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The Administrative Council

Discussion in 'Lore Suggestions' started by Saggy, Mar 12, 2019.


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  1. Previously a system of politics was suggested although no specifics were considered at the time, I have the rough skeleton of a system to propose here.

    The city is controlled by a city administrator, who reports to a sector administrator. The sector administrator is largely irrelevant for the server unless something of extreme political importance takes place or an emergency requires their attention.

    The city administrator has the sole power to approve legislation, and ultimate authority over the everyday citizens of the city.
    Underneath the city administrator is the council, this is made up of the various union faction leaders. This might be the Chief Physician of the medical Union, the general of the Conscript battalion, the Overseer of the Civil Worker's Union or any other such organisation under any other such name. Each member of the council has the ability to propose legislation, and with the majority of the council's support a piece of legislation is given to the city administrator where they have the final say if they wish to accept or deny this legislation. If the council is unanimous, the legislation will go through regardless of the city administrator's opinion on this. However, if the council is seen to have gone too far the city administrator could contact the sector administrator who has the power to simply undo this legislation and can simply remove a council member from office if they have caused too much of an issue. The council may also appeal to the sector administrator if they believe the city administrator is doing something particularly unruly, but they have less sway over the sector administrator.

    The council would meet on a weekly basis to propose, debate and vote on legislation and the time in between these meetings allows for council members to guarantee support beforehand. Once approved, at the next council meeting the city administrator must either approve or ignore the legislation.

    The sector administrator acts as a safeguard if the council and city administrator are doing stupid shit, but should only be used in really serious situations.

    In this system, the City Administrator is much like a president and the council his congress. Since the council are the only body that can propose legislation, the Administrator cannot simply ignore the council and must work with them to get legislation they want. On top of this, they must achieve support of the majority of the council in order to approve of any piece of legislation. This means both the administrator needs the council, and the council needs administrator which gives lot's of room for politics, corruption, deal-making and third party interests.

    There is room for people to become council members for other reasons later if that is so desired, this is a fairly barebones structure right now but I think it get's across the political structure I have in mind.

    So the overall structure for a tl;dr

    Sector Administrator - Ultimate authority, can ignore or approve anything but will rarely appear on the server
    City Administrator - Can approve or ignore any legislation given unless the council is unanimous.
    City Council (Faction Leads) - Propose and vote on legislation to be given up to the City Administrator, run their own internal faction affairs
    Faction Members - Lobby faction leaders on issues of importance to them
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  2. this will go the same way any council goes: nowhere, just a collective of people with major titles but absolutely no substance or power. It's complex and unneeded, focus on getting one or two administrators that will be active and have actual authority
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  3. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    can we not overexaggerate the administrative position / council w/e you want to call it in hl2rp? it's not the house of commons, we don't need a fully-fledged political system for hl2rp
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  4. This is far from a fully fledged political system, it's a basic concept for how the Administration should internally function. People talked about how they wanted an active administration that wasn't just bland puppets who occasionally give speeches, this puts in an element of actual power so that things can actually happen. With the narrative based server proposal, the idea is that the Union will have a variety of choices to make on their own side to develop the lore of the world and the state of the Union on our server that might be different to the normal state of affairs and driven by player actions.
    So the council serves two main functions for roleplay, it's a reactive body for events and narrative on the server which pushes the story forwards and determines how the City faces various challenges. The other function is as a pro-active body, where through roleplay on a character the way in which the world works either in terms of the lore or functionality can be changed.
    Conflict and co-operation is the main catalyst for roleplay in my experience, this is actually a pretty simple system which provides the potential for both without immediately restoring to the 'just kill your enemy' style that happens so frequently in HL2RP.
    The substance and power is partially what those on the position make of it, and partially down to events on the server. As the story progresses, the City will have to decide how to face certain issues and what kinds of paths it wants to go down. Forgive me if I'd rather have a group who's character interactions decide this rather than one or two bland administrators being able to decide the city's direction at whim. But I think @Aspect 's thread showed a desire for something more.
    I'd also like to emphasise, this doesn't take away from the administrator's authority over the general populace and the potential for good roleplay there. It just adds a system for the broader issues to be addressed and if you don't care for it, then there's no compulsion to engage with it unless you're the administrator yourself.
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  5. Schulze35

    Schulze35 At 23, I bought it all just to make sure. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    The Combine would never let this happen, To install a parliamentarism for humans to control? No, this would never occure in Hl2 (Not saying adding new stuff to a server is bad) However by applying this political system it will give people power. Again, something the combine never would allow. If the combine would allow some kind of "Political system" it would be some kind of authoritarian single-party dictatorships. Where the rules are writen, so the humans can't change it.
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  6. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    i mean great sure do politics idm but this isn't something i believe we should prioritise right when we start, during the tenure of the server sure but i'd rather focus on the civil protection, citizens and lolwebuls instead of politics on hl2rp
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  7. I see this being raised a lot, and I'd like to point out that just because one thing is suggested and talked about doesn't mean other things aren't in the works. We've talked quite a lot about all of this, but it seems when we talk about the bare essentials like content and cops people say "yeah thats same old shit, we want to hear the interesting stuff" and then when we start going into the details "alright guys but what about the basics".
    Whatever is done, people ask about the other stuff. This thread isn't about the other stuff, we've been talking about it the meetings with the community as well as internally.

    edit: on the topic of "would the union do this", I'd like to remind people that this isn't a representative democracy, or a democracy of any kind. Hitler's Germany had ministers and Stalin had many subordinates, authoritarian regimes of course have ultimate power in the hands of an ultimate authority but the Combine cannot micro-manage every part of the world. In the same way they pass that responsibility onto the sector administrators, the sector administrators put in place a city administrator to manage city affairs and then councillors to ensure everything is run properly and the city administrator doesn't start going power mad. So I don't think this is a proto-parliament or anything too far-fetched for the Union, it's just a method of city governance.
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    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  8. why don't we actually focus on the faction 70 percent of the playerbase will be in: citizens, I could care less for a select group of 10 bratty loyalists vying to be frank underwood
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  9. Duspende_

    Duspende_ Veteran Active Member

    I think it's unhealthy to think of all these factions as separate from Citizens. If you consider everything compartmentalized and divided, the server is going to feel exactly like that. Divided and compartmentalized and it's gonna be a terrible experience. Factions need to be interconnected.

    Also; I see a lot of "The Union would NEVER do this", but they actually would. The illusion of control and constant competition for status and power is exactly how you keep a large population docile. Instead of rising up and rebelling because they're out of control, they'll opt to become part of a pseudo-governmental entity in the attempt to change the system, and they'll either slowly have their spirits crushed or they will become part of the self-serving machine.

    A lot of people talk way too much about "what the Union would do", without understanding the actual systematic methods that are the most effective in oppressing a people.

    Additionally, nobody knows what the Combine/Union would do. None of it is disclosed. Their philosophies or what drives them is an unknown. The only thing we can do, is extrapolate from what we see and think about what has actually worked in the past to oppress a society, and what research and science shows us, factually, would be the best way to do it and assume the Union are smart enough to realize all of this and utilize it.
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  10. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with Duspende on this one. Seems pretty logical, in my opinion.

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