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Atomic sparkz.us | This War of Mine RP | Private Roleplay

Discussion in 'Communities' started by sparkz, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. sparkz

    sparkz FUCK! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    "In war, not everyone is a soldier..."


    War has been waged since the beginning of mankind. Whenever there is a disagreement, it is human nature to want to react with force. We have an impulse. Leaders of world governments have the same human impulses, but in their case they have access to weapons. They have access to a military, they have the means to wage war if they want to. They know thousands, even millions will die. They do not think of this when they ready their country to fight. They think about the glory of victory, not about the innocent civilians. War is hell, and no one can evade it.

    Another human instinct is to live. It is to keep on living every last breath you can take. All of that can be taken away in a heartbeat. One bullet can take a person from this world. One bullet can tear apart a family. Even with danger all around us, our instinct remains to survive. Survive through all circumstances until you can no longer fight. It is the survival of the fittest.
    Unfortunately, in war, some people just never have a chance.

    One of the most threatening parts of war is not the soldier or the shells, it is time. Time eats away at a human like no other force. In war, every passing day means closer to potential death. The victims of war never know when they will be killed. It doesn't matter how, or why, but when. One day the conditions may be too much, whether it is starvation, the cold, infection or a bullet. One day fate could rest in your hands. It could be your fate, or it could belong to someone else.
    You just never know.

    War is horrible, I think you all understand this. No matter who is victim to it, it is horrible. This War of Mine does a great job of depicting the atmosphere of a war scenario, but it cannot truly portray a real war situation. Nothing other than reality can depict war.

    The goal in this private roleplay is not to try and claim we can depict a real war, but rather give people a taste of what war is like when they are almost helpless. However, unlike in This War of Mine, survival is not just scavenging and pressing buttons to eat food and build structures. It is socializing, making friends, trading and working together. It is surviving through realistic situations.
    We are not trying to force you to completely dedicate yourself. We are also not trying to make it completely "unfun", but rather give a realistic scenario and let people interact how they wish to. We have a team working behind the scenes to help make this roleplay interactive, but it is not our goal to force any decisions or major events on you that would ruin the atmosphere.

    So if you wish to sign up, simply contact me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxsparkyxx/
    There is no scheduled times that we will roleplay together. People have lives and are not always available. We wouldn't want to force anyone to feel obligated to join for set times. Despite this, we do have slots that may increase based on popularity and progress. Anyone can sign up, however they will need authorization.

    Current Slots Filled: 15/15 (may increase to 20)


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    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
  2. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Planned on doing a gamemode like this a while ago. Glad to see someone actually doing it.
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  3. sparkz

    sparkz FUCK! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Thanks man! I am looking forward to setting all this up. I really appreciate the positive feedback.
    If anyone wants to join just contact me. There is not really an application process, although you may be asked a few questions.
    Edit: The available slots have been edited. Feel free to keep signing up until they are full. If enough people want to join, we may increase to 20 slots, but no more than that for now. Thank you!
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
  4. cold

    cold ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    me, walter, and the late sim2014 planned on doing one and actually made it but we scrapped it after like 2 days.

    glad to see someone is picking up the pieces.
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  5. Delicate

    Delicate **KNOWN CLOCKWORK TROLL** Active Member

    we put so much effort into it and i never even got to try it :(
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  6. Humblebumbled

    Humblebumbled Active Member

    Glad it's a private server or you would've been flooded with '/me is drepessed!' and shit.

    Is anyone planning on recording this? I'm under the impression it would be a gripping source of entertainment, especially if it's a private server so you don't have so many two dimensional characters.
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  7. sparkz

    sparkz FUCK! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    That actually is a good idea, I suppose it would be nice to have some records of something like this.
    If anyone still wants to sign up there are a few slots open, but it will be launching pretty soon.

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