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Underrated movies thread

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Mellojello, May 13, 2017.

  1. Decided to make another thread after forever, so yeah. Anyway, you saw the title, just list a movie you think is underrated or hasn't been appreciated enough. Sorry if this was made by someone else recently, or if this is in the wrong section.

    Anywho, my personal favorite movie that I think is severely underrated is Legion. It was made in 2010, and is about a fallen angel who comes from Heaven after learning that Heaven plans to send angels to possess people to kill a baby who is gonna be born that is the second son of God. Ergo replacing Jesus. (I may have gotten this wrong, haven't watched it in a year or so.) Anyway, this fallen angel goes to a diner in the middle of bumfuck nowhere where this baby's mother is located. It's pretty fuckin scary just in concept alone. The possessed people seem more like demons than angels and the action is pretty damn good. Some characters can be really insufferable tho. I give it an 8/10. Pretty damn good, but not perfect.

    Now what's some of your favorite underrated movies C16? I've shown you mine, so now you show me yours.
  2. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Templar Clockwork Customer Active Member

    There's a neo-noir, crime thriller directed by Christopher Nolan named Memento (2001) which I've always been particularly fond of. While the pacing of the story might be a bit unusual with scenes playing out of sequence, it really shares a gripping story of a man which can't retain short-term memory as he attempts to unravel the events leading to his wife's murder.
  3. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

  4. corrin

    corrin hot boat sex Active Member

    Ran by Akira Kurosawa.
  5. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

  6. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    what's that film called where daniel radcliffe has to infiltrate a neo-nazi organization?
  7. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

  8. TheFancyAlchemist

    TheFancyAlchemist World famous hl2rp connoisseur Active Member

    Dude bro party massacre 3 isn't really underrated (100% on rotten tomatoes) it's just not we'll know enough good movie
  9. buddyfrancis

    buddyfrancis Surfin' Poo-S-A

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  10. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member


    french film about two guys who hunt down a rapist. fuckin amazin atmosphere and has one of the best beatdown scenes in cinema.
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  11. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish


    eyes wide shut
  12. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

    i haven't seen the movie in ages and i don't know how well it did for its time

    but it's Limitless? i can't remember if it's good or not b/c i can't find a place to stream it, and i don't feel like buying it
  13. Limitless is a good movie, I liked the story line and I think it is one of the best Bradley Cooper's acts.
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