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HL2RP The Percival Project - A New, Faction-Based HL2RP Experience

Discussion in 'Communities' started by The Real Arnold [Ðusk], Mar 5, 2019.

  1. The Real Arnold [Ðusk]

    The Real Arnold [Ðusk] Clockwork Customer

    Let's keep this short and sweet, why don't we?

    Who are we?: TPP is comprised of a small band of role-players looking to somewhat redefine the genre by implementing a new take on the Half-Life 2 lore.
    What is our goal?: To create a thriving HL2RP experience, even if just temporary, that breaks the mold and caters entirely to the concept of creating RP and seldom throttling creativity.
    Looking for Staff?: Of course! One can get into contact with us here: https://discord.gg/qcEzGx
    How is your player count?: Relatively low! We have gathered quite a few people on our Discord but are looking to grow!

    How big is the content pack?: Not huge at all! We have about ~20 addons, some of which is kind of minute details in which I was coerced into implementing. (Read: PCP)

    *The server makes heavy usage of factions. It is our goal to make Citizen RP the most interesting of outlets. Upon joining the server -- or even the Discord -- you can message admins to get set up!

    The Percival Project takes place in what one could assume is the final era of Humanity...

    … The year is 2045:

    With the world having been drained almost entirely of its resources, there is no more use for humanity -- however, the Universal Union's quest for intergalactic domination is never done, and as such, their final act of judgement upon humanity has been temporarily postponed.

    The UU leaves in droves, mobilizing their units to other parts of the galaxy in fashion similar in which they used to initially invade, marking what would become known as the Great Exodus. Heads turned and watched in awe as dropships dotting the sky before disappearing in an array of flashes of light, never to be seen again.

    The UU remains somewhat in power over the Earth and what few humans remain, however their resources are stretched thin as are that of the denizens whom now fight for survival. Crime is all but too often among the likes of the citizens, even endorsed by the state at times in order to trim down the population.

    Traditionally, a good group to run with is hard to find. However:
    In one of the few major cities left -- Industrial 17 -- there is a schism between major factions. For the longest, City Administrator Riley Noble (the CA position now being a more MPF Officer-like position for human relations) has kept the scales of power somewhat stable by "playing the game on both ends" -- allowing for institutionalized crime to operate as a way to keep citizens thriving whilst also maintaining the façade of the MPF retaining its power.

    Corporations like Faraday Industries make their mark by controlling the manufacturing of essential products, weapons, and pharmaceuticals in order to establish a monopoly whose immense power allows for the Metropolice Force to remain in their pocket.

    Alternatively, a gang that, for so long, had remained in the shadows -- The Bad Ratz -- aim to restore themselves to their former glory in visceral fashion, stirring up as much trouble as one physically can in lieu of light resistance and well, the absence of "The Resistance."

    With the Resistance all but gone, only three major factions are left to influence the scales of power, and the choices that players make during events will heavily influence the direction of the lore. Subsequently, a "Players of Interest" system has been introduced which allows for players to integrate their character into the lore with the added benefit of specialized powers and weaponry kept in check by the Bounty System.

    Players can make a huge difference in the direction of the lore by becoming a Player of Interest:
    Want to make a character whose main perogative is to breed necrotics and unleash them onto sectors of the city as you see fit? Sure. Let's do it. Admins are readily available via our Discord server: [https://discord.gg/vDHU39] and are always willing to hear out the ideas of its playerbase. For more information, please get into contact with us via the aforementioned Discord!

    This server is heavily and readily faction-based. Upon joining the server, one can expect to be contacted by Admins in order to get you placed in your faction of choice (save for the MPF, which remains an application-required faction) and get you RPing in no time. If you happen to join on our off-hours, the Discord remains at large and active for you to get set up there!
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  2. Greekin

    Greekin Clockwork Customer Active Member

    it says right there you have 50 addons in the pack btw
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  3. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member


    Other than that, I believe this was attempted before so it's nothing new, but I may give it a shot regardless.
  4. The Real Arnold [Ðusk]

    The Real Arnold [Ðusk] Clockwork Customer

    I had originally posted this when half-asleep - the observation stands somewhat true at about 40 but I appreciate the attention to detail nonetheless
  5. is this alive
  6. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    Even if it is you're probs banned tbh
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  7. I never played on it
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