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What does your MPF Customization look like?

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Lockness, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Lockness

    Lockness Clockwork Customer

    What does your sh_plugin.lua file look like for MPF Customization? I need help with mine, it's really bad right now.
    -- Do you wish to hide what MPF / OTA units are online to civilians?
    mpfhide = false
    -- Set the abbreviation for which city you're in
    cityname = "C17"
    -- Set the MPF's and OTA's names here, along with their prefixes!
    mpfname = "Metropolice Force"
    mpfprefix = "MPF"
    otaname = "Overwatch Transhuman Authority"
    otaprefix = "OTA"
    -- Set divisions. You can add and subtract divisions as you need
    divisions = {}
        divisions[1] = "UNION"
        divisions[2] = "GRID"
        divisions[3] = "HELIX"
    -- Set ranks. You can add and subtract ranks as you need
    ranks = {}
    ranks["i5"] = "i5"
    ranks["i4"] = "i4"
    ranks["i3"] = "i3"
    ranks["i2"] = "i2"
    ranks["i1"] = "i1"
    ranks["officer"] = "OfC"
    ranks["divisionleader"] = "DvL" // PLEASE leave the "divisionleader" key the same. You can change "DvL" to something else
    models = {}
    -- Start of Division 1
    models[divisions[1]] = {}
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["i5"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["i4"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["i3"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["i2"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["i1"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["officer"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/elite_police.mdl"
    models[divisions[1]][ranks["divisionleader"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/rtb_police.mdl"
    -- Start of Division 2
    models[divisions[2]] = {}
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["i5"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["i4"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["i3"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["i2"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["i1"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["officer"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/elite_police.mdl"
    models[divisions[2]][ranks["divisionleader"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/rtb_police.mdl"
    -- Start of Division 3
    models[divisions[3]] = {}
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["i5"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["i4"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["i3"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["i2"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["i1"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["officer"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/elite_police.mdl"
    models[divisions[3]][ranks["divisionleader"]] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/rtb_police.mdl"
    // Feel free to add more divisions!
    -- End of Divisions
    -- Non-division ranks
    // Non-division ranks can be added, but /please/ don't remove any, especially not commander, sectorial, synth, scanner, eow, and ows.
    // If you really want to remove one of those ranks, contact me. There are other parts of this plugin which can and will BREAK if you delete any of the below ranks.
    // If you wish to edit any, please edit the SECOND value, and not the key.
    // This would be okay: nranks["eow"] = "EPIC"
    // This would NOT be okay: nranks["eowwww"] = "EOW"
    nranks = {}
    nranks["recruit"] = "RCT"
    nranks["eow"] = "EOW"
    nranks["ows"] = "OWS"
    nranks["echo"] = "ECHO"
    nranks["commander"] = "CmD"
    nranks["sectorial"] = "SeC"
    nranks["scanner"] = "SCN"
    nranks["synth"] = "SYNTH"
    nranks["cremator"] = "CRM"
    nranks["assassin"] = "ASN"
    nranks["AI"] = "DISPATCH"
    nmodels = {}
    nmodels["recruit"] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl"
    nmodels["eow"] = "models/combine_super_soldier.mdl"
    nmodels["ows"] = "models/combine_super_soldier.mdl"
    nmodels["commander"] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/police_bt.mdl"
    nmodels["sectorial"] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/phoenix_police.mdl"
    nmodels["scanner"] = "models/combine_scanner.mdl"
    nmodels["synth"] = "models/shield_scanner.mdl"
    nmodels["cremator"] = "models/cremator.mdl"
    nmodels["assassin"] = "models/fassassin.mdl"
    nmodels["AI"] = "models/dpfilms/metropolice/female_police.mdl"
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2018
  2. Yo, Lockness if your in need of a developer you can add me on discord we could talk things out there and then. I've got a few years of coding experience and could add idea's if you'd like.
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  3. Lockness

    Lockness Clockwork Customer

    I added you
  4. Lockness

    Lockness Clockwork Customer

    For the love of god can someone help me with this?
  5. you're back now?
  6. do you have a community setting up? i'd like to join
  7. Lockness

    Lockness Clockwork Customer

    I do but it's pretty bland without this fucking file being decent.
  8. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    What's the problem? The code's always been a little sloppy, but it works.
  9. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Veteran Active Member

    You don't need a plugin to make your server be good.

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