepid idea and I sincerely wish you luck. Sounds fun in all honesty.

    I hope to see it do well.
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  3. I dig it.
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  4. There's actually a Fallout Online that was really cool. It was called FOnline Reloaded, look it up. I think it's dead though.
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  5. Deadwood

    Deadwood Clockwork Customer

    I'll be posting some sneak peaks of the map in hammer later today! Stay tuned and check out our community website. It's still a bit WIP but now it's up~
  6. Deadwood

    Deadwood Clockwork Customer

    Are we talking about the 2d MMO based on the original fallouts or a clockwork server? Ive played all 3 of the mmo's but unfortunately I'm not really interested by 2d graphics.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2016
  7. Yeah, the 2d mmo.
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  8. Deadwood

    Deadwood Clockwork Customer

    Unfortunately due to life stuff I'll be busy this weekend and probably until the middle of next week so I'll have to postpone the opening. I'll be finishing the map every chance i get beforehand so be ready! Some sneak peaks...
    P.S all of the landscape is being reformed to fit the upper level now.
  9. Ralph

    Ralph black Active Member

    Seems legit. I'll give it a go.
  10. Deadwood

    Deadwood Clockwork Customer

    Unfortunately this server will not be happening due to limits in the source engine. The map can be found on workshop.

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