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Discussion in 'Communities' started by Advooser, Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
    (what an original name, i should probably change this. oh well)

    Union HL2RP is a completely nonprofit Half-Life 2 Roleplay server which tries to combine fun and realism for all players to create the most enjoyable roleplay experience possible. Union strives to allow all players to enjoy the server equally, without paywalls or playtime requirements for certain types of RP. In short, Union lets players play, without asking for money or elitism.

    OUR (unique) FEATURES
    I'm not about to list the unholy amount of things I've added to the server, so instead, here I'll list every unique feature the server has.
    • "Storylines" which reset and change the server's theme to keep RP refreshing (will be explained in more depth further down)
    • A Combine ranking system that's somewhat more professional than the divisional system.
    • RP which is more than a mass of citizens using /me. Yes, workshifts are somewhat interesting here.
    • A realistic balance in the power of citizens vs Combine.
    • A few (simple, i'm bad at coding) custom items.
    • We don't accept payment of any kind, including donation.
    • Whitelists/flags don't need a certain playtime or similar - if apps are open and yours is good, chances are you'll be accepted.
    • A "noob-friendly" server, with friendly staff and rules that are actually somewhat fair and forgiving.
    • Interaction with the community to decide changes in the server.
    • And more coming during the development!
    On the topic of the previously-mentioned "Storyline" system, here is the whole thing in a bit more depth.
    Many servers stick to a set theme or set of maps, and usually reset every whenever. This seemed bland to me, and to allow RP to be diverse and to allow as many players to enjoy the server as possible. Essentially, here is how the storyline system works:

    A new storyline will start, directly after a character (possibly whitelist, this will probably not happen.) database wipe. This storyline will have a set theme and group of maps to it. Let's say, one that works alongside Half-Life 2's story. We start in City 17, RP goes around in a few C17 maps for a while, a few events driving it forward. Then something big happens with the Resistance, we change to an Episode 1 style map. After a set amount of time we change to an Episode 2 map, and then the storyline will conclude in that map. Once the storyline concludes, the server is closed for maintenance for a short while, and then started back up with all characters wiped on a new map with a new storyline.
    Changes between maps might take a while, however I will try to minimize this by using a development server using the same serial. Maintenance in changed between storylines will take longer than map changes. All changes are story-driven and to an extent allow the players to decide.

    In short, Union is a user-friendly server which strives to give players roleplaying freedom. We reset and change the server's theme whenever it seems appropriate for the story to come to and end, and try to make RP balanced between fun and believable. We don't want money, and we don't care how long you've played. If your applications are good, voila, you're accepted.

    Although the server is not up, you can keep somewhat updated on it on our Discord. All links are on our website (linked below). Our roadmap is currently private because I'm hella paranoid that someone's gonna steal some of my ideas and render Union useless in its early stages. I hope you like the sound of the server, and look forward to opening it to the public!

    P.S: The first storyline theme will be revealed shortly before release, which is planned to be around the beginning of June.

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