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HL2RP Up-And-Coming! Synthesis|True Half-Life 2 Roleplay|Serious

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Sir Will [FSG], Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Sir Will [FSG]

    Sir Will [FSG] Clockwork Customer

    [About the Owner]
    Hello All! This has to be my first post on this site, regrettably, but you'll find I am not an inexperienced member of HL2RP, clockwork, or RP in general. My current steam name is Oregonian Knight, found here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OregonKnight and I am an experienced roleplayer and server owner. I've nearly half a dozen years in RP experience, spent between four and five thousand hours RPing on Garry's Mod RP servers, and have been apart of roughly twenty servers to a degree, had leadership in around seven, and owned four or so.
    Due to the nature of the ever-changing community, if you want details you have to join the group, until then, wait for launch, where this will change from a 'pre-planned server' to a proper server and community. The ideas below are ones I'm pushing, and ones currently established but could change in the future to a degree. The lack of details is due to the fact many parts of the server is dependent upon community discussion, and these topics have yet to be discussed.
    [Server Details]
    -16-24 Slots upon launch, varies based on community size.
    -Staff Positions Open (Can apply now before launch!)

    -Undecided Map (Vote for it on the Steam Group Discussion Page!)
    -Developers Welcome!
    -Extensive Plugin Variety and Expansion

    -Patrol Checkpoints
    -Citizen Spawn Checkpoint (Weeds out minges and provides information on citizens)
    -Named City Districts
    -Strict Organization and Training
    -Training Days
    -Simple and Straightforward Rank Structure
    -Believable Units
    -No Crazy Division Varieties

    -CWU Corporate Ladder
    -Salaried Positions
    -Actual Jobs
    -Work Shifts
    -Variety of Shops, no 'General Stores' persay

    -Timed Ration Cycles and Work Cycles
    -Well-Organized Work Cycles
    -Loyalist Rank Ladder
    -Apartment Segregation (lower and upper class)
    -Public Union Events

    -Written and Planned Speeches
    -Public Events

    -Lore-Friendly Loadouts
    -Reasonable Unit Variety
    -Guard Duty and Judgement/Autonomous Waivers

    -Vortigaunt Rank Ladder
    -Enslaved and Free Whitelist Variety

    Zombies, Headcrabs, and Antlions
    -No/Little Whitelists
    -No NPC Spam
    -Reasonable and IC-Caused Events Only
    -Headcrab Cannisters

    The community I've began to establish is small, simple, but committed to success. This isn't to say other servers aren't, but I'd like to say my methods of leadership can be unique and interesting to those who find some more traditional ways of running servers more bland. As of now, my server is not up, but it is currently in the 'pre-development' phase, of a plan that will lead to the server being launched in one to four weeks. It currently functions as a Discord Server and Steam Group, where members can talk about ideas, improve upon server functions, think of original content, and contribute to the whole of the server. I like to call this process of 'pre-development contribution' a more 'democratic' way of running servers, and I feel it could improve the quality of my community and server greatly.

    People willing to join this pre-planned group early (now and up until the server launches), can apply for Staff early and acquire a whitelist with it (if we deem them experienced enough). This allows the server to be near-functional as a locked server, where 'pre-allocated staff and members' can work out how the server would reasonably function, and use the ideas they worked with in the pre-planing stage. Then, once the server is reasonable and polished enough, it can be opened to the public as a fully-functional, staffed community that already has willing members.

    However, I do not currently have a developer, and any other assistance like map-makers, and potentially modelers and plugin-makers are extremely welcome. As for payment, I'm not exactly ready to dish out the big bucks for potential helpers, but privileges and recognition await, not to mention working on a server that could(and will) be great!

    We as a community strive for commitment, friendliness, seriousness, fun, proper RP, fair rules, and creative expansion upon lore-friendly ideas. This more 'democratic' approach, with willing members, can lead to a server who's decisions are not ruled simply by an Owner and an aristocratic staff, but by the multitude of it's variously willing members! This allows different opinions, and more common opinions especially, to take ahold of the server and change it for the better, far before it reaches the stage! I can only hope you will join us on our crusade for 'universal synthesis'! Untitled-1.png
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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
  2. Just walls of text and no real explanation on things like lore, server groups/factions.

    This should be remade if you want people to consider it a chance. Expand outside of just text, look at other posts.
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  3. Sly

    Sly Life is wasted on the living. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    This right here was enough to make me skeptical. Don't create a god complex for yourself.

    Thread-wise, I'm not sure that this meets the community standards guidelines. While I'm sure that you are ambitious and excited to get started, you need to make something that gives a good appeal to attract users. This thread is a good first draft for information about where you are at in your development phase, but covers very little about the server itself. For posts in this section, focus less on your own story and more on the servers story. Don't feel discouraged from reading my response, it's all just helpful criticism to help you improve the overall quality of this post.

    If you need clarification on anything, check out the post here for the Community Quality Standards. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions that you would like me to address personally. :)
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  4. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Clockwork Customer

    I agree with Sly. It isn't you who are to judge how "perfect" your community is, it's the community itself that decides that.
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  5. SmallS

    SmallS shut the fuck up smalls Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  6. Sir Will [FSG]

    Sir Will [FSG] Clockwork Customer

    Ah, thank you all for your support. As of now, I will temporarily close the thread, get to work on improvement, and then bring it back up, likely as a new thread.. Is that allowed? Anyways. Thank you all for your support, and I do sincerely apologize if it came off sounding like a 'god-complex', the server and my abilities are in no way perfect, or even remotely close, I have had, my servers have had, and I currently have, lots of flaws. The 'near-perfection' was just hype and ideal, nothing more. Thanks again.
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  7. Sir Will [FSG]

    Sir Will [FSG] Clockwork Customer

    And yes, those addons are from years ago, and not really addons... That's not really what I meant by 'tinkering', as I went through with the files of the server, rather than posting anything of value on the workshop. First things I did on gmod was play sandbox, and I just never bothered to remove the cringy first things I made as a youngin'.

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