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Set Item Transparency

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Profit, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    I've been trying to set it so when a certain item is dropped, it spawns with a slight transparency. How would I do this?
  2. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    I know about the function, but how do I call for the item itself? self.SetColor and item.SetColor don't work.
  3. try it in the OnEntitySpawned hook
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  4. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    Sorry about the late reply, but I've been trying to do that exact thing, and it doesn't seem to want to change transparency. Even when I set the color with the toolgun, it doesn't wanna set the alpha.

    Here's my code in case I'm doing something wrong:
    local ITEM = Clockwork.item:New();
        ITEM.name = "Nuka-Cola";
        ITEM.cost = 20;
        ITEM.model = "models/maxib123/nukacola.mdl";
        ITEM.batch = 1;
        ITEM.weight = 1;
        ITEM.access = "T";
        ITEM.business = true;
        ITEM.useText = "Drink";
        ITEM.business = true;
        ITEM.category = "Consumables";
        ITEM.useSound = {"npc/barnacle/barnacle_gulp1.wav", "npc/barnacle/barnacle_gulp2.wav"};
        ITEM.description = "The classic American beverage.";
        function ITEM:OnUse(player, itemEntity)
            player:SetHealth(math.Clamp(player:Health() + 50, 30, player:GetMaxHealth()));
            Clockwork.player:GiveCash(player, 1, "drinking nuka-cola");
        function ITEM:OnEntitySpawned(entity)
        function ITEM:OnDrop(player, position) end;
  5. have you tried also setting the color of the item just to test? maybe it doesn't show results because you're only setting the alpha to 250.
  6. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    Even if I set it to something like 10 with the toolgun, nothing happens. What I've noticed, however, is that the model's shadow seems to be reacting to the alpha, and the item goes invisible when you set the alpha to 0.
  7. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    The period needs to be a colon.
  8. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    Doesn't work.

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