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HL2RP What do you think of High Command?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Aspect, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Veteran Active Member

    Just wondering.

    In my opinion, HC is the embodiment of everything wrong with HL2RP.

    (In case you do not know what High Command is, it's a CP Ranking system which goes somewhat like this:
    Sectorial (SeC)
    Commander (CmD)
    Divisional (DvL)
    Squad Leader (SqL)
    Officer (OfC)
    Elite Protection Unit (EpU)
    Recruit (RcT))
  2. i wouldn't exactly write off the idea of there being a 'high command' as being an embodiment of everything wrong with hl2rp, it seems more like something that's consistently abused by many server owners for the sake of empowering themselves. not only that, but many people have their own variations of the system, some more imperfect than others. it's more of a template if anything, in my opinion.
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  3. Nyyrikki

    Nyyrikki Clockwork Customer

    Good system in good hands.

    Many servers simply abuse this thing because everyone wants to become someone important in this RP action, that factor is being used as lever to put people in a situation when it's easier to donate rather than roleplay for it or be just a good dude who know what he's doing, so most of the time it's occupied by some dumasses.
    But when it's in a good way, when people can get to it by roleplaying, when gamemode rewards player with it, when you need to do sometimes thing that is under ethic question, when it puts you in action and just make fun for each player and creates and grimdark universe, then it's almost perfect tool to make hl2rp is what it is supposed to be, like other RP games and modes.
    This system is not bad, but if it is, then not because itself, but because someone is using it not that effective or even abusing it.
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  4. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    are you going to explain why you think so?
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  5. I feel like the system depends on the server. The primary issue comes if the server is big or small. Small servers simply need less HC ranks, bigger ones might need more to keep the lower functionaries in check.
  6. The whole hierarchy structure prescribed by High Command is, and always will be, as preferably useful when utilized by people being in the right places. Personal bias to even "I know better than you because I'm a higher rank" is what turns Civil Protection inside out, and it becomes the laughing stock of the RP.

    You could try many formulas in having differing people in High Command positions, numerous times even, but the truth is that no matter how many times you may change the structure or the people involved, it always starts from the top. That ofcourse, being the Sectorial. If the Sectorial is bad, the rest of Civil Protection will be bad. There is a saying that a group is only as effective as their leader is, and it's potentially more true in effecting the whole of Civil Protection and the High Command structure as a whole, in regards to that.

    If you have the Sectorial and Commander positions sorted with individuals that know they have to be cold and rather calculating but heartless to make Civil Protection into what it should be, with people getting pissy and upset about it, then that's how it goes. The main streamlining of problems that are invoked on the whole High Command structure though, is the Divisionals. It's not just about being in charge of just a division, but the added pressures of OOC activities in regards to guides, training and instructions given to units who need to know how to roleplay their significant part of the role.

    If an 01 GRID Unit, for example, is going to be promoted to OfC then you would expect him to know more than just a simple GRID Logistics, Technician and Engineer is simply going to stream out. When in reality, he doesn't know much about engineering, just thought GRID would be an interesting part of his name and that he's just a big, mean combat engineer that can carry a manhack or even fly a scanner. Another example would be a HELIX unit that cannot med-rp for the life of him and instead of saving units, he just kills them or doesn't even bother.

    It's all up to the Divisionals to get their guys in check in and out of the server and that's where High Command mostly goes wrong. You can be so attuned to being IC, that you miss out in important factors like the guides and mainstream offering of information regarding what their role really is. Or, you focus majorly on OOC and instead everyone screams that their units are being neglected by the DIVISIONAL and "never get promoted".

    It's all down to the experience of the person and risks that are willing to be taken, then you will have a good High Command. But that is just my take on it. If the Divisionals run perfect but the execution is still poor; then the units are needing to be taken care off and potentially pruned, or you look at who's running Civil Protection as big boi SeC. It's like a coin flip... heads or tails but you can guarantee that it is, in most cases, tails that ravage the lower ends of the MPF.
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