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Phase Four (UPCOMING) Experiment+, a Phase Four Redux

Discussion in 'Communities' started by legionX, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/VolitionRolePlay
    Hello! We're a group of old players that love this schema and we've decided to take another crack at running a server. This time, with a twist. Our gamemode is called Experiment+ and is being actively developed. Our aim is to create, as the name suggests, a better version of the "original" Experiment.

    Though we are using Clockwork and the standard Phase Four schema as a base we are working towards creating a stable, extensive overhaul of the original Experiment we all knew and loved. Numerous significant additions to the standard game are planned and in continuous development. Refer to the patch notes found on this page if you are interested in seeing what's been done!

    We invite you to join us in the beta phase of our project and hope you understand thatall things are subject to change.
    Please Join the steam group and spread the word! Invite all your friends to this steam group who enjoyed this gamemode in the past or you think will enjoy it in order to solidify a playerbase.
    v1.0.0.0b Changelog
    Gameplay Changes
    • Added accuracy attribute that affects recoil
    • Added attribute bonuses to all suits
    • Certain suits grant the use of heartbeat detector, stealth generator, and thermal vision
    • Removed entirely all outlines on entities of any sort, including ones on items and players
    • Removed armor and weapon upgrading
    • Rebalanced all prices around a much lower income
    • Totally removed wealth killing system
    • Areas around lockers are safezones, but certain actions in game (including attacking a player or being attacked, grabbing item entities, tying, using mines) will prevent you from becoming safe in them for differing lengths of time.
    • Removed long standing code that nerfed the effectiveness of endurance and bullet resistance
    • Weapons that break in your hand will fall onto the ground if you do not have sufficient inventory space
    • Added several "specialization" perks that increase damage dealt with different types of weapons
    • Added two exclusive donator perks from old Experiment, Commando and Army of One
    • Added a perk to increase health of props
    • Added a perk to increase the max number of props a player can spawn
    • Added a perk to increase max upgrade level of the printer by one
    • Added a perk to make footsteps silent while walking
    • Added a perk to give 50% chance to deflect beanbags
    • Added a perk to make it impossible to be tied when knocked out
    • Added a perk that makes repairs cheaper
    • Removed the perks that increase your gains towards karma
    • Removed entirely perks which granted any "wallhack" or ESP effect
    • Removed jet packs and associated perk and aerodynamics
    • Added several new suits
    • Added a new Gauss rifle
    • Added a tardis item that increases locker storage capacity
    • Added a beanbag shotgun, scout, and their functionality
    • Added Stimboosts, items which grant temporary attribute bonuses
    • Added broadcasters and their functionality
    • Added running shoes which increase runspeed and grant agility to the user
    • Added special hidden items
    • Added helmet which has durability (degrades when hit) and reduces headshot damage
    • Removed old boxed jackets/backpacks and made one backpack that is visible on the back
    • Added flintlock rifle and pistol
    • Replaced default printers with one single printer
    • Removed karma tomes
    • Changed appearance of Stimpacks to differentiate them from Stimboosts
    • Removed all food that was in previously, created Energy Drinks and Baked Beans, left Beer in
    • Buffed the Laser Rifle and made it comparatively more expensive than it had previously been
    • Removed stunsticks
    • Reduced the speed at which the acrobatics skill progresses
    • Limited the number of props which players can spawn
    • Greatly reduced the rate at which item durability degrades
    • Added networked messages to players to inform them of how worn their armor/weapon is becoming
    Style Changes
    • Changed victories to achievements
    • Changed augments to perks
    • Changed alliances to factions
    • Changed cash to bolts
    • Changed morality to karma
    • Changed safeboxes to lockers
    • Changed flavor texts for karma
    • Changed some basic UI color elements
    • Removed the float-into-the-center-of-your-screen messages
    • Added Volition RP logo to starting menu
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Bully Victim achievement
    • Fixed stealth field generator firing while stealthed functionality
    • Fixed infinite loop upon any item with durability breaking
    • Fixed problems with upgrading printers
    • Fixed healing yourself giving karma
    • Fixed the system of how items were dropping on death back to normal
    • Fixed door guarders and fixed Reverseman perk
    • Fixed character attribute allocation appearing properly
    • Fixed suits selecting wrong gender variant for model
    • Fixed achievement menu endlessly refreshing
    • Fixed networked messages to client about printer upgrading and destruction displaying incorrectly
    • Fixed zipties and the ziptie hotkey
    • Fixed tear gas as it had not been working

    Other changelogs: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/VolitionRolePlay#announcements
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  2. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  3. Amnis

    Amnis Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You may want to add some images to your post and also fix your long URL that is connected to your opening paragraph. Also tell people what your gamemode is about, such as its plot or setting. Maybe even include some information on how your community is run and what its policies are.

    Right now the post seems more about the technicalities of your gamemode rather than the community as a whole.
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  4. people simply won't read your thread if you haven't spent more than 20 hours in photoshop
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  5. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

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  6. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    Lack of images aside, this sounds amazing. Looks like you're taking Experiment to its roots, I might just hop on.
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