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HL2RP upsilon.network [post-union]

Discussion in 'Communities' started by SantiagoSantos39, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Before this forum gets wiped and archived, I want to present our community. Making this simple and short to the point, more information can be found on the forums.


    Post Union, what is that?
    Post-Union takes place after the events of episode one in Half-Life 2.

    You have the UCF, Vorts, OTA, and Denizens. We keep it simple, keep it fresh with character progression for all factions.

    We are very lenient towards character authorizations and emphasize character freedom.

    Hope to see some faces at launch :) November 2nd

    2016, The Battle of City Seventeen

    The City 17 citadel has suffered a blow unlike any other seen on Earth after Doctor Freeman infiltrated the capital tower and was killed as the singularity vaporized him as well as any other organisms in the top half of the citadel. The singularity core remained in the sky thereafter, continuing to expand.. After the Singularity Collapse, City Seventeen was rendered into an even larger war zone. Remaining Civil Protection officers were either deemed autonomous and pursued by transhumans to be killed, or sent on suicide assignments into resistance forces. The transhuman garrison of City Seventeen began culling rebels, loyalists, citizens, and Civil Administration alike in efforts to eliminate any non-essential personnel.

    Resistance scientists among the fighting discovered that it was only a matter of time before the singularity at the top of the primary citadel turned into an explosion that would rival that of a nuclear blast wave. A mass evacuation order was given and broadcasted to the city through hijacked breencast screens. Whatever the affiliation of anyone was prior to the battle for City Seventeen, a mass defection occurred, everyone seeking the resistance for refuge.

    What was Kiev, Ukraine was vaporized by the singularity collapse’s blast wave, killing hundreds of thousands of resistance operators, transhumans, citizens, and former loyalists that were in the process of evacuating. The resistance suffered both a crippling blow and an overwhelming victory that would set humanity on the path to waging the liberation war.
    Resistance scientists in the stronghold of White Forest discovered various transmissions going out to the Combine Overworld shortly after the fall of City Seventeen. It did not take long for them to deduce that they were calling in reinforcements, subsequently leading resistance leaders to launch a missile into what remained of the singularity core as it was soon turning into a gateway for synthetic forces in the opposing dimension, shutting the Combine off from their allies permanently.

    Shortly after the fall of City Seventeen, resistance leaders from across eastern Europe met at the former missile silo of White Forest. It was here they discussed and ultimately decided on the declaration of the liberation war, drafting a document claiming freedom and independence against the Universal Union. The individuals there were then dispatched as missionaries to various parts of the eastern hemisphere to spread the word of City Seventeen and organize uprisings in other urban centers.

    Within several months, multiple other cities across Europe and Asia have fallen to resistance cells. However, the process of liberating an entire region is nearly impossible due to the citadel structures that are dotted throughout the globe, causing the resistance to fight an uphill, and brutal fight. The Civil Protection is effectively dissolved in collapsed cities with the remaining officers dispersed between other overwatch branches including the contingency, conscripts, and OTA.
    Teamspeak -
    Content Pack
    Steam Group

    ~* joke video, the real one will be uploaded on launch*~

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    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  2. Michael Sandwich

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  3. vexus

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  4. I didn't make this (i'm pretty sure it was @Knight but he is long gone) and this is extremely outdated. We aren't doing Beta as Post-Union is making a return. Changes on our website are coming when I have time, just not now. Everything is on pause as I work and the other owner is on military leave.

    Ontop developing a Cyberpunk server is soaking up time
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  5. ShadowUnholy

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    I definitely will not play it
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