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Vortix's Plugins

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Vortix, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Plugin Status
    - The plugin works as described without error.
    [X] - The plugin is untested.
    [X] - The plugin is has major errors and needs to be fixed.

    The plugins below are currently being maintained.
    These plugins can be downloaded from my GitHub.
    Disable duplicate step sound [X]
    Certain NPC models automatically generate a step sound upon executing their run animation. You can hear this if you go into third person whilst using one of these models and run - you will hear double the number of steps: the Clockwork-processed steps, as well as the sounds being generated by the animation. This addon blocks all model-generated sounds to prevent this from happening. Huge thanks to @Viz for helping me find the cause of the issue.

    Staff Request [X]

    Note: in its current state, the addon has only been tested as far as I can test it on my own. Thus, I cannot verify that it works as expected in a multi-player environment - feedback on this would be appreciated!
    A simple plugin to help staff and players interact more easily. A player types /help, sending a message to all online staff to let them know that the player needs assistance. Any staff member will have the choice to accept the request, at which point the request will be locked to that staff member and they will be teleported to the player. Upon successfully helping the player, the staff member can mark the request as solved (/solved) and the player will be given the option of whether to accept that conclusion or not. Once both parties agree that the request is solved, the staff member will be teleported back to their original location. A staff member's help request stats are available to view (/staffdata).

    Context Menu Always [X]

    Adds a config which determines whether or not you can use the context menu if you do not have the toolgun out. The default behaviour for Clockwork prevents the context menu from opening unless the toolgun is out by default. This plugin adds a config called "Context Menu Always" which gives you the option of allowing players to access the context menu without having to have the toolgun out.

    Disable NPC drops [X]
    Adds a config called "Disable NPC drops" which allows you to disable drops for NPCs upon their death.

    No Apostrophe Spam [X]
    Prevents the spam of apostrophes in character data for servers using SQLite.

    Pistol Holster Fire Blocker [X]
    Blocks primary fire of the default HL2 weapon_pistol weapon when holstered.

    Remove Logo Plugin [X]
    Removes the module which provides the Clockwork Admin News and Clockwork game intro scene.

    Remove Admin News [X]
    Removes the Clockwork Admin News.

    These plugins can be downloaded from my GitHub.
    Common sharedVar additions [X]
    This plugin adds commonly missing sharedVars. Currently adds the "icon" and "permaKilled" sharedVars, with the "icon" one being known to spam the server consoles of newly setup HL2RP servers.

    Unit ID Cards [X]
    This plugin adds unit ID cards, which are given to all Combine faction members. These cards grant the ability to use Combine locks and doors. Losing the card will not affect a Combine player's ability to utilise these things, but if the card is gained by a non-Combine player they will gain access.

    To do:
    - Allow cards to be reported missing and deactivated.

    Combine Locks Positioning Fix [X]
    A fix for the issue of Combine locks not positioning themselves correctly upon restart: note that this will invalidate all of your existing saved locks, and you will need to set them up again. Delete settings/clockwork/schemas/cwhl2rp/plugins/locks first if you have pre-existing locks.

    Disable damage flash [X]
    Adds a config, disable_damage_flash, which allows the white flash seen when a player takes damage to be toggled on or off.

    Below is a collection of some of my old plugins, which I do not currently maintain. I have removed some plugins which were previously available as the problem they sought to solve were fixed in Clockwork releases. If I decide to update any of these, I will move them into the active section and continue to maintain them.

    [X] - [Download]
    This adds letters! You can use /makeletter <title> <content> to begin to make a letter. If you run out of space typing your letter, you can use /continueletter <content> to continue it. Want to scrap the letter? Type /deletecurrentletter. Want to send the letter to a player? Type /sendletter <target's name>. Or, maybe you want to make sure your letter is correct? Type /checkletter. So, you've received a letter. What now? Type /myletters to check your letters. The sender's name and the letter's title will be listed there, along with the letter's unique ID. Type /readletter <ID> to read the content of the letter. If you want to scrap the letter, type /deleteletter <ID>. You will be notified of how many unread letters you have every time you get a new letter, and every time you spawn. These letters work on a character basis, allowing characters to send each other messages ICly! This means that if you switch characters you'll find the messages you had on your old character won't show up, but don't worry, they're still going to be there when you switch back (However the letters DO NOT save through restarts).

    To do:
    - Make letters save through restarts.

    Screen Shake [X] - [Download]
    A plugin which adds a command to allow super admins to shake all players' screens for a given time and by a given force. Usage is /ScreenShake <time Seconds> [Force, default 5]. Simple enough already, you have to specify the number of seconds you want it to last, and the force argument is optional, but defaults to 5 if you don't put anything.

    Disable entity grabbing [X] - [Download]
    Look at any entity and type /entdisablegrab. Now, neither you, nor anyone else will be able to physgun grab that entity until you type /entreinstategrab to allow people to grab it again (Note: Only superadmins can use these commands by default). This plugin doesn't currently work through restarts (meaning if you have a prop static'd and you use this on the prop, it will only be ungrabbable until next server restart).

    MPF Management [X] - [Download]
    This plugin gives you large control over your MPF faction:
    • It allows you to specify models in the sh_plugin.lua which will be automatically set to an MPF character when necessary (for example, when the player's name is changed for a promotion. This plugin will automatically give the player the model for their new rank).
    • Not affected by schema built in ranks (What you specify in the sh_plugin.lua as a ranks model is the model it will get. No more forcing you to use certain models).
    • Uniforms. With each rank specified in the sh_plugin.lua a uniform is automatically created, however by default the only way to obtain a uniform is through the /CharGiveItem command.
    • Large range of commands. There is a command to promote a unit, demote a unit, recruit a citizen, train a recruit, nearly anything you could ask for.

    PHANTOM Division [X]
    - [Download]
    Adds commands for a "PHANTOM" division for undercover operations. The commands /newphantom, /gophantom and /unphantom. /newphantom creates a new ID for you, /gophantom makes you go undercover using the citizen ID and /unphantom makes you a PHANTOM unit again.
    Credit and thanks to Atebite due to the use of the names list and the portion of code which generates a name.
    Note: Make sure to put the content of the data file into your server's root/garrysmod/data file, otherwise it won't work.

    To do:
    - Disable combine visual overlay when undercover.
    - Disable voice commands when undercover.
    - Change the F1 menu to be more citizen friendly while undercover. (Generate and display CID)
    - Add error checking for the data files containing the randomly generated names to check if the file is in the correct place.
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    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  2. Polis

    Polis Guest

    I appreciated you have coded such an ID plugin, but the concept is strange. Why is the card only purchasable from the resistance goods manager instead of appearing in a unit's inventory on spawn?
  3. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I considered this however some people use MPF uniforms, so if they were to kill a unit and retrieve a uniform the UID card would be practically useless as the uniform would grant the person access to combine locks and nexus. If you think it would be helpful I could add it to the MPF as well, though.

    EDIT: It now appears in units' inventories on spawn.
  4. Polis

    Polis Guest

    function Schema:PostPlayerSpawn(player, lightSpawn, changeClass, firstSpawn)
    	if (self:PlayerIsCombine(player) and player:GetAmmoCount("pistol") == 0) then
    		if (!player:HasItemByID("unit_id_card")) then
    			player:GiveItem(Clockwork.item:CreateInstance("unit_id_card"), true);
    Should be:

    function PLUGIN:PostPlayerSpawn(player, lightSpawn, changeClass, firstSpawn)
    		if (Schema:PlayerIsCombine(player) and !player:HasItemByID("unit_id_card")) then
    You need to use plugin format in the majority of your code, as most can be done by simply plugging into a function. self also needs to be Schema. I've got no idea why you were checking if a unit had 0 rounds left.
  5. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Initially I tried to use PLUGIN, however it came up with errors so I changed it back, however using your other edits in addition it seems to work fine, so thank you. I've also changed the Schema:playerCanUseDoor.
    As for the ammo check it was carelessness, I took the bit of code from a section in sv_hooks where ammo is given to the unit, however for some reason forgot to remove that check. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Sheeplie

    Sheeplie Hi. Active Member

    Vortix Roleplay , lel.
  7. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member

    Hmm, so a ID Card Plugin for MPF, makes it so rogues can't use their cards because they're either reported as missing or something.
  8. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member

  9. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Haven't made it that advanced yet, at the moment it just grants access to combine locks and doors.
    That is a Garry's Mod addon, not a Clockwork HL2RP plugin. If you attempted to run that addon I doubt it would work, and if it does I don't think it would have the same function.

    EDIT: It seems that the gaming community mentioned runs a HL2RP schema, however it uses a different framework, not the Clockwork framework so it also shouldn't work for that reason.
  10. Tomo742

    Tomo742 Guest

    He didn't say it was a plugin, it's an addon that adds in ID card models. He was simply suggesting to use it as the models for the plugin.
  11. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member

  12. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Ah, right. Sorry if I misinterpreted you [member=5648]NFPD[/member] , also I will look into using other models.
  13. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Updated thread: Added the Find Character plugin.
  14. JamesBrody

    JamesBrody Active Member

    Admin ESP didn't work?
  15. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Server I run, Operators don't get ESP. So this is helpful.
  16. Polis

    Polis Guest

    TAB > Settings > Enable admin ESP

  17. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    ... What I meant is.
    I edited the observer command just a bit so only Admins + can use observer/ESP.
  18. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    Keep it up man, we need more plugin developers! :)
  19. Vortix

    Vortix Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member


    New plugin: PHANTOM Division, adds commands for PHANTOM units to go undercover as citizens.

    EDIT: Instructions on what to do with the data file mentioned in the post.
  20. Renholder

    Renholder Active Member


    Your phantom plugin is fucking cool, but it has some stupid thing. After you become citizen, then you speak, you still have MPF radio signals. You should really fix this.