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HL2RP TeamBz.net - Upcoming Half-Life 2 Roleplay

Discussion in 'Communities' started by clyde scuffed, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    Website - https://teambz.net/
    Discord - PRESS TO JOIN

    A new, refreshing take on HL2RP
    TeamBz was, from its conception, a server designed to be different from what the current HL2RP server pool has to offer. Founded in late July of 2018, we've strived for an original server, but also one that manages to correct some issues prevalent in the way HL2RP is being handled now - from its basic design to minuscule details. To achieve this, we've created a myriad of custom plugins with sound, solid reasoning and ideas behind them - every plugin has its purpose in painting our own interpretation of the Half-Life 2 universe.

    A focus on player agency
    The lack of impact individual players have on the world around them (and sometimes even themselves) has been a problem plaguing HL2RP for years. This is why player agency takes the centre stage in our reimagining of HL2RP - our server has been designed and meticulously coded with it in mind. Among others, we have managed to include:

    • A completely player driven economy, legal and illegal
      The citizenry works away in the warehouses, supplying goods requested by storeowners from raw materials purchased by the CWU. Well-armed members of the resistance take the risk of scavenging for goods beyond the City's walls using our custom scavenging system in order to resell them to the ones who wouldn't be able to come back from such a trip. Some even try to steal resources from CWU workshifts in order to craft them into goods more fitting on the black market. It all makes sense - no staff intervention needed.
    • A clothing system
      We offer quite a wide variety of clothing that will be purchasable from stores and available to everyone. Some of our clothing will offer more resistance to cold weather - which will be quite the advantage in fighting off the deadly cold of City 17.
    • 'PET' flags
      Although donations will be completely voluntary and won't offer any in-game perks, features such as 'PET' flags are still available to anyone who meets our short list of requirements and applies for them on the forums. We believe this will massively boost roleplay opportunities - it provides players with the ability to create various scenarios by themselves - although we will be quick to clamp down on abuse if present.
    Custom, innovative plugins
    Some servers are put together without much thought put into their coding, plugins thrown in with a mentality of "more is better". Our server is not one of them. While we are in no way minimalist, we've put together our own suite of plugins, allowing us to function differently from other HL2RP servers. As hinted at before in this post, we've added StormFox integration into CW complete with fully fledged temperature simulation, allowing us to simulate the effects of cold on the human body - better work for that thermally isolated apartment and warm clothes, as you'll need them.

    Aside from that, we've added a custom scavenging system we've mentioned before. It's nothing like script hunting on other servers - there are no random spawns of items around the map, instead, in its current iteration, characters can go out to scavenge (for a price) by using a ferry NPC - choosing more or less risky areas with various amounts and qualities of loot, with risk impacted by the player's gear. Don't risk too much though - you might not come back. We're willing to expand this feature in the future if it proves popular.

    Furthermore, we have our own, fleshed out crafting system, with its own set of attributes impacting it, so you can take advantage of the spoils you gained from scavenging to craft them into valuable commodities. Crafting's use does not end there, however - it is also used during CWU workshifts, improving player participation and giving a meaning to their labour. Don't worry if it sounds a bit grindy - we've committed to balancing the crafting system in order to remain rewarding with no feel of a grind.

    It doesn't end there, as CWU players will be pleased to hear we've included a persistent CWU stock, allowing shop owners to request and then buy goods created via workshifts and then "saved" to stock, giving even more meaning and impact to the often overlooked faction.

    The Civil Protection on our server uses the Rank Point ranking system, with Dispatch providing strategic leadership while Rank Leaders make split-second tactical decisions. We've decided that this way, we stay true to the feel of HL2 lore, while at the same time providing for a fun and immersive experience for our units. We pay close attention to the quality of roleplay of our functionaries, making sure that the CP faction shines as an example for others to follow. Our guide - and, through it, our faction - has been written and designed in our server in mind, tying into our vision of HL2RP. We have a lot of slots free - and invite you to apply.

    In our eyes, the CWU never got even half the attention it deserved. Here, they are the breadwinners of society - providing labour, nourishment, and luxuries to the citizenry. We have created several plugins to aid in making the CWU impact heavily on the legal side of the City. A stock plugin - allowing CWU workers to store the results of the citizenry's labour - makes workshifts no longer fruitless distractions pretending to be roleplay opportunities - they have become an essential part of the City's economy, providing rations for many, luxuries for some, and technology for Our Benefactors. We are seeking dedicated workers - able to stay on top of weekly workshift schedules - if you fit the bill, you are welcomed to apply.

    There is no pretence of democracy in Union society: the City Administrator appoints the Civic Council - composed of three Ministers to administrate various sections of the City's everyday life - without the needless opinion of the citizenry below him. That doesn't mean that a citizen's life must be without political aspiration - perhaps, with some luck, hard work, and a bit of connections, a place in a Minister's Advisory Board can realistically be landed - although one shouldn't expect much influence in such a position. Still, many would consider it preferable to labour - so, will you be part of the political game of wits?

    The citizenry has no meaning and all the meaning - despite its complete insignificance in the decision making process of the Union at large, it still is the vast majority of its composition - and so, they are still left with a lot to do and - in many cases - not that much to lose. For those seeking a comfortable life, climbing the social ladder via the Civil Compliance Reward Program is always a possibility - though it is not an easy process, nor a fast one. Some may seek refuge in opposing the Union's order - despite what the Combine wants you to believe, it does not control the world's supplies, and scavenging outside the City's walls is a dangerous, although vastly profitable opportunity. For those with nimble hands theft from the CWU is an option - raw supplies used for making whatever the bigwigs in the Ministry of Labour thought up can be repurposed for more practical (and less legal) appliances. Those with a business sense can try their hand at running a store - with or without a Union permit. The opportunities are endless - you just have to seize them.

    TeamBz Half-Life 2 Roleplay
    We hope we managed to capture your attention with our project - much dedication went into making TeamBz a reality. If you are at all interested in becoming part of our community, we welcome you with open arms at our forums, where you can apply for various whitelists and introduce yourself. For questions, feedback, or for those just wanting to have a chat, please check out our Discord.

    We are currently planning to launch on the 18th of August this year. See you on the server!
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  2. Herosloth

    Herosloth Runs a shitty Hl2rp community Clockwork Customer Active Member

    A refreshing take on HL2RP would be HL3RP :(

    But I'll keep an eye around on this one. Curious as always to new communities.
  3. We are launching in less than an hour (17:30 UK time)
  4. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    You use i17 tho
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  5. Honestly, this seems pretty run of the mill. Player-driven economy, crafting systems.. It's the unique selling point of every server that says it has a unique selling point.

    Is your lore interesting? What inspires me, as a player, to create and play characters in your universe? You can talk all you want about player agency, but motivation is key. The thought of progressing in an HL2RP city server doesn't hold interest on its own, it requires actual effort on your part. Work on conflict generation, systems that have conflicting goals/ideals, groups and whatnot.

    So far, though, I don't really see an actual reason to check this server out. Nothing particularly new. Maybe I'm missing something you have displayed somewhere else.
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  6. I joined this server, honestly it just seems like a cookie cutter version of HL2RP that has been made millions of times already. I was with two other people, who when they asked for the forums, banned both of them and me. The Admins on this server seems really out of place, the only thing that stuck out to me was the custom fonts. I'd join again to get a second opinion on this, but I simply can't due to an bullshitted permanent ban.
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  7. You guys joined, glitched into the nexus which has no point anyway and proceeded to spam the chat. Don't see how the ban is unjustified.
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  8. this doesn't seem original sadly talking about the boredom this post gave me, if you want success go original
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  9. SmallS

    SmallS shut the fuck up smalls Clockwork Customer

    The main problem with CityRP is that there is fuck all to do for citizens, which means fuck all to do for your general playerbase, especially for new players. Reading "The citizenry has no meaning and all the meaning", followed up with "it still is the vast majority of its composition" in the same sentence. This tells me that the server is going to be comprised of little more than private events for your admins and buddies in the MPF while other players stuck in the Citizen faction are left with wandering the plaza, collecting scripts with their ESP, and trying to make shitty small talk with the few other citizens that haven't disconnected yet. If you want to actually grow as a HL2RP community, you have to focus on the community first.
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  10. there's an another problem hl2rp is fucking boring on its own
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