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What has been the best rebel rp you've had?

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by sentry09, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. I'm interested in hearing what your best rebel/anti-citizen rp you have had.
  2. RJ

    RJ no pay Honorable

    My best experience was back in the day where I locally hosted my own server where myself and maybe 5 others just RP'd our own rebel thing. We traveled from the city all the way out to the outlands. It was pretty much a custom experience curtailed to my group of other role playing friends. We enjoyed the sufferings of city life while trying to make things modestly pleasant for the starved citizens, we incited unrest to the point of full rebellion (which we ofc participated in), we made our way outside of the city through the canals, we traveled along the coast while having many close calls with the Combine, and then we finally settled down in the outlands where things were safe for the most part, and then it kind of just died down from there where we switched between city/coast RP.

    All in all it was very memorable and was probably the most fun I had in HL2RP. Shoutout to my old RP friends who'll probably never see this post: Taelin, Horatio, Grypho, Glock Hawk, Rickademon, Opshunz, and the one who heralded my interest in HL2RP; reppikS. Good times.
  3. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    Probably the best experience I had was on The Earthfall Network a while ago where me and a few other rebels hatched a plan to take revenge on the female City Administrator. We were able to embed a rogue CP into the CCA and he allowed our group to enter in through the topside of the Nexus catwalks. When we got inside we sneaked into the CA's office and proceeded to rush her. She wasn't able to close the bridge or the forcefield in time as we got across to her. We then proceeded to rape her with the broadcast link to the city on. The entire city saw her getting raped as we held guns to her head, raping her on the intercom. She begged for her life but in the end we ended up throwing her down the nexus, having her body smash into bits. The escape was pretty hard, we lost probably half or more of our original group but we were able to escape due to a vortiguant teleporting us out into the outlands.
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  4. [I:RP] Xeno

    [I:RP] Xeno Active Member

    I don't do rebel rp lel.

    I mean I have done it once or twice but nothing interesting in any way.
  5. Pistol P

    Pistol P God Bless Eeben Barlow Active Member

  6. matlock

    matlock Honorable Active Member

    holy fuck
  7. My best experience was on a server which closed after 5 weeks.

    I created a character and developed it to become a scared and hungry citizen. I found work at a shop and the CA was running it. I applied and got accepted. A few days ago they have showed me their true buisness, black market. My character turned into a rebel and I was working for a rogue CA. I got equipment and stashed it in the warehouse. CPs were raiding the shop and we escaped using a secret route to the slums. The escape ended into a deadly s2m fight. This has been the best experience so far. I got shot in the torso and I fell down into the water and died. The other rebels were trying to deal with the CPs and died by a ambush from a few Overwatch units. So all rebels got pked except the CA who got out of the slums.
  8. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    in 3 years of hl2rp
    i have never done something that is considered fun or enjoyable or non-cringy as a rebel
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  9. CPT. Maxii

    CPT. Maxii Clockwork Customer Active Member

    i once did rebelrp

    the owner of the server was looking for rebelrpers and was "keeping an eye out for the best rpers" so i decided to make these huge /me's about opening my rations and he selected me. He asked me what for character I would like, so I asked him if I could play this old electrician guy called Pete.

    I went on it once and was given a gun and a radio and they asked me on the radio to come help ambush some CPs, so I RPed getting a heart attack when the rebel group needed help the most.
    the group died and I went on vacation for a few weeks, when I came back the server was already offline.
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  10. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    My best experience was probably on my own server, Lemonpunch or even CC
    I love the days where I was completly new to the whole Half life roleplay I was so desperate to become a "Real Rebel"
    But I also love the days when I formed my own resistance faction at the end I lost 2 of my best soldiers and it kinda died out after that.
  11. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Honorable

    I can't remember who actually ran the server anymore but was some coast rebel RP thing back in 2008(?), we did silly shit and had fun
  12. CPT. Maxii

    CPT. Maxii Clockwork Customer Active Member

  13. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Honorable

    I honestly can't remember much anymore, I just really remember enjoying just doing stupid stuff. It was nowhere near super-strict and we just kind of did our own thing
  14. Once I walked past a warehouse in i17 did “? Fuck the metro police” and got 2 CWU workers pked.
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