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The MPF/CP/CCA/Insert Name - Ranking and divisions structure idea.

Discussion in 'Lore Suggestions' started by DeltOmega [2], Mar 9, 2019.


Do you like this idea?

Poll closed Mar 16, 2019.
  1. Yes, I do.

  2. No, I do not.

  3. I partially agree/disagree (tell me what you think should be changed in your reply)

  1. Most of the servers use the standard 05-SeC system, which is centred around authority the higher up you are. Most servers use the Union/Helix/Grid/Judge or Jury/Insert special forces name here, divisions "system". In my opinion, both of these are not lore friendly, and sort of redundant. The Civil Protection units should rely on their own jurisdiction and what they seem is necessary to get the job done (of course, that doesn't mean breaking the code of conduct). There should be a single "being" giving them orders or rather directions and making sure that they are acting professionally on duty, that being would be the mighty Dispatch. A good solution for this would be using the lore-friendlier and more efficient system of taglines. Basically, CPs would be rewarded with privileges the more rank-points they have. Their names would look like this:
    C(##): (Rank Points - 00,25,50,75 or RL).(Tagline)-(#)
    C18:00.DEFENDER-9 would get just a stun stick
    C18:25.VICTOR-3 would get a 9mm pistol
    C18:50.XRAY-5 would get a submachine gun
    C18:75.STICK-7 would get a submachine gun and a frag grenade
    C18:RL.HERO-2 would be the only unit being able to promote other units and/or order them.
    Keep in mind, these taglines wouldn't be divisions, they'd be like names - which would mean that a HERO-2 rank leader is able to promote a STICK-7 unit from 25 to 50. Dispatch would be the only one who could revoke that promotion or change an RLs order. Rank 75 unit wouldn't be able to command a rank 00 unit. The CPs should work in a team in which everyone has the same authority, only being ordered by Rank Leaders and dispatch if needed.

    That would also mean, that there would be no divisions, but do not worry! Every CP would carry a health vital and every CP would be trained in first aid. If your unit has a background in engineering, he'd be trusted with repairing stuff and driving APCs. Any CP would be able to interrogate captives.

    Also, as a side note - all units will look the same, without special uniforms for Rank Leaders. The major fear-factor is being watched by what feels like the same person, with all of them having the same voices and uniforms, all looking unified and operating as a single body. We all know that the gas mask and the way they behave is to inflict fear. And, the CPs should retrieve from speaking in LOOC, it ruins the atmosphere because the citizen engaging in a LOOC discussion with a CP feels a lot more "comfortable". If the citizen would just insult you over LOOC or just be an annoying piece of shit, instead of calling him a faggot, just call an admin to deal with the situation.

    >Why is it better? - It allows units to operate independently and they're rewarded with privileges, not authority. With the dispatch and Rank Leaders being the only people that can order them.
    >How does it promote teamwork? - Well, since all the units have the same authority, they'll have to learn to listen to each other and work in a group.
    >How will you replace medical units and engineers? - All units would be trained in first aid and will carry a health-vital. As for engineers, if your character knows how to fix stuff, he may be additionally trained in engineering which will be noted and you'll be able to repair cameras and stuff, but you won't be in some special division. As for surgeries, this will be performed by units with medical background or medical CWUs.
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  2. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    Only thing I feel we should change about this is the names. I don't think we should show rank points. Instead of 00, 25, 50, 75, 100 - we do i5, i4, i3, i2, i1, RL and just put their rank points inside their datafile. It's personal preference, I think it's better like that. Won't be a huge deal if we show the rank points though. It's just a name after all.
  3. Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing. The ranks can be named, however, as long as they're based around privilege, not authority - That's my main point.
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  4. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    Soooo you just want us to copy Shockcore? Essentially?
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  5. I've never played on Shockcore.
    The system I presented is the one found in HL2, you can hear the unit taglines when they die...
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  6. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    i do think it is important to keep specializations existent within the system. they don't have to necessarily be divisions, but i think it would be smart if people can enter the civil protection using their own character's traits and skills that they can actually apply to their roleplay. (ie. your character was a mechanic so in the civil protection they have some sort of specialization in APC maintenance.)

    you have mentioned this which i admire, i am glad we are on the same page. i'm just trying to figure out a way to denote each player's specialization within the force. perhaps a data file system can be implemented that tracks each unit's information including their specialization? that way we would be able to keep the uniform ranking of the units but allow them to use their own character's skills for use in roleplay.
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