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Other Setting walk/run speed for certain factions

Discussion in 'Development' started by Sergeant Ian Sharp, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Sergeant Ian Sharp

    Sergeant Ian Sharp Clockwork Customer

    Hi there, I kinda need help setting run and walk speed for certain factions for my schema. But I have no clue how to do this. Could somebody possibly help me out here?
  2. Sergeant Ian Sharp

    Sergeant Ian Sharp Clockwork Customer

    Well it's for a SCP-RP Schema, and I need to set the run and walk speed for certain SCPs (I.e. SCP-173)
  3. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    This should do the trick (in sv_hooks.lua):
    -- Called at an interval while a player is connected.
    function PLUGIN:PlayerThink(player, curTime, infoTable)
        local factionRunSpeedIncrease1 = 5;
        local factionRunSpeedIncrease2 = 10;
        local factionRunSpeedIncrease3 = 20;
        local factionWalkSpeedIncrease1 = 5;
        local factionWalkSpeedIncrease2 = 10;
        local factionWalkSpeedIncrease3 = 20;
        if (player:GetFaction() == FACTION_ONE) then
            infoTable.runSpeed = infoTable.runSpeed + factionRunSpeedIncrease1;
            infoTable.walkSpeed = infoTable.walkSpeed + factionWalkSpeedIncrease1;
        elseif (player:GetFaction() == FACTION_TWO) then
            infoTable.runSpeed = infoTable.runSpeed + factionRunSpeedIncrease2;
            infoTable.walkSpeed = infoTable.walkSpeed + factionWalkSpeedIncrease2;
        elseif (player:GetFaction() == FACTION_THREE) then
            infoTable.runSpeed = infoTable.runSpeed + factionRunSpeedIncrease3;
            infoTable.walkSpeed = infoTable.walkSpeed + factionWalkSpeedIncrease3;
    You can make a plugin here: https://clockworkconstructors.com/construct-plugin.php

    Code is un-tested so keep that in mind. Also change factionRunSpeedIncreaseX/factionWalkSpeedIncreaseX/FACTION_X as needed.
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  4. Sergeant Ian Sharp

    Sergeant Ian Sharp Clockwork Customer

    I got it working in the end, using the same type of code from NightAngel's zombie plugin and just replacing some code to work.
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