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Valanar - A Roleplaying World

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Sixx, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I'm sure video games will do.
    Also posted this on neb and pm, trying to get this to have as much exposure as possible :)

    Hello all, my real name is Connor and I play a lot of dungeons and dragons, I've been a DM since I was 17 and I'm soon to turn 21 (get the walking sticks out boys, straight road to a retirement home from here). Over the last four-and-something years, my good friend Sean and I have been working on a fantasy world of our own that we could play in - where we made our own rules up for the things that have happened (and will continue to happen). We borrowed a few elements from the "canon" DnD setting of Faerun, such as a few of the Gods and the way the planes work, but everything else is purely the work of our imaginations; all of which was scattered across about 100-200 pages in Google Docs in clusters of folders, which worked for us and our close group, but not so much anybody that wanted to join and learn the world for themselves. So, I had the marvelous idea to get off my ass and make something, and I did. Below is a link to a PDF which is currently a work in progress, but is sufficiently done to the point where I feel comfortable putting it out there and letting everyone see it. There's still some maps to be made and some more world pages to be done, and over time we'll start to properly document the history of each race and their culture, but for now, this is a foundation handbook to Valanar, a roleplaying world made by two guys in their spare time. I'm not sure how many people here will play DnD, but we're hoping that at least one person out there might use this as a setting for their campaign. As mentioned in the editor's note, this world plays best with 5E, but we've used it in 3.5 a lot too.

    Thanks for reading, happy rolling!

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  2. Lung

    Lung Moderator Staff Member Moderator Active Member

    Yo this is SLICK.
    Thanks for this.

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