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Silverdisc's Plugin Pack

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Silverdisc, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Silverdisc

    Silverdisc Maelstromgaming TLOU RP coder

    Hey all, couple of months ago I wrote a couple of small plugins to go alongside my TLOU schema at Maelstromgaming. Unfortunately, summer's over and I'm busy coding stuff for college, so I figured, let's just release some. These plugins have been tested on Maelstromgaming.net for over 4 months, so, unless I failed at uploading/packaging them, they should work.

    This is not everything I got, just some small stuff. More plugins should be released whenever I get some more time 8).

    /observerstay command
    Simple command to leave observer mode without getting teleported back. Might become redundant pretty soon, looking at the next Clockwork release. Still, used it for a couple of months and it's pretty handy.

    /calladmin command
    Simple command to send a message to all the staff that's online on the server. Makes OOC less cluttered and gets the attention of admins easier.

    /viewfreq command
    View your currently set frequency with a simple command.

    Adds a Binoculars item that, when equiped, allows for suit zoom.

    Basic melee weapons
    Adds SWEPs and items for a shovel, axe, sledgehammer and katana. They are basic reskins off the basic melee weapons used in Clockwork. I believe the skins were made by Taco N Banana. To see them, you need a Workshop addon.

    Simple skin changer
    Simple plugin to change the player model skin of a player (gets saved). Based off and inspired by the Simple bodygroup changer by Cervidae Kosmonaut.

    /spawnitem command
    Basically the same as the /chargiveitem command, but instead it spawns an item where you are looking.

    Combine sniper item
    This one is HL2RP specific and just adds an item for the Combine Sniper SWEP. Nothing fancy, but I know some people who wanted this.

    All right, that should be all for now. I got some more plugins that I could release, but they are integrated with my schema. Might release those later. Thanks, and enjoy. If I forgot to give someone credit or you feel I should remove a plugin, message me.
  2. Not sure if you've done this, but make a concommands for /observerstay, so you may bind it to a key.

    other than that,

    pretty solid stuff.
  3. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Crusader Templar Clockwork Customer

    A simple yet useful collection of plugins. Nice work.
  4. Monkah

    Monkah Guest

    In response to the skin changer, since Cedric's Bodygroup Changer is pretty broken, will you ever be making an updated version?

    Also, very nice. Putting some of these up on my server as we speak.
  5. ObserverStay is already a configuration option in Clockwork by default.


    It's nice for it to be interchangeable, I guess. Though having to type out /observerstay is sort of bad. You should really fix the grammar in these plugins, BTW.
  6. Silverdisc

    Silverdisc Maelstromgaming TLOU RP coder

    I made /observerstay back when the configuration option wasn't there, but I figured it could still be useful. I might rename it to /os or something like that and add a console command. I'm not a native speaker, but I'll be going over them again to fix some grammar. Thanks for notifying me ;).
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  7. sweet jesus on fucking rollerskates, the skin plugin is what i've been looking for for ages
  8. trurascalz

    trurascalz C16 Developer Legend Active Member

    The rising of Christ is upon us. Lets download these plugins which are really nice!

    (For that person who thinks this is a shitpost)
    -original idea's
    -Nice plugins
    -Good work
    -Its a joke .-.
  9. i fucking died laughing i love you
  10. SyncxizT

    SyncxizT Active Member

    Melee weapons workshop link?
  11. I believe most of these plugins have already been made.
  12. _HappyGoLucky

    _HappyGoLucky Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Combine sniper is broken, I gave me one and I couldn't equip it. I dropped it and I WAS able to pick it up but it is not equipable. Messing with the code to try and fix it. If I fix it do you want me to post a link to a download or something?
  13. Lioz

    Lioz Clockwork Customer

    Anyone have the new link of the Basic melee weapons addon?
  14. Mixed

    Mixed removed Clockwork Customer Active Member

  15. Magicboxershorts

    Magicboxershorts Clockwork Customer

    Is there any working link for the simple skin changer?
  16. MiliViu

    MiliViu Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Anyone have this plugins?
  17. MiliViu

    MiliViu Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  18. Michael Sandwich

    Michael Sandwich Get your free TVs! Active Member

    Reupload of the melee weapons?
  19. Schulze35

    Schulze35 At 23, I bought it all just to make sure. Clockwork Customer Active Member

  20. Svensis

    Svensis Guest

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