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HL2RP Unrecognizable CP

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Michael Sandwich, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Michael Sandwich

    Michael Sandwich Get your free TVs! Active Member

    Does anyone know a plugin which makes it so the CP's are unrecognizable to citizens and cps alike until they get their name?
    If there is a line of code i can insert into the sh_mpf.lua file that also works

    If you dont know what i mean just play Nebulous and look at a CP
  2. Kamelot

    Kamelot Clockwork Customer

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  3. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    I'm pretty sure he means something along the lines of custom text instead of the combine name so as an example it would say "This unit's identity is hidden" and then below that the description instead of the text just being "You do not recognise this person"
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  4. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Active Member

    Ye it says "This unit's identity is concealed."
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  5. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    Now, I'm not that advanced when it comes to clockwork development but I think I know what he means,
    I didn't test this at all and it probably won't work as I said but it should give you a good guess at what you need to do
    This should work and I didn't test it at all, I'm looking to get feedback from other people that know development see if they have an idea on what to do.
    (ignore the local target part, I was fucking about with other code)
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  6. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

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  7. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    So with the help of EJ's code (huge credits and shoutouts to him) I managed to scrap something together.
    This will only change it so it will say "This unit's identity is concealed" when a Non-combine is looking at the combine, I removed all the other Scoreboard anonymous combine but if you want that just download RJ's plugin.

    (( btw a moderator should move this topic to requests ))

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