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Other [SOLVED] Commands not working

Discussion in 'Development' started by Mixed, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Mixed

    Mixed removed Clockwork Customer Active Member

    This is actually not work, any idea?
    function COMMAND:OnRun(player, arguments)
        local spawntable = { Vector(-669.338135, -1344.985718, -79.968750) }
        local airdrop = Clockwork.item:CreateInstance("chest1");
        Clockwork.entity:CreateItem(nil, airdrop, entity:GetPos() + spawntable)
        Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("Airdrop appears on the map.");
  2. ZeMysticalTaco

    ZeMysticalTaco yo i'm a taco have some lunch Clockwork Customer

    Have you tried spawntable[1] instead of spawntable?

    Also why are you adding the position of your 'newly created entity' + a different vector?

    have you tried doing

    local airdrop = Clockwork.item:FindByID("chest1")

    From the looks of the arguments of the CreateItem function, you could just enter:

    Clockwork.entity:CreateItem(nil, "chest1", spawntable[1])
    It's been awhile since I've used CreateItem so either of those could be wrong.
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  3. Mixed

    Mixed removed Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Work, ty.
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