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Viomi's Plugin Pack

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Viomi, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    Yeah, with the new version you shouldn't even have the improvedfists plugin in your clockwork/plugins, since it's not a plugin anymore. You just replace the original hands with the new ones, that's probably your problem :3
  2. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    BUMP: One or two of you seem to be having errors with my plugins (Mostly the handsfix, improved fists, and Metropolice Full Customization plugins). If anyone else is having these errors, /please/ let me know. At the moment, using the currently uploaded versions of my plugins, I am not getting any of these errors. It would help me greatly if other people would report this bug, so I can upload a fix quickly.

    Thank you <3
  3. Jan Walton

    Jan Walton Active Member

    I really need help with the "more voices" plugins.

    :'( :'(
  4. Jan Walton

    Jan Walton Active Member

    How do you add the voices can someone give me a step by step tutorial please?
  5. 1. get some rope
    2. make a knot
    3. put around neck
    4. hang it
    5. profit?
  6. Spy

    Spy Court Jester Clockwork Customer

    Get your customer user group set first.
  7. Jan Walton

    Jan Walton Active Member

    Fuck you i'm going with a different framework.
  8. :^)
  9. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    Schema.voices:Add("Combine", "f inject", "Inject.", "npc/overwatch/radiovoice/inject.wav");
    In the sh_plugin.lua

    List of sounds: http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index8f77.html


    Also, updated the mpf customization plugin, to fix a few errors with dispatch command.
  10. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    No, it doesn't come with bars.
  11. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member


    Fixed a shitton of typoes in my metropolice animation fix, yay for no more t-posing! Also added some OTA models from a pack I'll link later.
    Added the custom arms from the MPFv5 Pack to my handsfix.
    Fixed dispatch and changed my mpfullcustomization a bit. Added assassin, cremator, and AI for testing.
  12. Polis

    Polis Guest

    I like your plugins a lot Viomi, nice work. :) I'm not sure why you created new MPF/OTA factions instead of hooking into the originals though.
  13. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    I needed to remove some code and modify some from the originals in order to get them to work correctly, sadly.
  14. The hands still arnt working for me. it says in console im missing the model w_bugbait.mdl
  15. DayDreamer

    DayDreamer Active Member

  16. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member


    Uploading new plugin to add " ::>" to the end of MPF chat messages, as it should be.

    Also updated my MPF Full Customization plugin, so check that out too.

    In other news, my handsfix and improved fists were both broken by recent garrysmod updates. Those will be fixed soon.
  17. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    Sorry, I was visiting family a few states away on a two week vacation. I am back now however and will be able to start working on this.

    Looking at the new hand code Garry fucked with and making new plugins now~
  18. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    Uploading new, working, improved handsfix + improvedfists together.

    Enjoy. It's not perfect, but it's much better than the current broken CW ones... I'm working on making them prettier.

    EDIT: Also changing the name of the MPF Customization plugin to include the word "Basic". Why? To separate it from the much more advanced version of the plugin that will be doing the same thing and much more; But probably won't be free.
  19. Hi!
    What is the Name format by MPF Full Costum.?
    I tryd:

    both didn't worked
  20. Viomi

    Viomi Running ArchLinux Active Member

    By default, it is MPF.C17-UNION.i3.553. However you can set the prefix and others in the config, of course.

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