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HL2RP The Mesa - Black Mesa Research Roleplay

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Augustus, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    If they're involved, I'm 75% sure
  2. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Watcher doesn't know the situation's entirety

    I am a capable individual, just had time constraints. We have coded what's necessary for the gamemode.

    As far as the "quality retention" goes, our area of servers are entirely separate of that of Origins in short, with our own staff team, own set of rules, so on. All that has changed, practically, is branding - and if after describing how our server is going to be run, if a player chooses not to participate due to the name alone, that is their prerogative.
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  3. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You do realize that the guy that pays the bills ultimately runs your server.
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  4. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I pay for my own box. I've merely changed the branding graphics & masterlist... but okay
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    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  5. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday mothership reconnection Honorable Clockwork Customer

    did i say something funny
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  6. cold

    cold ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    just let me run it dog all the problems will go away
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  7. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Despite the name, it's not half bad. While it may be lacking scripts, there's plenty of roleplay so far.
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  8. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Server Soft Launch


    Points to Address
    • Soft-Launch went very well, with around a dozen attendees providing interesting roleplay scenarios. We thank all who showed up on such a short-notice, and encourage you all to return daily as the server continues to grow, organically.
    • Despite branding, we encourage constructive attendance from prospective players. Black Mesa is an entirely separate area and cadre from Origins' Half-Life Two Roleplay server, with varying rules to ensure quality control.
    • More features will be added in the coming days/weeks, as the population continues to organically grow. Again, thank you all for your interest and be sure to check us out at www.originsrp.net
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  9. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Yeah I'm sure my buddy Dovahneer would have lots to say about that
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  10. cold

    cold ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    dovah's worse than i am LMFAO.

    but anyways i'm not sure how i feel about this merger but because i've been itching for a BMRP i'll probably stop by sometime.
  11. kief

    kief kind bud Manager

    why would you "merge" anyways? is it a money issue? do you not have coders or something? i would like to do bmrp but if this merging is with a guy who doesnt have the best intention or a decent rep im probably not gonna end up checking it out
  12. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I've funding and can code somewhat myself, but I figured that instead of trying to build a community from the ground-up, I'd try and contribute to one preexisting. I pitched the idea of a Black Mesa Roleplay Server to a few other communities, but they all pretty much told me to get fucked - which is understandable. I went to Origins and figured I can at least keep my area of the community clean and segregated from the rest.

    While I understand that there may be a picking with the other side of the Origins community, rest assured I'm putting in effort in my area of function.
  13. kief

    kief kind bud Manager

    fair enough
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  14. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    FRIDAY DEC. 8TH @ 1700 EST

    Apply for your character faction today!
  15. EJ Rockwell

    EJ Rockwell Clockwork Customer

    @chuck Youd be doing us a favor. And can we get a mod here? This is against the rules, what he is doing.
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  16. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member


    I am not one to often come forth and admit my mistakes where they are due, but... you were all right.

    I made a heinous mistake partnering with Origins.

    Firstly, my experience there has been nothing short of a dumpster fire. The reasoning behind this follows a collection of systematic failures - fourteen year old staff members, lack of any organization on the forums, an owner who panders to the whim of these children, so on.

    This thread on their forums can explain it all, and just in case they delete it, I'll be screenshotting it. http://origins.site.nfoservers.com/index.php?threads/immaturity.703/#post-3228

    Upon speaking with their Upper Administration about joining the community with my own box, I provided a homepage, video content, graphics, and a few other niceties out of good will, in hopes of polishing it all up. Further, I tried to establish boundaries as to how I would administrate, trying to remain exclusively to my area(Black Mesa Roleplay). I maintained a seemingly decent channel of correspondence with EJ, who disclosed to me a lot of personal details regarding why the community has fallen into such disarray. He disappeared again for a few days - where it became a bit problematic.

    I had hopes that the community(referring to the Serious Roleplay community) would see beyond the name of Origins and all that is associated with it, but that was not the case. Multiple invitations to friends, some now of eight years, were met with declination on the grounds of how poorly the Half-Life 2 Roleplay server was ran. Further, the thread from a seemingly new player(above) was posted, and I had decided enough was enough. In the Army we were taught the value of action over words, ergo, I began.

    I first started with attempting to contact the owner, EJ. These attempts were futile, as he had been away for some days at this point, however, despite this - I continued. Finally understanding I simply won't get to him, I spoke with Rad, his co-owner.

    The interesting thing about Rad, was, as self described, he was placed into the position without any real notice, nor does he have any experience with it. Rad, quite literally, didn't know how to operate the box, yet the power was left in his hands. I thought this to be unacceptable, and began to correspond with him in ways we can address that, as well as the numerous nagging problems in the community.

    The next event in this process outlined a document I wrote up for rad to post, detailing the new community hierarchy that would benefit overall. At that time, both discord, forums, and in-game administration had been littered with a variety of ranks, servergroups, so on - including a "Staff on Duty" whitelist on the HL2RP server that admins used to fly around with their custom playermodels. We decided it would be best to get rid of these servergroups, and whilst doing so, concurrently evaluate each member of staff on their demonstrable roleplay knowledge and proficiency, as well as their professionalism.

    Seeing the demographic of EJ's administration team being under the age of 16, I understood that griefing may very well become an issue upon the implementation of these changes. Ergo, we removed everyone outside of Upper Administration from the server groups on the HL2RP. Despite there being a thread outlining that these changes were being made, individuals who were affected without caring to read why, began to flame, troll, spam, RDM in game, so on. It took the team two hours to subdue discord, where administrative permissions were given to all ranks, including the 100 or so members online. It was an absolute madhouse, and in the time I've roleplayed since the days of OpenAura when I was around that age, I now understand the need for age restrictions now more than ever before.

    The guidelines as discussed with Rad(Co-owner, again), would require admins to be:
    • Proficient roleplayers with adequate knowledge pertaining lore & server guidelines
    • Minimally aged at 17, or older
    • Proficient in the English language and subordinate grammar, as that is the server's primary demographic
    • Able to adapt to change, and heed guidance in certain circumstances
    Quite literally the sum of the requirements, in an abridged sense. New server rules were submitted, thoroughly outlining emphasis on roleplay standards in factions and among the citizenry, disallowing the persistent failRP and OOC mingery that had been occurring up until that point.

    And the junior administrators weren't having any of it. Despite warnings posted in announcement chats and numerous attempts to speak with them, they simply retorted to, and yes, this happened - a #FUCKAUGUSTUS hashtag that would be spammed in all of the chats.

    A few hours later, the rabble calmed down, and we continued to implement changes necessary, as a result of exterior player complaints. Rad went to bed, and I managed to get a few other administrators on board with the program. I created this graphic regarding the new hierarchy:
    As one might gather from the above, it would affect the two Serious Roleplay servers the community had(Black Mesa Roleplay & HL2RP). Previous administrators were temporarily set to Trial Admin until the next day, if they met the new criteria of staffing. The idea behind it was to make the community appear more organized, more professional - opposed to the superglue & duct tape conglomerate it had been at the time.

    EJ, the owner, having received numerous texts - finally emerged, and confronted me. I outlined the situation to him, what was underway, and his response:

    "It's all good so long as you're running a tight ship."

    I invited him for further correspondence, but he declined, stating he had to go back to sleep. I once again insisted, citing that I needed to cover all potential blind spots so he is not in the dark, but he retorted to his answer above.

    "Okay, great.", I thought - EJ is on-board, and he went as far as to reply to the post of plans stating so. Hopefully now things will go smoothly.

    And then I went to bed.

    Mind you, the above changes occurred during the latter part of a day - the European members of staff had yet to get on. Rad had only been staying up late, he himself being from the United Kingdom. What likely occurred was, they got on in the morning in concurrence with EJ, but they having read no explanation(despite there being some), flipped. This was apparent based on what happened next.

    I woke up around 11am EST. Grabbing some coffee, watching a bit of morning news, looking at the snow outside - I waddled over toward my desktop, sat down, and turned the screen on. The first messages I see on steam:

    "Welp, that was short lived".

    Come to find out, Rad had retracted his support in favor of his compatriots, who begged for their positions to return. Xari, some guy from down under, came back and called one of the new Metropolice heads an "unqualified cunt", and lead the Metropolice to "go rogue" against the new Commander. All of the begging came back to a head, when EJ got on - they broke him, and the entirety of changes were undone. All of them. Even the new rules(laid out in the spoiler below).
    1. All players must remain in-character at all times unless allowed to go out of character by administration.
    2. Metagaming is when someone uses out-of-character(OOC) information for in-character(IC) purposes. If you attempt to metagame, you are also breaking the rules.
    3. Powergaming is when a player forces his/her actions on another. Further, it is acting superhuman, or utilizing items that haven't been physically obtained.
    4. Character Development plays a vital role in what is considered metagaming, or powergaming. For example, a character who has not been taken to the Nexus, should not know its' layout.
    5. Special Characters are characters which have a particular subset of skills or defections. These include but are not limited to; -Being mentally challenged, -Knowing a particular martial art, -Augmentations, or so on. These characters must have Upper-Administration approval prior to roleplaying as such.
    6. Deathmatching is the act of killing another person(s) character without sufficient reason or proper roleplay. This is a bannable offense.
    7. Permanent Kills are when your character is permanently killed, and the ability to access that character is disabled via script function. This serves as a means of permanently ending a character's life, and their story.*
    8. Script Kills are when your character is killed through the script, and allowed to respawn - simulating unconsciousness and temporary amnesia through the New-Life-Rule(NLR), which extends as far back as that particular roleplay situation's beginning.
    9. Disregard-for-life situations will always result in a Permanent Kill. These will be outlined below.
    10. Extreme or Disgusting Roleplay is prohibited, unless the parties involved agree via OOC to participate in any of the following situations; -Rape, -Cannibalism, -Bestiality, -Necrophilia, -Sexual Harassment. Players are allowed to withdraw consent at anytime during the roleplay.
    11. Logging to avoid roleplay is strictly prohibited.
    12. Out-of-character racism or trolling is punishable via ban.
    13. Shotcopping/overt gunplay is also prohibited.
    Disregard-for-life is a situation in which a player enters into an avoidable circumstance that, as mentioned, exhibits blatant disregard for the character. Examples include;
    1. Pulling a firearm on a Civil Protection unit as they are passing by/speaking with you.
    2. Acting invincible, for example, as a Civil Protection unit - venturing into the slums alone
    3. Trying to venture into the Nexus; raiding, so on.
    Outlined below are offenses that will result in a permanent ban, no matter if it be the first offense, or third.
    1. Hacking
    2. Pornographic links
    3. Recruiting for other communities
    4. Script abuse/glitching
    5. Mass "RDM"
    6. Personal attacks/harassment over an extended period of time
    As with any professional community, the rules will be reviewed, elaborated upon, or amended as time goes on. Further, these rules are in place to ensure quality experiences for both member and staff alike.

    I popped on discord, and implored EJ to speak with me. His reasons behind the revision were simple; "people didn't like it". His server at the end of the day, sure, but I continued to try and bring reason from him. He simply told me to "speak to Xari, if you want to be an advisor".

    Sure, why not - let's see here.. Xari... ah, yes, he's in discord.

    I get into the channel, and am immediately met with "You're fucking retarded." among with a slew of other similarities. I spoke with him, as he was out of the loop the day before - trying to explain the implementation of the ideas. He retorted with his "Major in Business", and how it's "His HL2RP server", no one has the right to try and change anything. The conversation ended with myself being threatened, with some "bad things to happen to me" if I "ever touch HL2RP again".

    I was welcomed to stay in my "corner" and not bother the rest of the community, or as Xari said, "we'll permit you to leave if you want", as if I'm subject to some legal bind or decree - but the depravity witnessed by a staff team comprised of mostly adminge children has led me to ultimately say;

    CloudSixteen, you were right again.
    Very same lad is an admin the next day again

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  17. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    tl;dr pls
  18. EJ Rockwell

    EJ Rockwell Clockwork Customer

    Well, let me put it this way for you, you made ALL staff reapply, and then you appointed yourself Community director, initiated a staff purge, all without my clearance. I gave clearance to Radecs ideals, not yours Augustus. Now you mock me for being erratic? You were the one who made all of these brash decisions in the span of a day. So please. focus on your community in this thread. Not mine.
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  19. Augustus

    Augustus Fortunas Audentas Iuvat Clockwork Customer Active Member

    As mentioned in the above post, the idea that Radec posted was wrote by me.

    tl;dr shortly, @SireElite
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  20. EJ Rockwell

    EJ Rockwell Clockwork Customer

    I can get radec on here to say he was okay at first but when the community started tearing apart, he wanted to back out. As soon as I negated your "reform", Everyone was extremely happy. I had no problems with you until you messed with my side of things, drastically. So, I respect why you left, it isnt the place for you. With that said, this threads about you community. So why not keep it that way, and if you want to continue talking about my community, feel free, no press is bad. Also, before I go. @chuck Word on the street is that noone takes you seriously with your threats. Its okay, My SQL is fine. I hope your Server does good Augustus, just no more flaming, it would be beneficial.
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