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Weapon Category Plugin

Discussion in 'Requests' started by The Catalyst, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. The Catalyst

    The Catalyst Clockwork Customer

    It's probably older than hell and long-gone by now, but there used to be a plugin where you could set a weapon's category in it's Lua file, therefore allowing the equipping of more than just a primary and secondary weapon. I checked around this site but I can't quite find it.

    You could literally put this to set a weapon's category if I remember correctly:
    item.Category = "sidearm";

    If this is somehow already a feature in the newest non-beta version of cwhl2rp and I just haven't done it right yet, please let me know. I don't want to use the weight system to determine a "primary" and "secondary" weapon for my own purposes.
  2. _HappyGoLucky

    _HappyGoLucky Clockwork Customer Active Member

    -- Called when a player has been given a weapon.
    function Clockwork:PlayerGivenWeapon(player, class, itemTable)
        if (cwItem:IsWeapon(itemTable) and !itemTable:IsFakeWeapon()) then
            if (!itemTable:IsMeleeWeapon() and !itemTable:IsThrowableWeapon()) then
                if (itemTable("weight") <= 2) then
                    cwPly:CreateGear(player, "Secondary", itemTable);
                    cwPly:CreateGear(player, "Primary", itemTable);
            elseif (itemTable:IsThrowableWeapon()) then
                cwPly:CreateGear(player, "Throwable", itemTable);
                cwPly:CreateGear(player, "Melee", itemTable);
    There isn't a way to set it, but there is this function. In the item you can mark it as a melee weapon but you cannot mark as primary or secondary. Whether or not it is a primary or secondary is based on weight. Below or equal to 2 kg is secondary, anything above is primary.

    If you want to make something to do what you want, psure you just want to do something with that function.
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