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HL2RP (Upcomming) Grand opening of - Phoenix Rising Gaming

Discussion in 'Communities' started by blasto652, May 12, 2018.

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  1. Phoenix Rising Gaming (Grand Opening)

    Greetings everyone!

    I am the developer of a new HL2RP server called Phoenix Rising Gaming!
    We are home to a group of EX Admins, Super Admins, and old owners who have decided to start a new server (PRG) and have taken it upon our selves to add the following to the server for your enjoyment

    1. Over 30+ plugins all tailored to allow you as much freedom and fun as possible (More will be added as time goes on if we find one people really want or if we like them and they fit.)
    2. The server is a diplomatic server IE you want a map change? Put a poll up and vote for it! You want a plugin or an addon added? Put a pole up. If you get enough votes it will go through (Note it must have half or so of the current common player base IE if we commonly get 12 people then at least 6 or more must agree to it for us to consider it however if it gets over the common number we will follow player demands. Another side note, if we see this would truly be a bad decision or it's something we cant do at the time we will notify you on the post)
    3. High Ranking Opportunities in all factions, we have high ranking positions in all factions currently set on close however after 3 months we will set the status to open and will be recruiting players (non-admins) as faction heads so people can get experience working in these factions. We will even help train you if needed.
    4. All are equal, we treat everyone equally, however rule breakers will be treated as they deserve and will be banned. (All rulebreakers are banned on sight, everything from minging to hacking is a perma-ban. This is to put a stop to it from the very beginning!)
    5. We were in your shoes! We were players once too so we know and remember what it was like! Because of that, we opted to make a server by our players and for our players, where a staff member was not just a person that ruled on high but actually listened to complaints and considered every thought valuable!
    And now folks with that closing statement, I wish you luck and love and ask you to join us for opening day this Saturday at 12:00 PM EDT on to join the server you will need this colection pack! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359548270
    This post will be updated the moment the server is open so keep your eyes peeled!
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